23 February 2013

We Sailed Away On The Hurtigruten's Finnmarken

 It was a lovely bright sunny day as we approached
 Bergan Norway.

We flew over Frozen Lakes.

 We flew with SAS Airlines, who were brilliant.
Everything went smoothly from check in at Heathrow 
to landing in Bergan via Copenhagen.

The Finnmarken looked welcoming in the dock.
Our baggage was waiting for us by our cabin.
I had chosen cabin number
666 my lucky number 6 x 3.
Located right at the back of the ship.
Great position as the door to the deck was next to our cabin.
Perfect for those mad dashes to get out on deck in the middle of the night when
Aurora Borealis pays a visit.

First thing was to check out the ship and the routine.

Nice Gym, but I will not be paying any visits that is for sure.

Great Sauna.
But I do not like Sauna's either. 

Heated outdoor pool and very hot Jacuzzi's.
I did pack a costume and flip flops.
But, I did not have the courage
to take off my clothes and face the 
bitter cold.

We never got bored on board.
There was lots of opportunity to get off
and have a walk around the towns.
Or just sit and read with a mug of nice hot tea or coffee.
I would recommend the Hot Drink Package.
And I would recommend that you take 
cupa soups with you too.

Our cabin was always lovely and warm and welcome.
The shower was great.
Linen perfect.
Toiletries.....take your own.

As we passed over the Arctic Circle, those brave enough
were Baptised by Neptune.

This lady had won the competition.
She had guessed the time closest, that we would cross 
the Arctic Circle.

 And was the first to get Ice poured
down her back !

 I do not know this gentleman but
it is a good shot of Neptune.
Not looking to bad for his age.

We sailed Northwards.
Towards The North Cape.
The weather was wonderful.
The scenery was breath taking.

 This is the front or Bow of the ship.
This was a great spot to photograph
the Northern Lights.
If only I had packed my SLR Digital Camera!
Silly me only packed the compact camera....

As you can see I was well wrapped to face the bitter cold winds.
There were not many of these actually.
But at the Bow it really is cold as you sail into the wind.
I had worried that I would not have the right or enough
warm clothing.
I got it right, thankfully.
I shall list what I took at some point.

See, the pool looked inviting !
There was ice on deck.
So I gave a little swim a miss.
Hubby went in though.
He loved it.

One evening we were paid a visit from a Norweigan Fisherman.
He brought with him King Crab
for us to see and hold.

And that evening we were treated to a
special banquet in the restaurant.
The most amazing spread of Seafood and Fish
as well as meats and vegetarian foods.

 Late afternoon in one of the ports.
The Hurtigruten Fleet are a good looking bunch
of ships I think and painted in good colours.
Some ships look awful., mentioning no names.
But I do think the Hurtigruten have got it right.

We loved this trip.
We would go again.
It is not cheap.
But it was an experience that we will never forget.
Next time I will show you....
You will have to wait and see what part three will be.


jill said...

Carol you have chosen some lovely photos to post the sky is beautiful,all is so clean looking.My hubby worked in Norway many moons ago and said it was one of the places he would love to take me,one day maybe I will get there,hope so.Love Jill xx

lemonade kitty said...

I felt like I was there with you!! Beautiful pictures, looks like you had a fabulous time and I can't wait for part 3, Lucey x

Down by the sea said...

It looks cold, I'm not surprised you didn't want to try the pool! The ship looks a nice size too not too big. Norway is somewhere I would like to visit.
Sarah x

Carol said...

It averaged -9.. But it did not feel that bad really. First day out off of the ship we got to hot ! Removed one layer and felt better. It was a wonderful fresh feeling getting out on deck and away from heating. In the wind it could feel like -20