17 November 2009

F is for Family Finds Fashion and Flopping with Friends!

Starting with Family...

Mum is in Farnborough Hospital with a Fractured spine.
I cannot talk about all the problems we are going through.
So will move swiftly on to Family again.
This little Fellow is not alone!!!
His Family is growing.


This was a bargain beyond belief.
A beautiful glazed display cabinet.
I have found a great little barn near West Malling in Kent which is full of antiques, bits and bobs of all sorts and all so reasonably priced, which makes a change!
Next day it arrived at my house. It was smelly and needing some tlc.
After much washing and polishing, I filled it with some clutter as Mr N would call it.

My Kate Forman Heart was so at home hanging here.
The paint finish is crackle glaze and distressed, a little like me in the mornings!


I bought this pretty blouse last year.
I have not worn it yet because I found it hard to match well with anything due to the big frill around the bottom.

So I cut off the frill and have sewn it onto an old petticoat.

To wear under this skirt.

I do love the layered look.

The clothes that are in the shops this winter are gorgeous.
I was always a Biba fan and remember 'only just' her shop with its black decor and dramatic displays.
I loved all her clothes and make-up.
Black nail varnish and dark eye shadows.

Something that I had booked many weeks ago.
A Fab weekend away with special Friends.
Time for us all to Flop then Feel re-Freshed!
We arrived at The Grove Farm in Suffolk and was taken by the lovely Stephanie to our cottage.

Orchard Cottage.
Leaving the car we entered this outbuilding.

We walked through this farm building where washing machines were kept, cycle helmets and jars of Honey for sale.

And out the other end and into the garden.
We were shown into our cottage which is the door on the left.

Wasting no time at all, I lit the fire and put the kettle on while Mr N brought all our bags in.

No point in renting a beautiful cottage like this and then going out to eat.
I had prepared two meals at home and brought them along with drinks, nibbles and lots of candles!
We planned to go our during the day and spend our evenings by the fire.
So it was a good old English Chicken Casserole for us on Friday evening and Mexican Hot Chilli on Saturday evening followed by probably too much wine but lots of fun and laughter.

Cooking on this Vintage Cooker was great.
I want one! do you think I could fit one in a vintage caravan?

What is this fascination with Fires!

Here I am, Fopped by the Fire,
sorry for the slightly Fuzzy image.

That's better.

Mr N doing what he never gets to do at home all thanks to Carol's on-going DIY!

Up the stairs we go.

To one of the two delightful bedrooms.

This is the other end of the room, so room for one more.

Roomy shower room with a view of both the garden and into our bedroom!

Our bedroom.

Our bedroom looking onto the landing and the little window which looks into the shower room.
I did draw the curtains!

Here she is.
Vintage cooker, like me, small and strong and gets the job done!

Thanks to the camera timer a group photo.
Moi, Detective Superintendent Pil, who was our Hero this weekend.
He got a text on Sunday morning to say his team had caught
The Night Stalker!
His beautiful Wife Chris, Super Teacher of our year and Mr N
Always My Special Hero whatever he does!

So it's Goodbye From Us.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too and well ahead with Christmas Lists!
Unlike me.


Floss said...

What a beautiful post, with such lovely images and ideas; but rest assured we are all thinking fo you and your mum, too.

Simone said...

Hello Carol! Such a lovely post. I bet you could add a few more unmentionable 'F's' to the title too regarding the frustration you have experienced with your Mum's care. I am so sorry to hear that her spine was so badly damaged especially after she was sent home from hospital!!! Your weekend away looked like a dream holiday. The cottage looked so cosy - and all that home cooked food too! Yum yum! I like the layered skirt that you have made - you are very creative. I love so much about this post and the photos are beautiful. Lots of love to you and your family and especially to your dear Mum. x

Rubyred said...

Hi Carol, sorry to hear your mum is still poorly and in hspital, hope things start to improve soon!
Love the cabinet, it lookd beautiful in your room!. I have recently painted our lounge in Natural Calico by Dulux, I need to make curtains next, I've definitely been inspired by your gorgeous curtains,love the red frill!Did you make them yourself?
Looks like a very relaxing weekend, just what you needed I expect! Well Done to your friend for his team catching the Night Stalker, he should be very proud!
Have a lovely day !
Rachel x

Karens Hopes said...

Sorry to hear about your mum,hope she gets better soon. That cottage looks glorious,just what you needed.

Lululiz said...

Such a gorgeous, cosy, comfy cottage, perfect for a little getaway with good food, good friends, good fun.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi, I do hope your mum is ok and she gets better soon!
Now did I take the little snip of info the right way about Jude and the growing family???? He looks so adorable in the picture!
What a gorgeous cottage, it sounds like you had a lovely relaxing weekend, just what you needed!!!
Take care......Claire x

sue15cat said...

Gosh, sorry things are still so bad for your Mum, love to all of you at this worrying time.

This post is like three in one, brilliant new cupboard, looks so good where you have put it.

Love your treatment of that top/skirt.

Brilliant weekend away by the looks of it too, what a lovely little cottage.

Take care.

Sue xx

Rachel said...

Lots of good wishes for your mum. I've only recently discovered your blog but just wanted to say how lovely it is! I adore how you altered that skirt! And your weekend away looks just perfect. I shall look forward to coming back and visiting you again.
Rachel x

Rubyred said...

Hi again Carol,
I don't sew with the big light on, I have a lovely lamp to the right of me whiich casts enough light to stitch by! It's the knitting needles clacking duing a film that my family object to!
Well done on the curtain making, they really are beautiful.I make my own but my mom usually helps me as I get nervous cutting lagre quantities of fabric.It would be an expensive mistake if I got the measurements wrong!
Rachel x

elsy said...

so sorry to hear about your mum carol....hope she is getting proper care now.

what a fabulous cottage, might just look it up, am in need of a getaway weekend.....on my own!

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry to read your mum is still in hospital, I hope she is being very well looked after.
The rest of your post is as gorgeous as ever. Beautiful pieces of furniture in your beautiful home.Pretty clothes and probably the snuggliest cottage I've ever seen!
Lisa x

MelMel said...

Hi Carol...I'm so sorry things are so tough for you all....my thoughts are with you...I'm glad that you managed to grab a relaxing break....take care of yourself...love Melxx

Mary Poppins said...

I truly hope you mum gets better very soon carol, must be a very worrying time for you all.

I have to say your outfit is divine, I adore the layered look too, am a fan of makes like Noa Noa and the like.



Lace hearts said...

I'm so sorry to hear your mum's still not well. It does sound bad.
The photographs are just perfect - what a lovely way to chill. A cottage like that means instant relaxation, doesn't it. I love all your photos.
I'm also drooling at your lovely skirt... very pretty. I agree with you about layers. They are always so easy to wear, and so good with changeable weather as well.

louise said...

I've finished my Christmas shopping! Crikey, I am surprised the vintage cooker still works. I remember those grill hoods from my childhood, and remember when you could store your baking equipment in the bottom drawer! You are very gifted at crackle glaze and distressing, the cupboard looks great. I shall describe my middle-aged wrinkly face as crackle glazed from now on! You too have done a great job with the skirt, not having wrecked the blouse in the process! I think you needed a break with your friends to de-stress, you stayed in a lovely cottage. I love the snow and the pic of Jude. Also best wishes to your poor Mum, she must feel very low. x

bellaboo said...

Loved everything about this post!
Wishing your Mum a very speedy recovery.


my day said...

Hello Carol,
I do see there is snow falling on your blog now so I don't have to give you the code anymore I guess.
I hope your mum will get better soon, so sorry to hear she still is not well.All the best.
Hugs, Ingrid.

Sarah said...

Best Wishes to your mum - let's hope for a speedy recovery.
The cottage in Suffolk looks absolutely devine and what a great place to stay at this time of year.

...... Kristina ...... said...

Hi Carol,
Biggest love to you and your mum,i couldn't believe what i was reading,she will be in my prayers xxxx

Where did you get that skirt where did you get that skirt???? tell a friend who loves it missy? i love what you have done with the top...what a brilliant idea (round of applause) you are very stylish my dear!
Love the get away how gorgeous does it all look? sounds like you needed it though.
Love to you and your gorgeous family!
Kisses Kristina XxX

...... Kristina ...... said...

Forgot to say that cabinet is to die for! love it and it looks really great in your room xxxx

LoloDesigns said...

Wishing your mum well.

What a lovely lot of gorgeous piccies. That outfit is really stylish and oh how I would love that cabinet for my fabrics, oh and the cottage looks divine! Can you tell I loved this post ;o)

PS where did you get the snow on your blog, I want some ;o) xx

Diane said...

So sorry to hear about your Mum - I hope she is not in too much pain. Your weekend retreat looks divine and just what the doctor ordered. Love what you did to the skirt. xx

Greedy Nan said...

The trouble I had actually getting to make this comment, must show how much I wanted to make it!
Lovely, lovely post. I wish I'd been there to share it with you. And that petticoat, skirt and outfit - I would love to wear that [but would also have to be a few sizes smaller].

Homes and Dreams said...

I've just discovered your Blog, its lovely! I hope your Mum is ok and is feeling better soon x

Alchamillamolly said...

Sorry about your Mum - it's our turn to worry about them now isn't it. I love your skirt I love people who don't just chuck something out because it doesn't suit them on that day - love the whole look. We have stayed in one of the Grove Cottages where you were - I have just had the email offering the latest deals - they all look wonderful but are a bit far for a weekend for us herei n North Yorkshire. I have always loved your housey pics and these were of the ususal yummy - need the look standard. I am so happy to finally get some stair carpet down and cushionfloor in the bathroom - we are slowly getting near to finishing after coming here in January 2008. I can' believe we are coming up to our second Xmas here.

Pondside said...

Hello Carol - I've just had a good read through your last few posts - what a lot has been going on. I'm glad to read that you're feeling better, but sorry to read about your mother.
Your projects are always so inspiring - from furniture to fashion. Wouldn't I like to have one day out shopping with you!

Felicity said...

family, finds and flopping with friends sounds perfect, i hope your mum recovers soon, thinking of you both, fliss xx