18 May 2011

A Room Full Of Roses

I have,
 as those of you who follow this Blog know, a tendency to go for quite plain simple styles when decorating my home.
But not this time.
This is Johanna's old bedroom after we decorated it recently.
I wanted to use my curtains from the old cottage in Stow, so decided that this time I was heading off to Cath Kidston for some wallpaper to match them.

 This gave me the opportunity to use my Ikea Rosili cushions and bed cover as well.

Also my home made loose lampshade cover was perfect in this room.

And two Vintage prints of Babies, which I have had for two years tucked away somewhere, look great in this little bedroom, well I think so anyway!

I love this room.
When Nige is on call during the night, I have the perfect excuse to sleep in here, heaven!

 At last another project finally finished.
Lilac Hatley canvas deck chair.

I saw this Lloyd Loom table in an Antiques Centre in Otford, as I was whizzing by in our car.
With the wonders of the internet on my phone, called the shop to say I definately wanted it and to keep it for me to collect in the week.
It was a real bargain.
I cannot disclose how much,
 but I can tell you I saw the identical pink one in a CK shop for over £250.00.

The garden is looking all green and lush.
The pond water very green too!

A little woodland corner I created in my garden is the best it has ever been.
I really think the harder winter has worked a little magic.

The little bird house my hubby made are still looking perfect but still empty.
I really ought to get him to put them up on a wall.

And this brilliant wall in a local garden centre is meant to look like an old ruin, which it does.
I am sure my son can build one for me somewhere in my garden.
Emm.. I will work on this idea.

And now....

Meet Minimoo....Innocent Eyes.
A Lakeland.

Innocent Eyes !
Where are they then.
She is gorgeous....
and the very proud Mum of these two. 

Meet My Ava....Minimoo's Sky.
The Minimoo bit is their Kennel Club name.

It was love at first sight, for us both.
Or rather I should say All of us.

She is very relaxed and quiet.

Made herself at home instantly, on my sofa, on my white cushion's!

I am happy, I have a little bundle of love.
And she sleeps at my feet as I type.....

Enjoy your week.


Simone said...

Beautiful bedroom, beautiful garden, beautiful little puppy! I am so happy for you Carol. You deserve some good things right now. I am sure that Ava will have a wonderful life with you. x

charl said...

how lovely to see you!..

how sweet is little ava.. she is so cute... i hope she settles in and brings you lots of joy!

i love love your floral room..it all works so well together and looks so pretty. i have the same paper in my living room and i love how it goes with everything and never appears to be to fussy!!


Anonymous said...

Oh how happy i am to see you back Carol (hugs)

I love everything in this rosey room and i love the baby pictures too,it looks so inviting,your garden is looking beautiful and love the deck chair and table...oh no your poor son lol.

Oh my now sweet little Ava has stolen my heart...so happy you have a fur baby Carol lets hope she keeps you out of trouble ;-)
Love Kristina xxx

pigeon pease said...

She's so beautiful, what a little darling. All of your projects are a joy to read. So many things to love, garden, room and chairs, love it all.

lynn xx

Gigi said...

Such a lovely bedroom! I've been wanting to use that paper in one of our bedrooms for a while now but waited too long I think. I was told it's out of print -- sad to say. Although, I've just received a sample of their new wallpaper that looks much like the first rosy one -- only this one has a few little blue flowers as well. I'm dithering over it as we speak ;).
And such sweet little puppers! Makes me want to add to our little pet family ;).

WinnibriggsHouse said...

What a beautiful inspiring post. So much activity you put me to shame. I must dig out all that rosey stuff I have.
Your puppy is adorable.
I too have several LLoyd Loom chairs (picked up for a snip) it makes me smile now I see how much they are fetching, though I don't intend to part with mine!

OhSoVintage said...

I'm so happy to read this post after such sad ones and to look at your lovely pictures. I've certainly missed your blogging, Carol. Your home and garden is beautiful. Yes, a copy of the 'ruins' would be lovely in your garden too. Ava is adorable.
Ruth x

LissyLou said...

your house as always is gorgeous - and that puppy!!!!! xxxx

Catherine said...

The bedroom is GORGEOUS! So pretty! Cx

periwinkle said...

Ava is so cute , I'm glad you found a little someone to help you heal xx

Yvonne from North Carolina said...

Yeay!!! So happy to see your beautiful post! Love the quaint and charming bedroom and simply adore that new little Ava of yours! Welcome back, Carol. We've missed you terrribly!
Hugs from across the pond,

charl said...

just another thing!.. i love the shade on the walls next to the rose paper..could i be cheeky and ask what you've used??..
im thinking of adding a colour in my living room and i love the tone of that!?


Rubyred said...

Hello Carol,
how lovely to have you back again! So very sorry to hear the sad news about Guy. I remember the post when you ran to the vets in your slippers in the Cotswolds, that doasn't seem very long ago at all!We've only had Wilson for nearly a year and we love him to bits!
Hope it helps having cute little Ava to keep you busy!

Your room looks gorgeous, a lovely place to have a nap. love the beautiful florals you have used!
Rachel x

bellaboo said...

Ava is a poppet,and will bring you so much joy.
The bedroom..what can I say? It is GORGEOUS! you have wonderful taste..and the table...what a find!

Who Lives in a house like this? said...

So nice that your posting again, but so sorry you have had such sad times recently Xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a beautiful room!! You must be so proud of it!!!
Love your puppy, and the other doggy companions : )

Pondside said...

Lovely to see you back again - what a pretty room you've done up!

The Cloth Shed said...

Your bedroom makeover is gorgeous and the baby pictures look great on the walls.
You might like to know that the "babies" are pictures of my Mum when she was small....painted by a relative, Lilian Rowles.
I did an article about her a while ago....it is on the sidebar of my blog.
Julie x
Love that new addition to your family...so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to have you back...I ve really missed your blog.The bedroom looks wonderful so welcoming.Little Eva is adorable.Your garden is amazing what are the plants youve used around the edge,we relocated our pond last year to have a conservaory built and now we need to get some plants establishes as all the membrane around the edge is showing,our water s turned a lovely shade of green too! Love the Lloyd Loom set,beautiful.xxxjulie.

Claire said...

Hi, Ava is so gorgeous, I hope she brings you lots of love and happiness. The bedroom looks so inviting, it looks beautiful. How is Johanna getting on in her new home? Really must ' up the aunty ' on my blog lol!! Just haven't worked out how to blog from my phone yet, wld make like sk much easier!! Lovely to see you back, Claire xx

Pretty at Heart said...

What a "pretty" blog! I especially love everything about that bedroom - no wonder you can't wait to stay in it!!

annie's abode said...

how are you carol? i am so glad to hear you have your new beautiful pup ava (she is absolutely gorgeous.
your room is lovely - so inviting

jill said...

Lovley to see you back Carol.Your bedroom is beautiful,I have that bedding and always think it looks so nice and fresh.Puppy is very sweet looks so full of fun.Lots of love Jillxx

Helen said...

Gorgeous !!
Love Helen xx

liz said...

How cute Ava is. She looks just like my Macy who is now 5 years! Enjoy. You room is great too.

Alchamillamolly said...

So glad to read your post. The room is fabulous and I adore Eva. You really do have lovely taste you know. I agree with the hard winter for the garden the profusion of this month in the borders makes up for the things we lost like my white wisteria but the other is fab and the clematis are the best yet.

Sue S said...

gorgeous bedroom and oh little Ava is sooo cute! I am glad you have a new doggie to love x Sue S

Pene said...

I thought the bedroom was the most gorgeous thing until I saw the puppies!!!

Louise said...

Who wouldn't want to bury there nose into your lovely white cushions. I love your new best friend Ava. x