09 January 2012

New Year New Shop New Dreams

It has been a long time in the making.
Johanna, Katie and me are now

 We started out with home parties and a weekend open day in the barn.
We have many great suppliers on board with us.
St Eval Candles which we love and have been using for a few years now, are one of our best sellers.

The Home Party was fun.
I loved the displaying bit!

The problem is... we want it all.

We really need a good website designer now for our On-Line Shop.
Still looking.

 On-Line Shopping starts in February.

We would love to hear from you, so do leave us a comment.

Goodbye for now.
I will be back soon with my recent little projects to show you.
Wishing you all the very best for


The Vintage Hobby House said...

How fantastic,can't wait to browse at leisure,scandanavian style is my favourite for my home ...Good luck and I hope everything goes well.
XX Manda XX

LoloDesigns said...

Hi, how great to be doing something new and exciting for the new year. Wishing you lots of success in your new venture. Am a fan of Scandinavian look hence my far too frequent trips to ikea, in fact off there on Thursday with my sister. Will be sure to have a look at your shop when it opens. Well done. Lolo xx

Simone said...

Good luck with your new venture Carol. This looks like 2012 is going to be a good one for you and your girls. I wish you lots of success.x

Claire said...

Happy New Year to you. How fantastic, you will be a great success, can't wait for your on-line shop to open, I love everything you have showed so far. Plus have moved again so great excuse to buy!! Take care. Claire xx

bellaboo said...

It all sounds very exciting! What a start to the new year. :0)

LissyLou said...

wow! gorgeous items xxxx

jill said...

Hi Carol,It all looks lovely,look forward seeing more,I wish you and your girls all the best for the future,Oh Im so excited for you.Love Jill xx PS how did the aromatherapy go? xx

Claire said...

Forgot to say what a gorgeous pic of you gorgeous girlies :) xx

jill said...

Well done with the aromatherapy,I love it xxx

Pipany said...

Carol, that is great news! So many people seem to be embarking on new ventures and I think it's brilliant! Can't wait to browse your store. Thought you should open a shop ages ago as you have a great eye for things. Best of luck! x

Pondside said...

So that's what you've been up to!
Good luck with this new venture. You seem to have all the right ingredients - good suppliers, energy, good partners and a passion for your wares.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Happy New Year to you and wow exciting news!
I will be shopping with you as you always have had excellent taste oooh a few bits for the beach cottage can't wait for your online shop to open.
Love the picture of you and your girls,what a beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

Oh i remember painting the stairs listening to your playlist and feeling comfort and not so lonely at being a new mum,they were good times.wow things have changed for us both over the years,who would have thought you would end up being one of the Charlies angels lol xxx

Simply Scandinavian said...

Ha ha, Charlies Angels !
Well today Charlies Angel is in a mess, covered in paint, I think I will leave the rest to the imagination lol.....
Still two tables painted, inside of three cabinets to do.xxx

MelMel said...

Happy New Year!

Best of luck with your shop dreams!xxx

Sew Recycled said...

Oooo, how exciting! Cant wait to browse and hopefully purchase!

Essie R said...

Wishing you every success, I look forward to browsing your online shop! x

Country Cottage Chic said...

The very best of luck with your new venture!!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hi Carol
Thank you so much for your message.
Oh how fun opening a shop too!
I must admit I would love to buy more glass products but I think brakeables will be the death of me through stress!!! *giggle*
The way things get handled is riddiculous & only today I'm sending out another chalkboard as that arrived broken ~ a chalkboard!!!!!
I'm not skimpy on bubble wrap but there is only so much wrapping you can put on before it is riddiculous isn't there?
Anyhoo, good luck in your new venture I can't wait to see it open!

Lisa said...

Really exciting news Carol, I wish you all good luck and loved looking through your guilty pleasures post and found a few things I like the look of, maybe as a treat for me and possible presents ideas too.