04 December 2011

Christmas Time....and befrore

Fitting it all in is getting to breaking point!
My posts are erratic.
So they are a jumble of everything I have been
I start with what should be the end of my post, the start of the Christmas Decorating.
Because that is what is on my mind at present.

But want to backtrack a few months ! as well.
This was a fabulous day on the Kent coast, well a week actually.
We took my Dad away for a little holiday.
After Guy and Ava.
I feel now able to introduce
Teddy to you properly.

Teddy comes everywhere with me.
My baby.
National Trust properties, shopping, school runs.
I dare not let him out of my sight.

I have painted with Annie Sloan paints as you know already, love them.

 I have days filled with babies.
Hub gets to join in all the fun whilst I do the housework!
Yeah right oh, he is saying as I type!
Cheeky, of course I do housework.

I have visited the most wonderful shops.
This one a regular, a gorgeous Florist in Tunbridge Wells.
I go there often as I love this shop.

I could just move in.
The smells are Divine.

We have enjoyed the outdoors.
Beautiful, stunning sunsets as we camped.

I have gloried in finding lovely items such as this shade.
When I went back to get more they were all gone, no surprise.

I have crocheted.
Not a lot.
This poppy was very quick to make.
I did still buy one of course, but love my little woollen poppy for any time of year.

As you will have guessed. Teddy stole my heart.
Can't stop photographing him.
Cuddling, bathing and brushing him.

Such a handsome little boy.

I have nagged and nagged, something I am expert at so hub says, to make this shelf
for my jar collection.

I feel like a kid in a sweet shop with all these jars.

Last but not least, my sitting room Christmas Tree,
Not a great photo due to no flash.

And this year a New Christmas Tree for the family room.
Love it.

I have kept the decorations to a minimum this time.
With two blog's to run and my massage course to complete next week, which has been
recently added to the,
 Carol's List Of Things To Do
spare time is very short.
Life is never boring. so should not complain.
I just wish I was better at organising myself.
Well it time to get into my bed.
Love to you all.


jill said...

Hi Carol,sounds like you have no time to yourself,know the feeling but would not have it any other way,well most of the time.Little Teddy is lovely he reminds me of a little toy dog my son had as a child that was always with him,bless.Your chritmas trees look pretty I have mine to do yet but have got a few bits out.What massage course are you doing?I did an aromatherapy diploma one a few years ago,love it,good luck with yours.Love Jill xx

bellaboo said...

Lovely to catch up with all your news.Teddy is just so adorable!
Love your house and all your Xmas decorations...very tasteful. :0)

Katy Noelle said...

Just lovely! Life is so good, isn't it? I appreciate the things that you're sharing! and, Your Teddy is truly adorable, actually, he made me laugh right out loud - he's so cute! =]

Professor Adams said...
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Pretty at Heart said...

I know that florists and I agree, it is lovely. In fact I love a lot of the shops in Tunbridge wells!

And I am loving your rooms and decorations even more - all very pretty.

Do you know what, I am not a dog person, but I am also loving Teddy!

Must be in a lovin mood! lol!

Amanda said...

Thats a dog with character! He looks so cute.

LoloDesigns said...

Hi! Teddy is just the most cutest, adorable dog I have ever seen. That face, oh it is a picture. I too would have to take him everywhere with me, if I could just reach in to my pc and cuddle him!

Liking the new tree. I've just bought my mum and me some Annie Sloan paint, not tried it yet. Will use it on an old wooden coat hook first in case I mess it up. I also got her wax too, do you use that as well?

Keep well, Lolo xx

lemonade kitty said...

I love florist's shops as they always stock the most amazing things, love your little Teddy too, Lucey x

LissyLou said...

Teddy is gorgeous. Loving the bits you've done to the house, ESP the jar shelf x

Pondside said...

Such a busy and rich time of life! It sounds as though you are fully engaged!

Sandi McBride said...

Teddy is lovely...we have a new baby here, too...we have a Pekingese rescue pup...he's adorable...Teddy looks awfully sweet!
hugs to you Carol..

Knittings Nice! said...

What a lovely interesting blog you have...I have been reading lots of older postzs and your house is gorgeous. I love the way you just keep all colours clean and simple and decorate with accents. I have been looking at your kitchen and um!! well its given me the urge to go back to cream again....poor hubby has run and hid.

Liz said...

Your pictures are lovely, but as a lakie lover and owner I have to ask about little Ava??

Alexandra said...

Hi Carol, I so look forward to your posts....I did not know you had another blog!! Where can I find it!?!?

Alchamillamolly said...

Carol I am so sorry you have got your mojo back. Love that dog he is gorgeous. We have been trying the Annie Sloan and love the finish. Have also fallen for French Grey (F&B) its so greeny grey taupey........

I have just been internet Xmas shopping with my Tesco vouchers. My grandchildren live in Tunbridge Wells, have only been once but think I went in that shop. TW is a lovely place.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family, it will be hard without those you lost this year but just enjoy your memories and talk about them.

Alchamillamolly said...

Carol me again I cant find the shop on the web and I need to know how much the angels with trumpets are on the wall in the shop. dont want to ask d-in-law as it would be a surprise for her.

OhSoVintage said...

Hi Carol, you are certainly a busy lady but lovely to catch up with your news and photos of your lovely home. Teddy is a sweetie, I wish I had a dog! Have a lovely Christmas.
Ruth x

A tale from toadstool house said...

Hi Carol,lovely to catch-up with your last few months,lovely piccies,Teddy is the most handsome,gorgeous dog.Lovely christmas decorating,I ve said it before but your home is fab.lots of love juliexxx

chrisartist said...

Hello from Australia
So many nice things to say, so here goes -
I love your blog. Your little dog is gorgeous.
Your Christmas trees are wonderful.
I really like Tunbridge Wells. How beautiful is that shop?
Happy Chistmas. Il come visit again soon.

Lace hearts said...

As usual, your blog update is wonderful, though I'm a little late in catching up myself as December has just flown. Teddy is adorable. We wandered around Tunbridge Wells about a year ago, and I think I remember that florist - the smell of fresh cut flowers was wonderful. I hope your Christmas is wonderful.

Deb said...

Lovely catching up with you.
Merry Christmas Carol ♥

Louise said...

I need a jar shelf! Beautiful images, especially liking the sunset ones. Happy New Year to you and your family Carol, and thanks for introducing us to dear Teddy. x

Purrfect Haven said...

we are so glad to have found you. Loved this post... everything about it felt familiar or inspiring. happy new year.. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx