31 January 2012

A Narrow Boat To Bath

Maybe January was not the best time to do this trip.
Then again in some ways it was.
Provided you have the correct clothing.

It certainly was peaceful and that is just what we needed.

We set off after a little bit of instruction in how to manoeuvre this boat.
How to get it started was more than I could cope with.
So I relied on Carole to take control of steering and I would open and close the locks !!!

It is so interesting seeing how other people live on these boats.
Amazing in fact.
I know that I could never manage it.
But for a little holiday it was wonderful.

Aqua ducts and via ducts, we did them both.
That was a great experience.

It was fine rain for some of the way.
Very cold and damp the rest .
But our little narrow boat was toasty hot inside.

I would have loved to have rented one with a log burner like so many we saw along the way.
But we could  not find one for rent.

The only spound to be heard, was the soft chug chug of the engine and the birds.

On and on we slowing punted.
Life seemed to have stopped almost.
No people, well just a few. No cars. No buses. Nothing.
Bird song, still water and the relaxing sound of the engine.
Yes it is relaxing, slow and deep and chuggy...
Carole was in deep thought and doing a grand job of steering which is not easy!

I pottered, as I always do.
Making tea and coffee.
Tidying !
And cooking.

We would stop if we wanted to have something to eat.
Stopping and parking !! that is another thing.

The boat was so comfortable and clean.
With all mod cons.

The Kennett & Avon Canal is beautiful.

We used maps! rather Carole did.
I agreed whatever.
There was only one way to go I thought.

 So glad I packed more that three scarves.
 I wore all of them together.
Vest, long sleeved t shirt, jumper, cardi over all this, then fleece under waterproof coat.
One hat, the hood and two pairs of gloves.
Jeans, not good but two pairs long socks and Uggs.
I do not mind the cold if I am well wrapped up.
Cannot stand the damp.

We were meeting up with our school friend Mary who lives in Bath.

Poor Mary was running back and forth along the canal trying to find us.
How do you explain where you are on a canal which you have never been on before.
By the bridge, which bridge?  there are many.
Near a big Oak tree.
There were no signs to say where we were.
After an hour of trying to be in the same spot at the same time....

We were re-united.

 After a lovely lunch and a good natter with Mary, we carried on and into Bath.

As we entered this tunnel.
The weather changed.
Warm sunshine.

We were so happy.
 It was a lovely experience.
And we had planned to spend the rest day in Bath and go out for a nice meal.

After nearly causing one man to have heart failure as Carole manoeuvred the boat,
by way of a 9 point turn and coming so very close to his idyllic apartment balcony,
 which was almost on the water, we started our slow journey back.

Stopping here for a welcome drink and packet of crisps, a little shopping...semi precious stones, oh and an ice cream as the sun was so warm.

We docked close to where we had to return our narrow boat to.
And then spent our last night letting our hair down.
And sang and danced the night away on the top of our boat under an amazing moon.

We are planning our next adventure.
But to where?
Well you only live once.
Wishing you all the very best.


A tale from toadstool house said...

Looks like a great trip and experience,I'd love to try this one day.I love Bath too,Have a happy day,love juliex

Gigi said...

Oh envy! What a wonderful way to travel. My DH occasionally talks about wanting to do one of those terribly expensive 'travel through Europe on a fancy boat' tours but this looks like much more fun.

jill said...

Lovely photos Carol looks like you had a fab time Love Jill xx

lemonade kitty said...

I can just imagine all the little duckies swimming past watching your antics and thinking "oh they're having so much fun" beautiful piccies,Lucey x

Pretty at Heart said...

Beautiful pictures! The ones you are not in, wearing 20 layers, look as though they could have been taken on a hot summer day!

Rebecca said...

Oh what an enchanting holiday! I have always wanted to travel on a narrow boat - so romantic and civil! Your photos and story are lovely. Becks x

Custom Comforts said...

What a lovely trip you had ~ such beautiful pictures. How I would love to visit England. Newest follower from afar ~ Cindy