25 February 2013

The Northern Lights

We were so lucky, we had picked a good week.
The New Moon.
Those elusive lights came out almost every night.
The sad thing was, I did not pack my digital SLR camera,
what a twit I am.
But a chap who did, allowed me to take these images
off his camera. Hence the poor quality!!

So they are not great.
Not that sharp.
But at least I have something to show.

As you look up into the black sky and a zillion stars,
you see her coming.
Slowly building.
As she appears, she fills you
with a feeling of wonder that I have 
never experienced before.

It is quite spiritual.

You have to put your exposure on delay to capture
as much light into the camera as you can
without distorting it too much.
The small white lines are stars.

So there I was with my silly little compact camera !
While all around me, there were men with their tripods
and proper big cameras.
But I did not give in.
I snapped away happily, only to look at the screen and see a blank !
That was until I got home and loaded my images onto
the laptop.
Hey, wow, look at this I shouted.
I have captured something.
It might be small but it is there.
And this is it below.
My very own Aurora Borealis.
I have lots more like this one,  not really worth showing you.
Not when you see the fantastic images that are on the Internet.

I am so happy I saw Aurora Borealis.
I am delighted that she made it onto my camera somehow.

So, my tip is...
Do not delete all blanks if you do get to take a photo of 
Aurora Borealis.
You may have a surprise in store when you get home.
Husky Dogs next time.


lemonade kitty said...

Wow thanks for sharing those amazing pictures with us,one day I hope to see it for myself, lucey x

jill said...

Oh they are beautiful considering you thought you didnt have them,and after all you have your memories of them and you cannot delete them.Look forward to the Huskys.Love Jill xx

Down by the sea said...

Wow that must have been amazing! Thank you for sharing these with us.
Sarah x