27 January 2013

Lots Of Loves

The Love Of Your Life....
It is hard to suggest that you have only one.
I love in many different ways.
My dog means the world to me and on the days
when I am at home alone, he keeps me company. 
His love is unconditional. 

My Hub. 
I may moan, I nag and do take for granted a little bit !
This love is the one I depend on.
I am old fashioned.
I like being dependant.

Another love is Jack White.
Who I went to see at the Hammersmith Apollo in June and
at the Alexandra Palace in November.
I have never been so interested in a performer.
His music is nothing like anything else I have in my collection.
His songs all tell a tale.
His talent huge.

My Mum.
This was my second Christmas without her.
Nothing can replace a Mother.
This Love is like no other.

Jude & Fin.
Little rot pots.
How much can you love them!!
Never Too Much.
I guess they are used to my constant hugs and kisses.

My Freddie.
A sensitive boy who loves Nature.
He is my first. My big boy.

And my Rocco.
Bright as a button.
Fast as Cheetah.
Accepting and affectionate.

This list could be so much longer.
But I am stopping here.
There was no special order here the images decided how the order went.
But I can say that I love them all, in different ways.
Which makes them all No 1's....


elsy said...

its all so precious isnt it....this life and loves...

jill said...

Hi Carol,what a lovely post brought a tear to my eye.Beautiful photos of your little boys time with them is so special isn't it.Love Jill xx

gillyflower said...

What a lovely post full of love!
When I saw your first photos I said out loud OMG as I have a little fella just like yours at home too - very similar colouring and same lovely curly stage!
Arent they just the most fun and faithful little poodles?
My last post has a pic of my toy poodle (near end)and lots of photos of him in a couple of posts ago.
Your young men look very handsome too!
Lovely to find you via Elsy

gillyflower said...

Good Lord Carol, I'm sorry I got the breed wrong, he looked just like our poodle at that angle!
We had a Welsh Terrier before our poodle, and he had a black back and was similarly coloured otherwise.We bought him just before one won at Crufts, so you see lots more of them now! At the time it was hard to choose between him and a Lakeland as they are so lovely too as you know!
Gill xx