04 June 2010


It has been said that both my better half and I both have buttons in our bottoms!
It seems every time either of us sits down the buzzer goes off and then up we jump to get on with some job around the house.
We could not disagree could we.
I know my Dad thinks we are mad and that we should relax more.
Hey ho, one day I am sure will be rooted to the sofa!

I have over the past few months been having a huge sort out .
Nothing has escaped my eye.
At one point I was even looking at the dog's, not joking I was.
But I wouldn't of course.
Once the decision is made to part with something that is no longer really ever going to be worn again or used again I feel great, happier to be rid of it.

I have also, and this may sound weird, recently felt all shopped out!
I can honestly say I need nothing more.
Which makes me feel a bit sad as I love to go shopping or bargain hunting, but how much stuff do we really need.

Today while out with Katie, shopping! I walked around the shops with a feeling of...
 hmmm do I really need to be here, apart from having lunch.
Odd to say that but I had no real interest in looking at anything at all (apart from little dresses).
Now this maybe a good thing.
We shall see.

So less visits to the shops means I can enjoy what I do have and that's it.

Now having just said all that, I still have a few things that I have stashed away that need to be given the treatment.
This Settle is for the 'Barn'.
I have painted it in  Designers Guild paint, Mid Lead...I think!
I do not need cushions, I have already told myself.
I have just remembered I have a couple of nice checked ones that will be just fine..

Blue skies really do change my mood.
Even though I am into my greys at the moment, I hate grey sky, so depressing.
So this is the view from the kitchen window this morning.

Moving now into my little workroom....
Note the candles, I have to set the mood, relaxing smells as I beaver away.

Blue skies give energy to get on with things.
So I potter in the garden, watering my pots!
 a favourite pastime as I find it so relaxing and a great time to think things out.
Followed by...
at long last.....
curtain making.
I went out and bought this material after the were burgled.
I just felt too open and wanted something to pull across the windows in my kitchen.
The window where they got in.
I didn't want nets or a heavy curtain, just something to give privacy without blocking out the light during the day if I felt the need to close them.

In no time they were up. Not finished, still pinned at the hem!
But the pelmet which I had made when the kitchen was fitted, did not really go.
Could I be bothered to go out and buy more material?

Luckily I had a small strip of material left over.
 I made a trim which I then pinned over the red ribbon, I will hand sew this over the top of the red trim which means I can take it off easily  if I decide to make red check curtains for a change in the winter.

I am pleased with them, so easy to make, I wonder why it has taken me this long to get them done.
Probably because I have spent too much time shopping!

It does take time to get used to them after not having any curtains there at all.
They have given the kitchen a different feel, more country.

Well must get back to bed really.
Falling asleep on the sofa at 8pm was not a good thing.
I could not nod off once I did get into bed, the cat nap seems to have put me all out of sync!


swedishouse said...

Nice to see you blogging again ;D.
I looove the geranium and polka dot piccy!. Gingham, Geraniums(very traditional Swedish) and Polka dots in RED are my absolute favourite...
I know exactly what you mean about shopping, but I think I have turned into a loppisaholic...! lol!I'm mad on 'Loppis', which describes Swedish second-hand barns sheds, charity shops or markets. More about that in a post soon on my blog
Have a great weekend

Pixiedust said...

What a beautiful home you have. I'm loving that settle and your garden and your kitchen curtains, well everything really. I've only just discovered your blog, but have become a follower, so I can pop by often. I lost my shopping mojo for a bit, but it soon returned with avengence. xx Pixie xx

Sal said...

I love your garden! Must be wonderful to gaze out at that from your window!
Hope you are all keeping well ;-)

Pondside said...

Hi Carol - lovely to see that you'd blogged when I logged on. You've been busy.......your curtains are very nice and might just inspire me to cover my bare kitchen windows too.

country rose corner said...

The curtains are lovely Carol, sorry to hear you were burgled. I have two sets for the kitchen,curtains are a laura ashley pink roses and blue geraniums backed with duck egg blue gingham, and i have cafe curtains which i made in the duck egg and also a set in a raspberry gingham,so i can go for the softer blue look or more vibrant raspberry. I have the same red oilcloth as you which i put on with the raspberry and also have it in duck egg which I use in the kitchen and garden. Dont know what we would do without oilcloth! Betty x

Floss said...

I love the way you paint a picture of your life and your constant activity! That explains how you get so much done..!

The settle is wonderful. I've been doing a lot less shopping in actual shops this year too, as I'm doing the Challenge of the Utmost Kind (second hand or hand made only for a year) and I've really found it frees me up - I don't think 'shall I just pop in to this shop, or shall I go home and get on with something?', I just go home!

It's been fun and, as I said, freeing. But I think the 'buying nothing at all' thing goes in phases, as I do have phases of loving a good rummage in the charity shops or Vide Greniers. Your curtain pelmets are a really great example of what can be done without rushing to the shops. Love them.

topchelseagirl said...

Cute curtains and your garden looks lovely!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

I havent had time to comment on your last post, so I'll do it on this one too!! What a beautiful window, gorgeous design! Your project sounds very exciting. I can't wait to see the open barn, Im imagining French, Scandinavian style especially with the gorgeous settle, Ive been after one of those for ages but can't seem to find one thats not a ridiculous price!!
The boys looks so deeply in the land of nod it made me giggle...definatly one to show them when they are older and the pic of Jude hoovering the wall is fab!!
Now this post, your garden looks gorgeous as usual, so inviting! Do you always keep your table and chairs on the grass, mine is on the grass at the momement as we had Steve's 40th last week, we have the decked area where we have that fab waterproof sofa set which can be left out all year but leaves no room for the table, not sure if I like it on urs but it suits your garden!! Love the fabric you have used for the curtains, I have the LLoyd wallpaper from Laura Ashley patiently waiting to be put up in the hall since JANUARY and I was thinking of a check for the blinds, yours looks fab!!!
Right......no Ive written war and peace I think I'd better go and start lunch for my kiddies!!
Have a fab weekend
Claire xx
PS I hope your mum is ok and Kate's bump looks so neat!! x

LoloDesigns said...

So funny that you posted about not needing to shop anymore. Have just come back from mini break in Notts with my sister and we went shopping but I really was quite unenthusiastic about it all. I liked the stopping for bistro lunch and vintage/charity shops but really hated all the high street stores with their mass produced stuff and masses of people. Must be getting old :o)

Give me a nice pub and some architecture to look at and I'm happy.

I love your house and garden so beautiful and relaxing. xx

Manya said...

I just looooove your house! It's so homey and cozy. I also love the check curtains...actually I have the same ones in my living room! My husband is more into straight lines, clean cut decor, and I'm so French country, so we try to combine his taste and mine.
Your blog gives comfort!



Katy Noelle said...

May I just simply say that, "I love this post!"

We moved two years ago from a desperately stuffed cottage to a lovely, large farm house. I was so tired of shtuff that I have been giving boxes and boxes away!!! What a wonderful feeling. I have whole shelves that are still empty. Unfortunately, I still enjoy shopping. Oh, well!

Love, Kate

bellaboo said...

I am beginning to feel that way about shopping...for things for the house anyway.I have a bit of an addiction I think, and if I see something I like I just have to 'own' it whether I NEED it or not.
I love your pretty garden and the lovely settle.I'm on the look out for a new garden bench.Our old one just makes the garden look tatty.

Bellaboo :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi - I've just found your beautiful blog - delicious!xx

AshTreeCottage said...

Love the settle and the checked curtains are so charming!!

Susan and Bentley

periwinkle said...

Kate's bump looks like she is about to pop as she is so petite - not long now :-)... To be honest I don't know that much about shopping as I've never really liked it ... I love looking at pictures of houses like yours and imagine buying things that go so well together but it just never happens. Now wool shopping is different lol. As for curtains , yours look great , well done. We only have curtains upstairs , it's all blinds downstairs.

sharie said...

What lovely curtains you have made. Its surprising how much time things like shopping and (for me anyway) the internet take up.
Love the phrase 'buzzers in your bottoms', my friends used to call it electric knickers!

Louise said...

I hardly ever go shopping, and will only buy something if I really like it, or think I need it. Usually the only money I spend is on a coffee! On my days off I invariably spend the day pottering in my home and garden. You can really save money by doing this. That's only if you don't go online shopping that is! You've done a great job on those curtains Carol. They look absolutely fabulous. x

PS. I have been having fun changing your posts with Google Translate!

Lisa said...

I do like having a sort out from time to time. Like you say once you've decided to get rid of something you just want it gone!
Your new curtains look really lovely.
Lisa x

Lace hearts said...

Oh I'm with you on the shopping. I only go now if I have to. I avoid supermarkets as well - I'm lucky to have a good selection of local shops which I use, and it works out cheaper because I'm not sucked into buying things I didn't really want.
I love your settle. What a beautiful shape. And you've been really busy - the curtains work well.
Lovely to see a post from you.

Lace hearts said...

ps. Am having a giveaway if you want to pop over and would like to enter. x

Yvonne said...

Carol, I simply adore your blog. Your home is warm and inviting. I get inspiration from your beautiful pictures and love reading about your daily life in England. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You home should be featured in a very glossy magazine. It is so covetable. I said in my last post on my blog that I would love to decorate the way you do but I have a very manly husband with an opinion about decor. Grrrrr, why can he just let me paint everything in F&B?

Lovely lovely post but horrid you were burgled. Just awful.


Anonymous said...

You home should be featured in a very glossy magazine. It is so covetable. I said in my last post on my blog that I would love to decorate the way you do but I have a very manly husband with an opinion about decor. Grrrrr, why can he just let me paint everything in F&B?

Lovely lovely post but horrid you were burgled. Just awful.