05 November 2009

Autumn Blues

No....it never just rains it absolutely POURS!
We had been invited for Sunday lunch at my nephews.
Lovely. I thought!
On route I get a call from my Dad that Mum has had a terrible fall.
She had fallen backwards off the doorstep and landed on the tow bar of my nephews truck!
The tow bar had hit her in the lower part of her spine.
I arrived at Marks house and climbed straight into the ambulance and off we went to Princess Royal Farnbourough A&E where we spent 5 hours waiting to be seen.
After and x-ray confirmed there were no breaks we were all sent home.....just like that!
Two days later my non complaining sweet Mum is vomiting blood, cannot walk at all and is in the most unbearable pain.
After another 999 call my Dad was told, we will call you back after we have considered whether we need to admit her again!!!!!!
Needless to say I rang 999 and was not on my best behaviour........
Eventually a very nice gentleman called me at home and said that an ambulance was going to be sent.
6 hours later and a second opinion from a very nice Dr it appears she has crushed vertibre in her lower spine.
If it were not for the fact that I have suddenly developed symptoms of flu, I would have taken her by hook or by crook to the A&E department myself.....even if I had to find four strong men to carry her in!
My Mum is very poorly in acute pain, but at last under observation on the surgical ward for the next week.
So here I sit with my anti viral prescription for Swine Flu, unable to go and visit her.
I needed to get that out...a good old blog moan with all the four letter expletives removed.
Staying in is good really, even if I feel crap.
And look another post in just a few days of the last!
A rare thing these days.
Now for for Nice Bits.
Loving anything Zinc!
Like this Zinc heart which I have bought for my new bathroom.

I was not going to show any pictures until the bathroom was finished.
I have changed my mind.
The taps are mounted on the wall or rather what will be a nice wall once finished.
The dark grey patch is a sample of the colour that I think I want above the panelling.

Gold Chandelier, now painted Cornforth White by moi!

See the lopsided light bulb, goodness knows what has happened here!
Still it works OK.
I refuse to use those vile energy saving bulbs.
Come on some genius, surely somebody can design some nice warm glowing ones.

I have been in tidying mode too.
The loft has been cleared out.
Summer clothes stashed in magic vacuum bags from John Lewis and put in loft.
More baskets purchased in an effort to create a tidy home.
I was so fed up with Mr N's pile of papers, leaflets and mags on the floor next to his bed I bought him his very own basket to keep them in!

This oak cupboard got a paint job, cornforth white.

Today is dull, I feel very dull.
Lighting some tea lights and candles somehow always lifts me a little, must be that warm glow.

I had often thought about her.
I was sure I had not thrown her out.
Whilst tidying the loft I found her.
Mary and child.
I am so happy to have her back on display.

This green shelf is old.
I found it in a lovely little shop in Whitstable recently.
I am a bit of a shelfaholic!
I gave it a scrub with the intention on painting it.
After I had cleaned it, I decided that I like the green.
So up on the wall it went.

The little chalk board and red photo frame heart came from my local Farm Shop.
I am going to save this frame for someone?

So here I sit, blogging, surrounded by my twinkling candles wondering how my poor Mum is and wishing so much I could go and see her....stop here....I feel a tear coming on.

These are cute.
Metal present tags.

I have an excuse now for just sitting.
Doing nothing much for a change.

I have just been told that my darling little Jude has probably got Swine Flu too.
I do hope the little chap is OK.

So I am off to my bed now to have a little cry into my pillow.
I want to see my Mum.


Floss said...

Oh Carol, God bless you and all your family, especially your mum. You'll be in my prayers (and lots of others, too, I'm sure). Keep us informed whenever you feel up to it.

And I adore that zinc heart!

LoloDesigns said...

So sad that you can't see your mum, although you know she knows you love her lots and would be there if you could! Really feel for you, my mum was in hospital recently very poorly and don't know if I could have coped if I couldn't have visited her. Wishing you all a very speedy recovery, I do love visiting your blog and love the chandelier and heart! xx

Sewn Up said...

I'm so sorry to read that your going through a bad patch, with your mum being in hospital and you being unwell. Well hopefully things will be on the up from here on in. I hope you get better soon so that you can visit your mum.
Take care
x Tracy x

Rubyred said...

Oh Carol, you poor thing, you really are having a horrible time!
Your poor mum too,I'm sure she'll be OK now she's been admitted to hospital.Hope you and Jude recover from your flu syptoms too!
Sending you a warm hug
Rachel x
ps Love all your homely photos too! Gorgeous!

prettyshabby said...

oh Carol that made my knees go all funny reading about your poor mums fall, how awful. No wonder you feel so fed up and swine flu on top of all that too. hope thing right themselves soon and your mum is on the mend (dont get me started on hospitals either..I cant believe the state of the NHS sometimes, I'd rather pay less tax and pay as you go!)

Thinking of you xx

Poppy said...

Oh crumbs, my heart goes out to you. What a horrible time for you all. I hope you all soon recover and all this is just a distant memory.

love and hugs,
Poppy x

elsy said...

so sorry to hear the news about your mum carol...it shouldnt have been necessary for you to lose your rag to get an ambulance for your mum.....whats going on in the nhs? wish you well really soon so you can visit her xxxx

Simone said...

I am so sorry for all your sadness at the moment Carol. The fact that you have the flu is probably magnifying everything so much more than if you felt well. I am sending you and your family positive thoughts and hugs and hope that tomorrow holds a brighter day for you. x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Oh Carol consider this comment a big virtual hug for you as you so badly need it. I do hope things improve very soon - i had the dreaded swine flu earlier in the year and it was nasty but such a relief when you come out the other side of it which you will soon ! Your poor Mum will know you are thinking about her constantly its just horrid feeling so helpless isnt it :-(
Take care of yourself...
Lesley x

LissyLou said...

oh bless you Katherine, i do hope you, your mum and little jude are all well soon. I will think of you in my prayers.(())

LissyLou xxx

Knittings Nice! said...

Ouch....poor Mum...a very painful condition...somebody missed that on the xray...hope she is pain free soon and your soon flu free.

sue15cat said...

Oh your poor Mum, I can only imagine the pain she must have been in, I get so furious that the sweetest most uncomplaining people get left to suffer whilst the layabouts with imaginery illnesses that just want a sick note (that's if they even work!) get every bit of help chucked at them....see you've got me ranting too!

Hope your Mum and you are better soon and can get together for a big hug, it sounds like you both need one.

Lovely pictures of your house by the way.

Love Sue xx

Itch2stitch.com said...

I am thinking of you and your Mum. big hugs. suzie xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh your poor mum - sending lots of good wishes & healing thoughts to her & also to you & little Jude.


my day said...

Hello Carol,
I'm so sorry to hear this news about your mum,hope she soon be well again.And I also hope you will be better too.All the best to you and your familie.Loved your photo's.
Hugs, Ingrid.

Sarah said...

Oh, what a shame for you Carol, knowing you can't go and visit your mum. Sending lots of wishes to you and a speedy recovery.

zmoon said...

OMG!!!! What a terrible turn of events. So helpless to fix your mum and Jude and yourself. The universe is sure giving you a strong message...........lay down, take a valium, sip some tea and chicken soup and send your love to them as you rest and heal yourself. Such a perfect time in this computer age to talk face to face to your loved ones without actually being there though. Borrow a friends' laptop and have hubby take it to mum's bedside. You two can have a nice face to face chat via the internet and those built-in cameras. Same for your poor sick Jude. Love, love, love......Moonie across the pond

Ticking stripes said...

Hope you are al feeling beter soon! But what lovely pictures - I'm loving Cornforth white...I'm converted!

Sue said...

Sorry to hear your news. Hope you all get well soon. Make sure you all do something nice together when you are all well. Lovely pictures of your home. Take good care.

Lisa said...

So sorry to read you are having such an emotional time right now. I hope you are feeling better v soon and so you can get to see your mum.
Sending you both lots of feel well wishes.
Take care
Lisa x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

I do hope your poor mum is on the mend, how awful you have had to get really angry before an ambulance eas sent...shocking!!! Hopefuly by now oth you and Jude are feeling much better!
I love all your goodies and I have a thing for shelves too!! Can't wait to see the finished bathroom, no doubt it will be gorgeous!
Take care....Claire x

louise said...

I hope you've found yourself a nice dry pillow now. I am so sorry to hear of your mum's accident. I really do wish her a speedy recovery. That goes for you and Jude too. Snuggle up, and take care. x

Deb said...

Hello Carol
Hope all is better soon ♥

bellaboo said...

Have just found your wonderful blog!
So sorry to read your sad post and I would like to add my best wishes for a speedy recovery to your mother...and to your family.


Lace hearts said...

Oh, Carol, I'm so sorry to read your post. Your mum must have been in agony. What on earth were they thinking of. I was listening to a discussion on the radio the other day when they were saying that there just aren't the senior staff on duty now, and junior doctors are left to learn on the hoof and pretty isolated and mistakes consequently are getting more and more common.
I do hope she's comfortable... and to have the swine flu appearing in the littleun at the same time is too much.
Big hugs from me.
Caroline x
ps. Thank you for popping by. I think you're right. I think mistakes make things shabby chic. Not sure about a backwards N though. Don't think that's good for anything, rather than making people laugh at how stoopid I was!