22 February 2013

Norway And The Beautiful Skies

On 5th February 2013
we set off on an adventure like no other.

The point of this trip was to see the Northern Lights.

I love Norway anytime of year.
But I have to say I was knocked out by the sheer
tranquillity of the place and amazed at the ever changing skies.

As I am a happy snapper and have so many images I want to
show you, I thought I would do this in manageable bites.
Starting with...
The Skies Of Norway.
No words.
Just the images for you to enjoy.
If like me you can see beauty in such things.

Just a quickie here.
This images below was through the window of
our cabin.
I will try to paint this one day.
I promise myself!

Some images are blurred, I know....
But I like them all the same.
Sometimes, more.

It is easy to just flick quickly through these photos
and not see much...
But look much closer at the detail.
It is sublime.

The skies change so quickly.
Another very good reason why if you wish to see
The Northern Lights
Do It On A Ship.
You need to keep moving.

Last of all.
Just about to take a ride in a Sled with the Huskies.

I hope that you enjoyed this post.
I just loved every singe moment of this trip.
And I was NOT cold ever.
In fact we got too hot !
The wonder of the right clothing.
Maybe I should post a Blog on
What To Take To Norway In Winter !
Next time I will post on ?
You will have to wait and see.


Louise Chainey said...

Hi, I have just discovered your blog and love it. In fact I'm using any spare time I have (like now, my lunch break) to read old posts as well as new. Thanks for sharing your lovely things, Louise x

Knittings Nice! said...

We did a visit to Norway and Hurtigruten cruise this time last year and loved every moment of it. The scenery is as you see so so breathtaking and inparticular the trip we did to the North Cape...mind you was not sure about the heavy seas when we entered the Baltic seas at the top...was a sleepless night...and yes with layers and the right clothing all is good for warmth etc....was only looking again last night to do another trip.

Down by the sea said...

What beautiful scenery your images are fantastic especially looking at them on a larger view. It must have been a wonderful experience.
Sarah x

jill said...

Just beautiful.I have always loved the sky and take lots of photos of it as it changes through the day.I have always wanted to see the northern lights for real I think there is something very magical about them.Love Jill xx

elsy said...

oh my....this is definitely something i want to see. just so magical. what a fabulous trip x