28 April 2010

April Make-Overs

It has been so long since I sat here and blogged.
I have not been able to visit many either and I have missed you.
I really wanted to get an April post in before April disappeared. I have promised myself to post once a month as time is in short supply of late.

So now some more make-overs.

My little room got a lick of paint and a new shelf!
Not another shelf he said, as I begged him to put it up for me.

 It is a gorgeous shelf.
I had to wait ages for it to come back into the shop where I first spotted it.
He in the meantime just smiles and says 'if it keeps you happy'.

 During a little orating break, I had to put in an order into Amazon for two books I have wanted for ages.
The simply divine Cabbages & Roses book and Sophie Dahl's Voluptuous Delights, which it is.

 Once my little room was done, the hall looked a little sad...
So more paint and the oak floor was sanded, limed and then sealed.

Well, we couldn't just stop there could we...so on we went into the Family Room which is so much happier now.
But blow me down.....sanding this floor was a mission!
After 16 hours of sanding, wiping, hoovering, rubbing and more sanding, it then had to be limed before we retired or rather collapsed into our bed, covered in wood dust but just too knackered to care!
Here comes Harry our
no. two dog.

 My lovely flowers are worse for wear, all droopy and dry, just like me.

 After decorating being able to put some of my bits back into this room is the best bit, I love to play houses.
This beautiful jug is one of the Kew Garden range.
I got it from a wonderful little shop in Columbia Street Market.

 Oh and my Gnome has arrived from Lisa over at Periwinkle.
I think he may need a wife soon!
And maybe little Gnome Babies! do Gnomes have babies and wives?

Half the room is back now, just have to finish sealing the rest of the limed floor.

And then we can move swiftly into the kitchen!
I have never seen my kitchen so tidy.
My clutter all had to go before we started the sanding.

I did manage to get the 'shelved out' wardrobe which came from The Cottage painted and distressed while he was not looking!

The mess is everywhere, I can stand it.

Still soon it will all look nice and fresh and tidyish
My Dad says our house is like the Severn Bridge....we will never stop, ever!

Hope you are all enjoying our beautiful blue skies.


elsy said...

all looks wonderful carol......you have such a lovely home and i'm soooooooooo jealous that you have your own little room......i will have to wait a while for that! x

bellaboo said...

All your hard work is paying off..it looks lovely! You have so many gorgeous things in your home and the way you have decorated it shows them off beautifully.
That's the trouble with decorating though,once you've started,you then have to go through the whole house!

Bellaboo :0)

LoloDesigns said...

Well hello stranger, good to see you have been keeping the OH busy :o) Could do with one like him myself, mine prefers to tinker around with his gadgets! That's computers by the way ;o)

Not been blogging much myself lately, it seems criminal to be inside when we've had all this lovely sunshine to soak up. And there is the bootsales that are starting up again, I just love this time of year don't you. xx

topchelseagirl said...

I'm exhausted just hearing what you've been up to. It's looking fab though.

MelMel said...

Hello sweetie....oohhh.....I do love what you have done....beautiful!xxxx

Pondside said...

Hi Carol - nice to see the message pop up saying you'd posted. Your place is looking lovely - the colours - so soothing and cosy. Have fun with the rest of your decorating.

Blueberry Heart said...

nice to see you back Carol! Love your little shelf, its soooo gorgeous!

BH x

Rubyred said...

So pleased you're back Carol, missed you! You have been a busy gal and it all looks gorgeous! Especially yor new shelf!
Hope all is well with the family!
Love Rachel x

Homes and Dreams said...

You have a truly beautiful home, a real inspiration - now where did I put my paint brush! Hope you are well.
Vicky x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Lovely to hear from you! I love what you have done...again! I would love you to do a picture tour of your home, as it is so beautiful. Im sure many of us have picked up tips from you!
Claire xx

country rose corner said...

What a a beautiful wall cupboard, and I am so jealous of your lovely limed oak floors Carol, Your home looks very spacious, I cant even swing a kitten, let alone a cat (Stimpy!) in mine! Best wishes Betty x

Pipany said...

Carol, you are truly amazing!! I can't believe how much work you do and it all looks so gorgeous. Sanding floors is probably my least favourite job but it makes such a huge difference doesn't it? Our kitchen is the next one to do, but I put it off every time...sigh xx

Simone said...

Hello Carol. How lovely to hear from you! Your house is looking as gorgeous as ever. I wish you could come and put my house to rights! Have a lovely Bank holiday weekend. x

Diane said...

You have me plotting a Farrow and Ball extravaganza with an old shelf I have which is just thrown in the garage! (Hubby calls it Cannon and Ball paint!). I - as always - am green with envy at your lovely home. xxx

Lace hearts said...

Goodness, you have been so busy, but your rooms are looking fabulous, so well worth it. Lovely pictures - you always post such inspirational pictures. And you can certainly never have too many shelves!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Lovely to see you again.
Ooohh your home looks wonderful, I do love the colours.
Thank you so much for your sweet message on my blog too.
Have a lovely weekend

Louise said...

It was so lovely to hear from you again on my blog Carol. I've frequently popped over to yours to see if you were back. To no avail! I love all the grey tones you have used around your home. I didn't know Lisa knitted gnomes, and yes they do have wives and children! Please don't stay away for so long next time. x

Lisa said...

Wow! You have been mega painting busy. And just hows tunning does your home look. You really do have such a stylish eye for detail.
Lisa x

periwinkle said...

hey, nice to see you back, missed you :-). You have been a busy girl , looks awesome , gnome 3 even matches too :-)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Carol,

Ahhhhh i am loving your own frenchy grey room it looks so beautiful and soft,i have Miss Dahl which is wonderful and i am now going to order C and B after i read the words "simply divine" is that geranium one of the lemon scented leaved ones?
Your home is stunning and looks like a magazine spread,fabulous taste and soooooo much hard work!
Floors look amazing and i so want the wardrobe!
Lovely to see your message Carol i got all excited!
Love and hugs to you and yours
Kisses Kristina Xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Carol,
The tiny flowers are beautiful and i love how they grow tall and scraggly towards the window light,i am now going to have to find one of them too,just ordered my Cabbage and Roses book on amazon so happy reading for the weekend!
Thank you for the review my love!
Hugs to you Kristina XxX

Itch2stitch.com said...

Your home is beautiful! And Harry is beautiful. and oh! I love that shelf! suzie xxx

Pea Green Kitty said...

Hello there!
I just stumbled upon your fabulous blog via a friend....I hope you dont mind me adding you?
Your decoratin looks lovely, love the colours you have chosen. I am wanting to paint my ahllway in a dove grey colour but wondered if it would make it look cold, but your walls look fab!

OhSoVintage said...

You do have a beautiful home and and eye for what looks right together. Inspirational!
Ruth x

Federica said...

Dear Carol,
I just found your blog (via browsing and browsing and links etc.etc.!)and I think I just spent... ehmmmm.... 2 hours in it?! OMG your house is amazing!!! It really is! It's not that easy for me (I am quite picky) to find houses that really hit my heart, and yours is just GORGEOUS! I love everything about it, so be sure you have a new follower (I see you are not posting a lot lately, but I will patiently wait for some news and new pictures from you!). I am also in the process of redecorating a new house we have just bought, so a lot of inspiration and tips are needed and I have found both here.... so thanks ;) My style and my interior decor tastes are very similar to yours, and I am also a painting addict :)
pheeeeew what a long comment! sorry but I am really grateful for the amazing inspiration you just gave me ;)

A big hug


Carol said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my hall.
We did ponder a lot in the paint shop worried that the lead grey would look depressing and cold.
It doesn't, but I guess little splashes of soft pink and respberry reds add the warmth needed. Being dark it is the best by far when you have a busy hallway....dogs babies and men who sometimes forget to take off the wet clothes and boots on the mat by the front door! as we carry on up the stairs and onto the landing I will tone down the grey to a lighter shade, so lets see how that looks once done!

Summer by the sea said...

Your house is gorgeous Carol - I love the soft whites and greys - very stylish but homely too, a difficult balance to achieve but you have done it! - Natalie x