14 February 2012

Kitchen Makeover

I thought our kitchen was a need of a makeover.
Just a fresh coat of paint.
He was not sure but once he put his glasses on, had to agree!

It all began here about six years ago.
After a little searching and a few quotes I fell head over

Thank fully my kitchen is not as big as these.
I dream that maybe one day I will have a kitchen as big.
I would gladly loose both the study and a dining room to make the extra space.

This one is probably my dream kitchen.

Still dreaming though!

Anyway, on with my kitchen.
It was at this table below that plans were laid.
We did visit two showrooms.
And well worth the trips it was.

Shoreditch is wonderful anyway for a day out.
So if you go pop in here to have a proper look.
You go into the basement to see one of their kitchens properly fitted out.

Visit us

So day after day hubby painted and so very carefully.

We changed from Farrow & Ball Off White with White Tie inside the cabinets.
To F&B Skimming Stone and Lamp Room Grey inside.

The Aga was on!
Gingerly he stood on it whilst he painted the Shaker Rail.

And I cooked the roast.

Hubby made this shelf and painted it to match.

Looking at this image it reminds me that he needs to make the
little wooden covers for the screws!

It is never set in stone as to whether the chosen shade is going to work.
As all rooms seem to change the hue.

 But I love the Lamp Room Grey and below here
 is the cabinet before he painted the inside.

Not he best image my head is thumping with this cold.
But you can get the idea.

And then the new curtains went up.
Again I ordered what I thought was a shade of grey like blue and turned out to be more green in reality.
Material from Annie Sloan.

I am so happy with them.
In the evenings I draw them and it really does feel like Lock In time.

All done now.
Have I got twitchy fingers yet for the next makeover?
Oh yes!!!

Back soon.


Anonymous said...

ooooh Carol it looks beautiful! love the colours you chose and the roast looks lovely,our kitchen at the cottage is small too,i can't wait to get started on it.
Get Nigel all topless and working it on the Aga ;)

bellaboo said...

Your kitchen is divine!
Can I borrow your hubby please? ;0)

anieb said...

This is one of the best posts that I’ve ever seen; you may include some more ideas in the same theme about Kitchen Accessories. I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post.

Rebecca said...

Carol your new kitchen is simply beautiful!!! I am green with envy, ha ha. I adore the curtains - they go beautifully with the lovely white and grey colours. You have great taste! Becks xxx

Lisa said...

What a makeover! All stunning as I would expect from someone with such style.
Lisa x

Lace hearts said...

Pictures of your house always make me feel so envious (in a nice way!). Your kitchen is just gorgeous, and I love it. I love the thought of you cooking the roast while the painting was going on above you! :)

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful,love the new colour and the new curtains,When Bellaboo s finished with hubby,can I borrow him next?;)lol,hope your feeling better,you deserve a medal cooking a roast with all this going on(Well worth it though);) xxx

The Cloth Shed said...

Looks totally fabulous...you have great style Carol.
Julie x
PS Lamp room gray is one of my favourite F and B colours too.

LissyLou said...

Your kitchen is amazing - I love it! I want it! X

Alchamillamolly said...

Actually I much prefer your kitchen to the ones at the beginning of the post. I think I might have to copy the idea under the wall units of that shelf. I am just waiting for my new wall units to come and then my copy of a 'plain english' cum Mark Wilkinson etc will be at its next stage. I now also think I will paint the inside of the open corner unit we are building in a different shade of good old F&B. congrats on the job tell hubby iy looks great.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous ,pretty makeover ....I have just nominated you for the versatile blogger award and hope you will accept,though I won't be offended if you don't .
You can find more details on my blog XX Manda XX

aline said...

Beautiful! may I ask what the curtain fabric is called please? it is gorgeous.

jill said...

Hi Carol just popping in to tell you I have nominated you for The versatile bloggers award.I hope you will accept,you can find the details on my blog.Your kitchen looks lovely Love Jill xx

Down by the sea said...

Your kitchen is so lovely! I wish I hadn't found your blog I am dangerous when I have a paint brush in my hand as I want to paint everything and your inspiration is only going to encourage me more!
Sarah x

Claire said...

Your kitchen is sublime! Swoon. xx