04 June 2011

June... And Lot's Of Thing's I Love

The next few posts will be about everything I Love.
So this will be a long list !
Thing's that make me smile

My new real Vintage letters, given to me by Johanna's fiance Steve.
The M is really a W, but I kind of like a quirky bit of a display.

Touches of Red in my home.

Anything Pewter.

Candles, all sorts of candles.

A Ring Of Friends candle.

Strawberries in my garden.
With their beautiful simple little flowers and log piles ready for the winter cosy nights in.

The shady corners of my garden.

A little camp fire in the garden in the evenings.
With a cheeky little Gin & Tonic.

Vintage wooden crates from .local farms or London markets.

Companion planting.
White and blue flowers.

Blue flowers.

Ferns and geraniums and old London paving slabs dotted with red pammets, and old stock bricks.

A Herb garden in an old butler sink ready and waiting by the back door.

My kitchen, tidy but full of little pieces of vintage cookware, china, jugs, silver spoons........etc etc

If anybody has any of this particular collection, please let me know.

Of course Hearts.
Which will be found all over my home.

Late afternoon in my kitchen with the windows open, the sun now moved on to the end of my garden and plans for the evening meal underway.
With a cheeky little Gin &Tonic on the side.......ha ha

Rusty ironware's, especially when full of flowers.

Wooden trays.....with hearts on!
And two chilled glasses and a Bud to share with my better half after we have been very good and done a little gardening.

A walk through the fields in a nearby village.
With good friends.

And ending up in the pub for a tasty Sunday Roast and maybe...
a few more of those cheeky things....well it just to be done to round off a wonderful walk, doesn't it.

A white gate in a green field...and this is Paul my old mate since schooldays.

Well that is it for this post.
There is a lot more Lovely things to come.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend enjoying the simple things in life.


Vintage Amethyst said...

Ooohh look at all this loveliness.
You have such a pretty home & wonderful style.
I love that red HOME set & I agree the W looks fab as the M, it has a fab quirky vintage feel.
Have a lovely weekend sweet lady.

The Cloth Shed said...

I love all those things too, letters, pewter, a bit of red, wooden crates....gin and tonic...
Fabulous kitchen AND you have an AGA...perfect!
Have a good weekend...
Julie x

Claire said...

Morning! Lovely lovely lovely pictures, you really must be in a house magazine. There would be no need for any styling if it did as you do such a beautiful job yourself! Very inspirational! Enjoy the weekend xxxx

Simone said...

Your home and garden is beautiful Carol. If I lived in such a place I would never want to leave it! Have a lovely weekend. x

ted and bunny said...

not really quite sure how I got here, but have just spent a pleasant coffee break looking at your lovelies...thankyou!

Pondside said...

All of your collections are so pretty.
I have one lone teacup in the pattern you showed - from my aunt.

Lisa said...

Just what I love about your blog, so many lovely things to feast our eyes upon.
I love the idea of the wooden crates!
Thanks for sharing and being so inspiring.
Lisa x

LissyLou said...

beautiful post today - your garden is looking beautiful. Can you tell me where you got the jars with the hearts on? i have fallen in love with them xxxxx

annemineli said...

Ellerinize sağlık,çok güzel görünüyor.Sevgiletrrrr..

periwinkle said...

Gorgeous , gorgeous , gorgeous ... all washed down with just the one sneaky G + T eh?

bellaboo said...

Love your stylish home...and that red lampshade is gorgeous! :0)

Gigi said...

Oh so lovely. I want to move to England!

Louise said...

Love those vintage crates. Your latest post, as always Carol, is full of inspiration and loveliness. x

bibbitybob said...

I LOVED this post, you have such a fabulous home & garden. Thank you for sharing x

Catherine said...

Loving it all but particularly LOVE your kitchen! Cx

Rubyred said...

I love your loves Carol!Love your garden, filled with such beautiful things! I have spent the whole weekend in the garden building a Pergola with my brother!
Your home is gorgeous and homely at the same time!
Rachel x

Catharina Maria said...

Thanks for the photos from you home , I like also hearts and the name of my blog looks like yours .My name is Catharina .
Love from ♥CATHARINA♥ - ♥RINI♥

Country Style Living said...

Great post! Love those crates......

Indigo Blue said...

A lovely post. i have found yo Via Lousie at home. Your garden is lovely lots of my favourite flowers. Your kitchen has a lot of character and I bet you spent a lot of time there. I like sitting in my kitchen, in fact that is where I am now as I type this comment. Many thanks for sharing.

Comeca Jones said...

Love the circle of friends candle.

Lace hearts said...

What a lovely collection of pictures. As for hearts, my home is also full of them. You can never have too many!

jill said...

Lovley pics,I also have lots of hearts around my home love them,your jars with hearts are lovley.x

Bespoke Kitchens said...

I really enjoyed reading this post and looking at all the lovely photos. You have a beautiful home and garden and it gives me something to aspire to. We're currently looking into having our kitchen redone and I really like the look of yours. The black worktop looks amazing with the white and beige cupboards.

Anita Bonney said...

Hi carol,
You must be the envy of a lot of people with your location. Lucky!

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Anita Bonney said...

Hi carol
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Love your blog! Really envious of your garden and home!
Anita and Lesley

Racheal said...


You may not remember me but I used to visit your blog a few years ago, my blog at the time was Miles Away in France.
I hope all is well with you, I haven't read through your blog so I am not up to date. How is the gorgeous guy?

Racheal said...

oh dear, I am so so sorry, I just started reading back through your blog and saw the post about guy. I am truly sorry for your loss, he was the cutest dog I ever saw and he continued to stay in my mind all this time.
Sorry x

Kleine Sticheleien said...

What a wonderful home you have. It's adorable. You live in the house of my dreams. I wish I was so creative and had so many ideas for decoration.

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,
Hope all is well in your world....i miss you,
Lots of love xxxx

Diane said...

Knock knock - afre you in? I'm ready for my nextr dose of inspiration! xxxxxx

Diane said...

RE the cups and saucers - Ive just looked in the box of stuff I have been given to sell at our WI vintage fair. I have something very similar - exact same colours. Do you want me to send you a picture? email me on diane008@btinternet.com

Purrfect Haven said...

loved every minute reading of your favourite things. Helen

Yvonne said...

Hi Carol, just dropped by to say "hello" and to tell you that I miss your beautiful and inspiring posts. Hope all is well with you and your family. Until your next post....

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Miss you my friend,i hope everything is ok with you and your family,
Lots of love xxxx

Liz said...

Hello. I hope you are coming back soon. As a fellow lakie lover and owner, would love to hear about Ava.

Anonymous said...

I hope you come back to us very soon......miss seeing your beautiful house....hope all is well with you and yours xx