15 October 2017

Bangers & Barns

So the blogging is back but.....the first one you'll see will be an Old Post which decided it wanted to bee seen as a new post...annoyingly ! so when you edit a post make sure the date doesn't update as well in the future Carol....

Firework night......way way back.... was on Saturday for us.
Any excuse to light the chiminea makes me happy.
Food prepared we all 'skipped' (soon as the boys arrive we revert to excited little children) to the bottom of the garden to the unfinished Barn.

It looked good with all the candles.
No electric yet as the rendering has still to be finished.
It is a shame that I cannot capture what is really looks like, the camera flash makes it too bright and no flash means the image is almost invisible.

Some of the oak beams still need to be put up to hide the rsj.

All my boys were there apart from James who was quick to escape with Francesca for a quiet evening alone together and Steve who was working late.

I have made a start on painting the beams, not a very good one though!

Paul and Johanna were in charge of lighting the fireworks, while the rest of us oood and aaarrrd.

It was a fun evening for us all.
Nice and easy.

Until the next morning when we went back down to the barn to clear away the debris.

This white lantern came all the way form Norway
It was very cheap so I am now wondering why I did not buy more of them!
It will eventually get its own hook to hang on but for now it hangs from the electrical cable (not live!)
where an electric lantern will hang.

This tall wooden lantern was looking very sad in a local Florist shop, left over from last years Christmas window display. It looks perfect in my rustic barn.
Perched up high on a table, which is standing on a table, I am free storage for Johanna's new home.

Ah....with our fire burning and seats ready after the clean-up we was ready to finish off them beers which were left over from the little party.
We sat there all afternoon chatting.
Then it was time to put the dinner in the oven and back they all came for their Sunday evening roast.

My plants seem to love the dappled light of the barn.

Hanging on the door to the 'Inn'...lol.....
is my wreath which is slowly growing into what will be a lavender wreath.

Just before we go indoors Mr N like to stand and look at all his hard work.

I had roast some chestnuts on the top bit of the chiminea, they were good, bit sooty but very yummy.

What a bargain this was.
I have been looking at glass cake stands for a while now but they are so expensive.
This one was in a the local Red Cross shop, brilliant.

And the lemon cheese cake with fresh berries on top was so easy to make and delicious.
Courtesy of Nigella.

It has turned really cold this week.
Time to get out the hats and gloves as well as scarves I think.
Hope you all have a wonderful week.


charl said...

what a fab place to be able to escape to and its only at the bottom of your garden... i love it!!
it looks like you've been transported to sweden or somwere very nordic!!
sounds like the ideal weekend !!

Sandi McBride said...

Wonderful pictures, makes me want to be there in the worst way!

VA Boutique said...

Oh what a perfect weekend.
Love the barn, it looks so cosy & lovely.
Mmmmmmm that cheesecake looks as delicious as Nigellas, yummy.

Claire said...

Wow what a fantastic space, I imagine you will spend a lot of time in it!! Your hubby is very clever, do you hire him out? lol!! You all looked like you had a great time with the fireworks and the cheesecake looks too good to eat!
Claire xx

Claire said...

Me again, just noticed Matt up in the corner, oooo he is sooo gorgeous and his voice is incredible, he has been my fave since seeing him in the auditions!!
Claire x

LoloDesigns said...

Just magical! I think everyone should have a barn of their own to play in, it's like having a grown ups dolls house ;o)

Beautiful cake stand by the way. I'm about to try making Nigellas Grasshopper dessert made with alcohol and bourbon biscuits!

Have a good week x

Pondside said...

The barn is the perfect setting - you're sure to celebrate many happy family occasions out there!

Rosie said...

I love the barn what a wonderful place for the family. The cake stand was a bargain, well done x

Louise said...

Beautiful images as ever. I wouldn't mind being banished to the barn! You've another job on your hands with painting the beams! Those boys, and you, are going to have so much fun out there, in all seasons. Freddie comes across as a bit cheeky in your photos! The cheesecake looks a bit good, and on that bargain plate-stand too! x

Manya said...

Such beautiful pictures....mmmm

Unknown said...

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OhSoVintage said...

Oh WOW how wonderful to have a barn. It looks amazing and perfect for family gatherings, parties etc. LOVE the storm lantern.
Ruth x

Diane said...

I'm wondering where I can build a barn! What a fabulous idea Carol. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Carol!
Your barn is amazing,so beautiful,i love it! wow,wow and wow,love the chandelier and that glass cake stand was a bargain,what a fab weekend,
Love Kristina xxx

Claire said...

looks fab! Mighe be worth knowing that I had the same prob with night time pics, hate the flash as it just makes it look like day time all the time... I stumbled across a setting on my camera (after owning it for 3 years!) called 'Available Light' which is perfect!

Ash said...

Love the scene you've created with all those lovely pictures of your special place. I love my open fire, dream of a wood burner and you can never have enough candles. Great piccies.