09 November 2009

Just Another Day Again

First I must say A Big Thank You to all the kind wishes you sent
to my Mother, Jude and I.
Kind words mean so much.
Jude and I are well on the mend, thanks to the Tammy Flu anti viral which seemed to work some sort of magic.
This is a me at home today post.
As it is.
No tweaking, or preening....honest.
Sunday we had roast Lamb.
So Monday we have Lamb stew.....leftovers! I hear you say.
Yes leftovers, not a lot but we can fill up on dumplings and veg.

Washing machine on again and hoover the house yet again.
A pet hate of mine, sorry for the pun, dog hair !

As I potter, Mr N is busy in the bathroom laying pipes or something.
So long as I supply copious amounts of hot tea, he keeps smiling.
Well not really smiling but he gets on with it anyway.

And miracles Do Happen!
Thank your Steve, for making Johanna Tidy Her Room.
Without your help it would not have happened.

I am in shock...she IS smiling.

Mr N still busy busy busy.....
Let me tell you girls.
There is a secret to getting your man to do things.
It never fails.
Email me if your having trouble.

Like my endless lists....
Endless piles!

With a bit of Blogging going on in-between!

Now this is my den, a room where I am supposed to make and create lovely things.

This morning I had planned to get on and sort this mess.
But as usual, sidetracked by evening meal wanting to be made and waiting on the kitchen counter.
A blog to finish.
Social Workers to talk on the phone to.
Sisters to moan to.
Dad to keep happy....and hubby, nust not forget him!
Dogs wanting to go out and then come in and then go out again!
Wet washing to dry........I must stop as I could go on a bit here.
So I have not done anything in here, yet.
And just in case Mr N has a spare minute.
Some letters to mount on some nice wood for the new bathroom.
And I want him to make a towel rail with these leftover pegs from my kitchen.
During my daily routine I have my pretties to look at and smell too.
Tea lights and scented candles

A new sconce from a gorgeous Danish Homestyle shop in Sevenoaks.
I love it.

Not to forget a real fire to curl up in front of at the end of the day, the best bit of the day for me.
I have still not got the central heating on, so I lite the fire early to warm the sitting room for the evening.
Making our home homely is fun, some may disagree and say boring.
To see my family's happy smiling faces is all I want.
There is something about the heat from a real fire that feels so healing, do you agree?
Well that's it.
It must be time for another cuppa tea.
Yep, Mr N has just appeared, tongue hanging out!

See you all later!


Pomona said...

I am glad that you are feeling better, and I hope that your mum is on the mend, too. It must have been a horrible time for you all. But your house looks really lovely - especially the fire: just right to sit by!

Pomona x

sue15cat said...

What a gorgeous post and lovely pictures, you have a lovely home.

Sue xx

Sewn Up said...

Really pleased to hear your feeling better, sounds like you've not had an easy time of it.
I love the sconce you have shown on your blog this week, very lovely. It is definitely soothing having a real fire to warm you in the evening. Hope you enjoy your lamb stew.
Tracy x

Simone said...

Dear Carol, I am so pleased to hear that you and Jude are better and hope that your mum is recovering well too. I would love to come around for stew and dumplings! I had roast beef yesterday for dinner so it is leftovers tonight for us too! Your home is a delight even when in disarray and I think it is wonderful that you make your home such a warm and inviting place for your family. x

Karens Hopes said...

I love having a peek inside your home, its beautiful. Lovely photos.

Poppy said...

Loved this post, are you sure we're not related? Lol! I light our stove late afternoon too, or earlier if it's rainy and nasty. I nodded in agreement with your hatred of dog hairs...we have a wirey haired little beastie...his hairs seem to try to weave themselves into the carpet...ugh. Keep getting well! x

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo Carol, I do hope you are all feeling better, hugs for you all. Though you must take some comfort from your adorable home, it is divine, and if I was going to be a little peeky would want to be peeky in your wonderous home.

Pleaaaaase tell me the secret of getting finished the endless list of jobs I have, all I want is some florboards sanded and waxed, some doors on all the rooms, the en suite plumbed in, all the walls and ceilings painted, the kitchen fitted, the upstairs bathroom finished off, 5 walls wallpapered, the garden re lanscaped, all the wiring to be done outside so we don't fall over in the dark, and many many more little ;) jobs.



Anonymous said...

Oh Carol!
I am so sorry to read what you all have been through lately,love to you and your mum and family x
Taking of family... another gorgeous couple i see,these girls get it from their mum i am thinking ;)
Your work load sounds just like mine...and in the back ground a man working thats what i like to see.
Your home is as ever just beautiful,i love it.
To think it was two years ago i started my blog... listening to your playlist while i painted the staircase,doesn't time fly while your toasting yourself by the fire ?
Love and Kisses Kristina XxX

Rubyred said...

Hello, so pleased to hear that you are all feeling a bit better!I would love a log burning stove but at the moment I have to make do with an electric lookalikey stove, never mind!Your Den looks lovely!
I might have to email to find out how to make hubbys do what you want as I can't entirely persuade mine that we NEED a dog!I'm working on him though!
Have a good week!
Rachel x

bellaboo said...

I love your 'den'! I could spend hours in there.
Also have the dog hair problem,although since I bought one of those undercoat combes it's not SO bad.
Your house is charming and you have so many things I like too.
No,you can't beat a real fire.Do you remember that ad with the cat and the mouse?

Bellaboo x


MelMel said...

Hi hunni...I love every beautiful corner of your wonderful home...a fun and "real" post...totally cool!xxx

Lisa said...

So glad to see you are feeling better.
Lovely photos of your home as always.
Love the dotty tablecloth.
Lisa x

elsy said...

i love those kind of days.......home sweet home x

Itch2stitch.com said...

Hello Carol! Thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment! I love your home, it is gorgeous, that kitchen is just wonderful, and an aga is it? My kind of place! suzie. xxx

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Wonderful post!

Rosie said...

I am pleased to hear you feeling better and I hope your mum is also ok. Love your home and if I had a fire like that I would just want to curl up in front of it on a cold day. xx

LoloDesigns said...

Beautiful piccies. Agree on the real fire front, wish I could have one! They always remind me of weekends spent at my nan and grandads, always so cozy! And she had 16 dogs too! Small ones I might add who loved to curl up on your laps ;o) Have a good week. x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Im so glad your all on the mend!! How is your mum? You have a gorgeous looking family, I had to laugh at the pic with Steve and Johanna, him with vacume cleaner in hand, her with a mascara wand....perfect!!!
Again your home looks wonderful, a perfect family home even without a bathroom :)!! Im sure I mention how wonderful your home is in every comment!!
Have a great week
Claire xx

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Back again, did you re-send your email? Wasn't sure as you have been poorly!! x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Me AGAIN!! I have finally emailed you! xx

Felicity said...

i'm glad that your feeling better now, i think i will have to email you my husband is taking forever to finish our bathroom! fliss xx

MelMel said...

I'm so sorry to hear that...how frightening for you all...your poor mummy...oh I feel so sad for you, thinking of you all and praying she is at least as comfortable as she can be...xxx