02 June 2010

May !

May and I missed it!
My monthy post.
The promise to myself to post once a month has failed already.
But then again it has been a busy month in this house.
Many projects started which keeps me or us rather out of trouble.

The month started with a trip to Clapham Junction.
A place where many a fun weekend was spent in my youth.
There are lots of wonderful shops to while away the hours in and if you feel peckish  a great choice of gastro pubs, cafes or bars where you can park your bottom for a while.
 Jamie Oliver has a shop there where you can learn how to cook and buy very reasonably priced goodies.
I found this shop in one of the side streets.
It was packed full of all the things that I love.
Noa Noa including the children's range ! 
Quilts. Toys. Hearts and Cushions made from French Vintage fabrics. 

It was a fab day out.
I did buy some interesting vintage pieces.

Back to my home and the long awaited arrival of a hand made leaded window I had commissioned.
The main reason for our trip to Clapham was to visit Cabbages & Roses so I could choose some fabric for the new curtain which will hang somewhere, somehow,
not yet decided,over this window.

On the first Bank Holiday we had planned to take the
boy's to the beach for a picnic.
Turned out that the day was freezing and
the heater was not working in the camper which helped us quickly to make up our minds to give the beach a miss and find a nice warm pub for lunch instead!
As you can see the boys were no trouble at all on the trip to Brastead.

I did say lots of projects, didn't I!
Well this is by far the biggest one we have ever taken on.
My massive garage come junk room, snooker room and bar is to be make into a series of smaller rooms and an open barn bit....emm watch this space for updates.
Oh yes and that is my James, I love to see him working.

And while James was busy in the garage, Jude was doing the hoovering again.
That boy loves housework and he is so thorough too.

Even the walls got sucked.

But now it is time for another break with our friends.
No points for guessing where.

Such a beautiful City.
But very expensive, like most wonderful cities I guess.

Loraine and I fell in love with this quaint little restaurant not far from our hotel.
But I very quickly fell out of love when the bill arrived!

Your may know that Paris is divided into quarters which makes it easier to navigate your way around and work out where you want be and go.
This is the old Jewish quarter which I found very interesting.

I loved Paris and would like to go back someday.

The last weekend of the month and we escaped for a day  to a place I love.
Chartwell the home of Sir Winston Churchill.

And his lovely wife Clementine.
We have been a couple times to Chartwell as it is so close to home.
The house is fascinating, the gardens beautiful, but most of all I love Sir Winston's paintings.

The gardens being the reason he bought Chartwell, have two lakes.
One of which he had built as he had to have one bigger than Lloyd George!

A rare sight.
A Black Swan.

Not long to go now.
The countdown has begun.
Bag pakced.
Nursery ready....alomst.
Just need to know what it is so the correct paper can be hung.

Well that is it form me for another month.
Gosh time is whizzing by.
I will be dusting down my Nurse's uniform and doing what I love best.

See you all in June sometime.
Bye for now.


Floss said...

What a lovely, full post. The little boys asleep are just fantastic, and your window is wonderful. Have a great June!

Sewn Up said...

What a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it and what great photo's. Looks like you enjoyed your trip to Paris, I'm very jealous, would love to go there some day too.

Manya said...

I just loooove your blog! I've become your follower!


Rubyred said...

You have been a busy gal Carol!
How wonderful a trip to Paris! I'm hoping we may get there this year!
Good luck to your daughter too!Can't wait to see more of your plans for the garage! Exciting times!
Rachel x

elsy said...

great to hear all your news carol. lucky you getting a little trip to 'gay paris' my favourite place.. enjoy june.......ps hope all goes well with new arrival

Katy Noelle said...

What a month to die for! What a post!!! Are you sure it's only been a little over 30 days, though? Phew!

How fun to think about and see all of these things. (I LOVE that window!) Thank you so much for sharing it all.

Love, Katy Noelle

LoloDesigns said...

Oh how cute do those boys look, they are little darlings!

Only been to Paris once and that was on a school trip so am well overdue another visit, last time I went fashion was all new romantic so tells you it's been a while :o) xx