04 November 2010

November Time

I have been busy here and there.
Flitting from one room to another.
I found a beautiful lace panel which I thought would look lovely in the new grey bathroom.
So cut down and tabs cut off I sewed a new hem at the top.

I have also draped some linen material over the rail in this bathroom to see if it will go.
This material was bought for the landing window and I thought it would look good in the small bathroom?
em not sure.....

But I am happy with the lace.
Maybe I need some material which is not quite so busy in this small room but I think the colours are perfect so back to my swatches I think.

I did say not so long ago that I was all shopped out!
Well with Christmas shopping to do, off I went.
And then spotted this zinc lantern, I could not resist.
I did want to put it outside but I am worried it may disappear like my lead containers with my treasured box

Today has been a multi task day.
Curtains were laid out and cut ready for sewing.

A little bit of painting, what a surprise for me.

A little bit of re-arranging my displays.

More painting.
The small table and the TV cabinet, first coats only.
I am loving these colours.
And a little bit of spare material to make two loose lampshade covers.
Just draping at the moment to see how it all goes.

The images have come out really grainy I think it was the low light
But I rather like that look!

Another little purchase was this zinc like bracket to hang another lantern on and a picture for the hall, which I have not quite finished.
I am supposed to buying for Christmas but I keep finding these things which I know I should not buy as I have said many times, I am cutting back!
Just that some days I cannot help myself,
 I think a little retail therapy
must surely be just what my Dr would order.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
How beautiful everything looks so far...love the choice of colors and is it cabbages and roses i spy being made into curtains?.... love the lace panel it looks perfect in your heavenly bathroom.
I am very proud of you for spoiling yourself lol..the lantern is stunning and looks gorgeous with candle glow,
Hope everyone is well,
Love to you Kristina xxx

periwinkle said...

I like the patterned linen in the bathroom and like you say it does colour match ... somebody stole your planters ??? Love the new lantern too

Simone said...

Your house is a real joy to see Carol. I think the cool colour palette is really calming and beautiful. x

busybusybeejay said...

Gosh.You have been busy.Love your purchases especially the lantern.

bellaboo said...

Was out Xmas shopping today,but couldn't resist buying something for myself that I'd had my eye on for a while! Love your decor..it calms me just coming over to your blog. :o)

Sandi McBride said...

You have the most fun in your house that makes it not housework but houseplay. I'll bet you had a dollhouse! If not it was a crying shame!!!

Diane said...

Your blog is so much better than any Homes and Garden Magazine - you really should replace Kirsty Allsop. PS I hadnt realised that I didnt "follow" you, so I have sorted that and caught up with you. xxxxx

Yvonne from North Carolina said...

I love the fabric in your beautiful spa bathroom, Carol. I vote to keep it. Thanks for the painting tips. My granddaughter Emma just turned two and I've still not had chance to paint her toy chest. Time seems to fly by even faster these days!

Claire said...

I haven't got round to commenting on your last post yet, so behind these days! Beautiful pics, I've just had the hallway decorated in Laura Ashley's Lloyd wallpaper so our colour schemes would go perfect together! I know I've said this before but you need to be in a house magazine......why aren't you...lol! You would sell thousands!
How gorgeous are your boys in the below post, all so scrummy!!
Claire x

...Nina Nixon... said...

Oh my how beautiful your home is and I love the grey bathroom with it's delicate lace.

Have a fabulous weekend and 'hello' from me.

Nina xxx

Helen said...

Oh It's all going to look gorgeous.
Love Helen