03 October 2010

September West Country

Once again we returned to the beautiful West Country.
North Devon.
I have been visiting this part of Devon since I was about five years old.
I never tire of it.
I love the ruggedness of this coastline.
The beautiful cool colours of slate rocks and blue skies mixed with rich greens, mossy soft.

I love the icy blue green with the grey rocks.

I can sit for hours just looking out to sea.
I sort everything out in my mind in peace and alone apart from hubby..
I love alone, nobody here just us two with our picnic provided and served to me by very thoughtful husband.

At dusk we return to the little Georgian guest house tucked away in a very quiet valley, hidden by trees, perched on a little shelf cut into the rock face of slate.
Emmm we are in heaven, fire blazing and a meal awaiting.
What more could you ask for?

This little break was my birthday present from Mr N.
Here he is, happy as Larry!

And me waiting for Julia to bring in our evening meal.
This is soooo much nicer than a big posh hotel.

It is more personal, which I like.
I love to see Julia's collections.
Every time we visit something has been updated on the house and something added to her collections.

We share the same love of Vintage.

And both collect Sea Glass.
Treasure from the sea.

The old Victorian Conservatory was demolished and a one new one which is an exact copy or as near as.
Painted wood and glass, the original slate sink still there with its old taps and Ferns growing where they want to.

I love Ferns.

During the day we visited all those special places that draw you back time after time.
Taking it all in again, the smells, the views and the sound of gushing water never seem to change. Ever!

I guess you may recognise these images, but if  you don't something stops
me from telling you where this is, I want to keep the mystery.

Another lovely walk through a valley starts here.
The footpath passes alongside this large Inn.

We took a slow walk through the woods, beside the river down to the bay.

It takes about an hour to reach the sea.
There were quite a few other folk who had done the walk too just standing gazing at the sea or lying on the huge rocks.
Nobody seemed to make a noise it was silent apart from the crashing waves which funnily enough soothed rather and scared me.

 Ugg boots are the most comfortable boot I have ever worn.
Ugly boots Mr N calls them.
I don't care! comfort over style sometimes has to be done.

Look very close and you will see the tiny people on the shoreline.
This will give you an idea on the proportions of the rocks and the size of the waves.

A magical place and as this rock pile says...
We will be back.

Back home now to all my little men, the biggest now at school.....oh where does the time go.
I hope you have a lovely week.
Enjoy the cosy home.
ps, note for Yvonne I did try to email you with answer to your question.
Maybe you can email me so I can reply.xxx


Pondside said...

Your special place is beautiful. It's so important to get away to recharge yourself on a regular basis - and when it's with the one you love it's all the better. The Great Dane and I have just come back from a week in Whistler where we hiked in the mountains and slept like babies in the wonderful mountain air.

Simone said...

Belated Birthday wishes carol! It looks as though the weather was good to you! I've not had a holiday this year but if I look into the photos and out towards the sea I can almost imagine I am there. x

salty pebble said...

beautiful post- magical pictures ;0)
hope you had a lovely time ;0)
your blog is always a joy to see x

VA Boutique said...

Oh how lovely.
Such a wonderful serene post with beautiful photos. Oh I do love Devon by the sea it's so magical.
Hope you had a wonderful birthday break.

Rosie said...

Happy belated birthday to you. It looks the most magical, wonderful place Devon looks. I've no idea where it is but I would love to go there. x

LoloDesigns said...

Hi there! That first piccie has such stunning colours in it, the rest are pretty darn lovely too. You and Mr N look great, bet your dinner was yummy.

As for Uggs, I can't seem to get my feet out of them, long gone are the days when I teeter along on precariously high stilletos! I leave that to my lovely neice, although she can't go far in them ;o) Kids of today eh!

Keep well.

LoloDesigns said...

Doh! forgot to say Happy Birthday! xx

Knittings Nice! said...

Beautiful words, beautiful post, beautiful pictures...I enjoyed reading it...thank you. Teresa

periwinkle said...

glad you had a lovely birthday Carol , I don't blame you for wanting to keep your special place a secret - we all have to have at least one secret :-)

Lyn said...

It looks delightful, I understand why you want to keep it a secret!
the colours in the photos are very inspirational. Thank you for sharing them.

busybusybeejay said...

What a lovely posting.It brought back many happy memories of family holidays in Devon.What a wonderful break for you too.

bellaboo said...

What a little piece of Heaven you have found there! I understand when you say you want to keep it secret...I feel the same about special places we have discovered together.
Have a lovely week. :o)

Lululiz said...

What a beautiful break for you and what gorgeous photos for us!

Josie-Mary said...

What lovely photo's... even though I live in Devon I forget how beautiful it is :)

Sal said...

What a gorgeous present!
And such lovely photos!
We're going up to the north of the county very soon. I'm really looking forward to it!

Hope all is well with you ;-)

BusyLizzie said...

That certainly is a magical place. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing. L x

Lisa said...

What a truly beautiful place to go and spend a birthday celebrations. Hope you had a good one.
Lisa x

MelMel said...

Hello lovely lady!
We always make rock piles too!
I love it when we go to Angelsey, its one of my fave places, I find the coast very relaxing and peaceful......lovely pictures, happy belated birthday wishes to you!xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time too. We've do Bath about every three years, so this year we decided to be a tourist!
Julie xxxxxxx

Summer Blue said...

What a fabulous weekend and lovely treat for your birthday, it looks and sounds like you both had a wonderful time.
My 4 year old also calls them 'Ugly'boots! Not because she thinks they are 'ugly' but because she has had a pair each winter for the last 2 years and really thought that's what they were called when she was 2 and it has just stuck!! They are now known as her 'snuggly uglys'
I must say I thought nothing would ever come close to my Uggs but I recently bought some Dubarry boots and they too are Sooooooo comfy and practical.
I love the sea glass collection, that must have taken a while to collect.
Take care and belated birthday wishes to you,
Jane. xx

elsy said...

what a fantastic break carol, north devon is indeed special, a bit of a step back in time

Unknown said...

I am very envious!!! Glad to hear that you had a fab time! Gorgeoud piccs! Andrea x

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Big hugs to you and a very happy birthday to you x
Your pictures are fab,is that where Doc Martin is filmed? i love your dress too is it Boden dahlink?
Congratulations to Katie and hubby baby Fin is just perfect,need to read back through your posts now as i have been awol since May,
Love Kristina XxX

Photography said...

What a lovely place i would love to go there!

Louise said...

I know where you've been! My lips are sealed. We really enjoyed our stay there. Plan to return some day. Lovely photos Carol. x