19 October 2011

Cosy October Days

Following on from the previous post and Chalk Paints.
This candelabra has been hidden away for many years as the gold didn't fit in with
anything I had in the room.
I have painted it in Charcoal Chalk Paint.
The paint went on very easily.

Once the paint has dried a thick layer of clear wax was applied with a brush
and then buffed with a soft cloth.
I painted this photo frame, which was waxed! no rubbing down, which is great.

Getting into full swing now.
I went to paint the roof of this Lantern.
The roof is metal and was white.
I think the darker roof contrasts so much better than all white.
The details are shown off better.

Then this wall lantern, which was dark green was painted Charcoal.
All this took no time at all.
And if you do get a bit on the glass it scrapes off with a finger nail easily.

All in all I had a fun afternoon.

This shelf was painted Old White.
If you follow me you remember it was painted in Farrow and Ball Charleston.

And this shelf just got a bit of tinkering.
A change of display.

In fact the whole room then got a bit of change around.
Red lamp replaced with my Hatley lamp.

 If any of you love Georgian Style like me.
Watch At Home With The Georgians a BBC DVD with Professor Amanda Vickery.
I can watch it over and over whilst I paint or iron!
I love this era, the style, the colours.
It is all about the unique relationship the British enjoy with homemaking

 Well you can never have enough candle light, can you!

I do enjoy a little bit of,
' look in the fridge and then throw it all together' as well.

 You have vegetable's in the fridge but they flop a bit.
It is a sin to just chuck them in the compost bin isn't it.
So into a pot went my vegetable's that really are not good enough for the dinner plate.
Chopped and mixed with a little olive oil and some butter.
Season to taste, stir around a bit on the heat.

 I add fresh chilli to mine
Now I could just sit and eat a bowl of this at this softish stage, they are lovely.

 In a hot oven I roasted some Butternut Squash.
I hate peeling any squashes, so cut them in half and just let them cook till soft.

They are easy to scoop out as well once cooked and there is very little waste.

Into the pot of semi cooked vegetable's they go.

Give them a good stir.
Add some stock, whatever you prefer. I used chicken stock.
Add some single cream.

Let it all simmer nicely together.
Then it is up to you.
Either mash with a potato masher or liquidize.
If you like it chunky, just leave and serve as it is.

Simple, delicious, sweet and very filling.

We all love a little shopping, if you love interiors you cannot help it.
With on-line shopping it is even easier.
I saw these and even though I really shouldn't.....
I did.
I keep telling myself one day one of my daughters will love getting these to keep and remember me every time she looks at them.

They are gorgeous.
And came from here....

It feels so good to get into clean cotton or linen sheets.

Not sure if I should put one on here or both.
Hub will moan he has another pillow to place in a Certain Spot...

Well it makes us happy doesn't it girls....

Have a good day.



jill said...

Hi Carol,love all your painted bits and bobs they look very nice,the veggie dish looks very tastey must try it nice to have food like that now the weather is coming in cold.I love getting into a nice clean bed you can never have enough pillows and cushions on the bed even if hubbys do moan about them.Love Jill xx

The Cloth Shed said...

Great post.... love your transformations...the wall lamp looks brilliant.
Too true, you can't beat fresh linen on a bed, especially old beautifully made pillowcases.
Julie x

LoloDesigns said...

Thought I'd let you know that my mum and I now have a shed load of Annie Sloan paint winging it's way to us! Great tip. Great post again as always. Lolo xx

Shabbily By The Sea said...

Hi Carol :)
Ooooh your back with a paint brush lol reminds of when we first met blogging day after day each with a can of f and b....love your makeovers and the candle glow is just gorgeous! i am going to look out for that tv show and get some butternut squash too it looks yummy.
Sue has gorgeous things in her shop and the pillows look wonderful,you would think Him indoors would be used to you by now lol ;)
Love to you xxxx

OhSoVintage said...

Oh, another great post from you. My, you have been busy and I didn't even get to start on my curtains - you put me to shame. Love the makeovers and thankyou too for mentioning my website. No, men just don't understand the concept of removing cushions and pillows with special pillowcases on them from the bed before they sleep do they??
Thanks again Carol, glad you are pleased with your purchase.
Ruth xx

nellie dean said...

Do you have to use Annie Sloan wax or can you use any? I've got the paint, just haven't got as far as waxing it yet though!

And thanks for the butternut squash roasting tip. I love BNS soup but hate peeling them!

Knittings Nice! said...

Lovely post lovely pictures, great inspiration...enjoyed my visit thank you.

Pondside said...

You've been very busy again.
I love the linens - and a girl can never have too many pretty pillows.

Pipany said...

Can I come and live with you please Carol? I just love everything in this post - perfect! x

Villa-loredana said...

Nice to meet you, thanks for sharing the foto and a lot of ideas. Sincerely. Loredana

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MelMel said...

Hello, long time no blogging from me!

Just wanted to pop by to see what you have been up to!

All looking lovely as always!

Love Melx

Sandi McBride said...

How wonderful! It all looks so pretty and so appetizing, too lol...writing you from my new blog, One Cat Shy of Crazy...hope you'll like it...been missing you, Carol!