26 September 2011

July August and September

Well you wait for ages and then three come along together!
June we went to Suffolk for a little break in the lovely town of Lavenham.

We stayed in The Swan Hotel, which was simply gorgeous.

Our room, where I indulged in an afternoon of bed, chocolate, a DVD and em
well, a small G&T... Just while Hub went off on a job he had planned for the afternoon.

I wanted to show this building to you as I was stunned at it's  pure beauty.

I stood and gazed  for ages.
The timbers have been limed to protect them from the elements.

They would not have been this colour originally,
 yet to me the lime has brought
an almost ghostlike yet beautiful fading effect to the wood.
There was another reason for our trip here.

 Another little Lakeland boy. 

Called Teddy !

He has settled in well after almost two weeks of bad tummy upset.
It seems he cannot tolerate puppy food.
But now he is happy and content on his chicken or steak.

July took us to Santorini.

Just for a week of sun and sea.

I love Greece.
The wonderful salads, braised meats and bbq'd fish.

I oood and arred along this promenade.
All the beach side Tavernas were lovely.

But of course Santorini is the island of sunset's.
When the clouds would behave that is!

The beaches are shingle, which I like.
The island being volcanic.

 The evenings were lively as we stayed in the capitol Thira.
Which I can highly recommend.

Some lunches were liquid !

Shabby Chic is here too!
Our table.
I came home and immediately set about getting some of those pretty cushions from Ikea!

What more could you want on little summer vacation, but just to sit and gaze out as life passes by you.

And this is our small and friendly Hotel.
Converted from a Mansion House.

 I loved the Settles!
I did not expect to see so many different types.

I will go back to Santorini.
I loved it.

I have at last finished making my bedroom curtains.

And  I had a seat cushion made for my ottoman.

It all looks nice and bright.
And as I am trying so hard to be very tidy it is easier to keep clean!

The log pile is ready for the first fire.

Two naughty little boy's went off to school.
Sorry for the poor quality of the image. It was sent from a phone.

My Dad has given me the old Bush radio that was my Mum's.
It looks perfect in the new bedroom.
Just need some huge batteries to make it work!
Oh and the lady who asked what the shade of paint was that I used in this room.

It is Cornforth by F&B.
Sorry it has taken so long to tell you.

On that note I am off to Bed!
Goodnight All
God Bless


Pondside said...

Lovely to have a catch-up from your, Carol. It sounds like it's been a busy summer. I can't believer that those little boys are already of school age!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol (Hugs x)
So good to catch up on what you have been up to,i am in LOVE with Teddy he is adorable,i want those curtains,i want to go to Santorini,i want to visit those beautiful lime washed buildings,looks like my summer is planned for next year ;)
Your Mums radio looks great in your bedroom,enjoy your sleep,
Take care xxxx

ps wow the boys have grown! cuties x


Hello Carol

Lovely to see that you are back enjoying life to the full...
Santorini looks wonderful have always fancied it...
In neeeeed of a holiday.
Your home is so lovely.
And you have another Lakeland too!

Tweet Chik said...

What a lovely post - a bit of everything!

Looks like you have had a great time.

I am thinking of putting the Cath K wallpaper on your last post on the chimney breast of my living room. But when I got a sample it wasn't as red as I expected and all my accessories are red and white. Do you find that all kinds of red still go with it??

charl said...

oh lovely to have you back..i really love reading your blog as its always got somthing thats so pretty to look at!
your bedroom looks so gorgeous.. a real cosy lovely space and i love your guest bedroom ( can i come and stay!) ..
your holiday looks beautiful to looks like a lovely rest was had..

Cowboys and Custard said...

So lovely to catch up with your summer news.. Love Lavenham too.. we stayed in Mint Cottage two years ago just round the corner from the white building. It is a very special place.. as for Santorini.. it looks divine.. a wonderful place to escape and unwind.
Love to you and all.
Michele xx
P.s I haven't forgotten my promise.. been so busy. Will catch up next week I hope.

Knittings Nice! said...

What a glorious blog you have.....love your writings and musings. Santorini is on my to do list and also Swan Hotel just what hubby and I like...think might book weekend there for my 57th birthday.

OhSoVintage said...

It's great to see you back - don't leave it so long next time as I so enjoy your posts and photos. Lots to look at and read here and I have been enlarging some of your photos to get a better look! Santorini looks wonderful. Teddy is adorable.
Ruth x

jill said...

Hi Carol,nice to see you back after your holidays,your pics are lovely.How cute Teddy is he looks very cuddley and warm. Love your bedroom so pretty.Love Jill xx

Lisa said...

What a cute bundle Teddy is.
Your holiday destination looks quite stunning. Glad you had a good time there.
Lisa x

periwinkle said...

You really do visit the most beautiful places Carol and Teddy is just adorable . Nice to see you back x

Alexandra said...

Welcome back! Beautiful post as ever.

LoloDesigns said...

Mmmm nice catch up post. That building looks ethereal, will have to show to my mum she loves stuff like that. Never been to Greece but have done turkey which was nice. Mind you this weeks weather made me feel like I was abroad when I came out of the supermarket this evening into the very warm air. It got here eventually! Lovely to hear from you. Be well and happy. Lolo xx

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Carol

I have come across your post by chance and have delighted in your pictures of Lavenham. It has brought back happy memories of our stay at the charming Swan Hotel.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely catch-up,glad you ve had a good few months. Teddy is adorable:) take care,julie.x

Yvonne said...

Yeay! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. So happy to see your beautiful post about all of the wonderful things going on in your life. Welcome back. It felt like a chat with a good friend after a long time apart. Loved all of the pictures!!

Lace hearts said...

What a fabulous post - I can't tell you how much I love your blog, but I'm such a bad blogger, and I'm so pleased you popped by recently and I followed back and saw this post. I loved Santorini when I went, but we're talking years and years ago, but I honestly think it's the best of all the Greek islands. I'll go back one day, but your pictures really brought back such lovely memories. It's just so stunningly beautiful. And your house is always a treat on the eye. I wish mine looked half as good. Cute pic of the little ones - they grow so fast, don't they!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh such a busy & pretty summer.
Aaaahhh how adorable is Teddy!
Oohhh those photos of your holiday are just divine!!! It looks amazing.
Your home is looking as beautiful as ever too & I always love to see it!
Hope you are well.
lots of love

MelMel said...

Love that CK bedroom! Love, love, love lovely Lavenham...I adore the Antiques shop, the one that is T.A.R.D.I.S like!