12 January 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Setting up our new shop has been a learning curve as some you will understand.
But it can be fun and exciting too.
There is so much to think about and arrange before you can actually start.
We started with Home Parties, which we found very easy.
Getting the On-Line Shop open is more time consuming and complicated.
But,the fun bit for me,
My Guilty Pleasures
is choosing the stock from the suppliers and playing with it once I get it home.
This is meant to be Work!!!
This beautiful tray is one of our favourites.
Here I have grouped togther some Votives on the tray.
We have sold out of these particular ones as they have been so popular, but we have some slightly different Votives flying our way!

Some of our new stock, which we be linking with our Shopping Trolley and check out 
very soon we hope.
This Zinc and Glass, very delicate glass! candle holder is different.

The intricate work is simply beautiful.

I have so many ideas for these Herb Planters, I could play all day with our stock!
I start early in the morning, then before I know it I am still in my nightie
and it is lunchtime!!!

This Zinc Planter I think is useful for more than just plants.
It makes a good container for the coming BBQ's.
Oil & Vinegar !
Line it with serviettes and put two types of cheese straws in it.

The Candles we stock, we have been using ourselves for a few years now.
The scents are yummy and fill a room for hours.
The Tin Candles burn for upto 45 hours.
Once the Pot Candle is burned out I am loathe to throw away.
I love this little plant, Baby Tears, it does go by many names but this one I like best.
 I have it indoors, outdoors, hanging in baskets and now
in my recyled candle pot.
I think they would look good Lime Washed too.

So Candles are another Guilty Pleasure of mine....
Tea light candles, tall candles, pillar candles,
my home is full of them.
Sticks, votives and lanterns.
One consolation is our electricity bill was noticeably lower?? maybe me preferring candle light
to bulbs is paying off!

 I have this great love for Zinc? and Pewter and Baking Tins!
Like our Pomander, in Zinc. I love this.
I filled one with cones onto which I dripped some of my favourite essential oils.
Just hang it where noses will pass by.

Like so many lovely ladies I know, I have a home full of Hearts.
I know why we love them.
We are Home Makers.
We fill our homes with warmth and love.

I am feeling guilty, we could not resist these lamp bases and shades, with Hearts on!
Yes, our men will moan a little.
Moan, then smile and let us get on with it

They have given in to our insistence, that we need them!

Another Guilty Pleasure of mine is jewelry, and the answer is NO
I can never have enough!
My sexcuse.... new word for the dictionary here and quite appropriate for us ladies who collect!
 is.... I have daughters to pass my jewels onto and maybe one day
Grand daughters!

This pretty dark mauve dish will be lucky to make it into the shop.
I have a keen eye on it.

Another lamp and another shade.
This base is tall, great as a bedside lamp, if like me you try to read in bed.
I usually manage one page or two before nodding off.

This Wooden Tray is going in the shop.
(The Sophie Conran Mugs are not).
A must for any English Man or Women I think... the early morning cup of Tea in Bed.
It just gives you an oooooohhhhh loverly to start the day.
And as I have pale carpets I insist on all drinks being take upstairs on a tray.
Stops drips causing drips!

We have two sizes of Zinc Heart Hangings.
Now please believe me our shop is not going to be only Hearts, it seems that I have only shown you hearts so far! 

Ooops and there is another one!

No, I must apologise here, this is pure coincidence.
It was just the way I uploaded the images.

There are two types of Love Letters in our collection, single and on a stand.

Me just playing again with our Zincy bits.
I love this one.
The design is so pretty.
It will have so many uses.

Hanging Zinc Heart for tea light candles.

Twiggy Wreaths.
On Shed Doors.
Front Doors.
Back Doors.
Or as a Vignette which I am creating for my own home and will show you all soon.

Love this.
I will fill mine with Spring Bulbs and Stick Candles.
Stick Candles are the tiny 1cm diameter candles which stand about 15cm high.
They will be available in our Shop.

Dads Shed Sign.
The only place they may be able to escape into a world of
Fishing Tackle.
Tools and Old Wood Collections !

And to finish Part 1 of my Guilty Pleasures another lamp shade, grey and on a distressed wooden base.

Guilty Pleasures Part 2
I could go on for a long time listing my Guilty Pleasures.
One that I am quite passionate about is Perfume.
Vintage and New.
I love talking to the girls at the perfume counter if I am shopping alone.

My collection is 'big'.
My pleasure even bigger.
And the guilt, well......
but if like me you Love your perfumes you will probably like this site.
I have my own wardrobe of my collection listed here and what is in them, when to use them, who Loves, Likes or Dislikes them!
So the Guilty bit is how much time I loose playing here!!!

I do get great Pleasure getting one of my men to do something I want when it really does not need doing! in some peoples eyes.

My son James.
It only took him four hours to remove, remodel and then go home.
(I am so happy James, I love it and it gives me and the dogs so much pleasure).

So with a few changes here and there.
A whole new look.

To paint things is one of my most enjoyable Guilty Pleasures.
Guilty because sometimes the wood is lovely and should maybe not be hidden under a layer of paint.
But pleasureable beacause
I like it better afterwards.

And bedding, I find Vintage or New it matters not, to good to resist.
I adore cotton and lace.

And this new fireplace and that old chair becon me now.
To sit with a hot cup of tea with my Teddy at my feet.
A well deserved pleasure in the late afternoon.

So what are your Guilty Pleasures?
You have to have one at least.
It is the rule.
ps, there are many more to add to this list.
But I did think I should stop here for now.
So I have made a new label for
Guilty Pleasures.


lemonade kitty said...

My guilty pleasures are, all of the above plus chocolate!! I can see some of your "zincness" coming to live with me pretty soon as everything is utterly gorgeous, Lucey x

Claire said...

Oh my goodness, Im going to need a bank loan to spend in your shop. I imagine your house smells wonderful, having all males in the house, Im paranoid about 'smells' :) so my guilty pleasures are candles too and anything to make the house smell nice especially where trainers are around!!! Hearts are def another, I need to do a post on mine I think. I love lights and lamps and strangly doors, I have lots of clippings of doors and porches which leads to another gp, home magazines, Steve would say an obsession!! Still think you need to have yours in print :) xx
Ps, I can totally relate to you on wanting to keep everything for yourself, hence why I no longer run my on-line business! Xx

bellaboo said...

All the things I LOVE! Votives,candles,hearts...I'm sure your shop is going to be a great success.
Guilty pleasure? Chocolate! :0)

jill said...

I dont think I would be able to part with the goods I would be telling everyone "Sorry its sold" lol.My guilty pleasure list seems to be getting longer the older I get,sented candles,any candles really,essential oils,hearts,lamps,books,house mags I have hundreds because I cannot part with them,white cotton bedding,soft towels,Sanctuary spa covent garden beauty products and my most favourite guily pleasure is Patchouli oil I use it all over the house.I could go on and on please dont tell me hubby.
Love Jillxx

charl said...

i love everything that you have in your shop!!!..imay be making purchases in the near future!!..
i love everything that is to do with making the house comfy and cosy..like candles and dishes for candles to go in and hearts and hanging things, theres lots of hanging things in our house!!
oh and shoes wardrobes full of them but never have the right pair!!

karan Sheahan said...

You have just achieved what I am dreaming to do, I love the style and sheer class of your decor. You have created a warm and welcoming home... Well done. I have just started a blog www.redshoesbluesshoestypepress.com nobody has read it yet, heres hoping for a great 2012 to all. Regards Karan

redshoesblueshoes said...

OOP. My blog address www.redshoesblueshoes.wordpress.com

beginners error

regards Karan

Katy Noelle said...

A shop!!! How fun! I moved to Vermont, eighteen years ago, to open a tea room, gift shop and B&B and I know what you mean by wondering how this is supposed to be 'work'. (Although, at the end of the day, my feet would definitely feel like they'd been working.)

and your wares are BEAUTIFUL! =]

and, then, to have that warm fire and cozy spot and soft, lovely bed, at the end of the day. Isn't life pleasant?

It's a joy to come and share what you're up to!

Best wishes!

Katy Noelle