08 May 2009

The Sweetest Scent & Number Obessions

I only have a little Lilly Of The Valley in my garden.
Small this flower may be.
It's sweet scent in anything but.

I love Green & White, it was the theme of my wedding flowers.

Funny how the colour we surround ourselves with can make such an impact on our mood.

I am enjoying the calming effect these cool colours have.
Let's face it in this mad world, I think we all need a little calm.

Four pastry tins for display.
The number 4 has loomed large in my life along with the number six.
4 & 6's together, singly or repeated have been the only house numbers I have ever known!

I was born in London, Westminster.
I was taken home to my first abode which was No 6.
We moved when I was 5 to No 44.
I bought my first tiny house with Mr N...No 6.
We renovated this 2 up 2 down in a year, married then moved out to No 46.
Then we moved swiftly on to No 4 a 4 bed Victorian semi.
Stayed there for ten years then moved to No 4 a 5 bed detached Victorian house.
Renovated this house, huge project, then 6 years later moved to here No 60...OK a 0 has entered but it has no value so does not count.
During our stay in the 5 bed Victorian we bought a tiny 2 bed cottage, over 300 years old and it had a name....called Odd Cottage and the No 2...which of course made this one the Odd one out, funny how it's name was Odd too and was our house No 2 !
We sold Odd and bought a bigger 3 bed cottage which had no number, although I am sure if it did it also was a 2! as there was only 2 of them.
So, I have a thing about house numbers.
I could never buy a house if it was not a 4 or 6 or a combination of.
Oh and by the way I was born on the 16th...
My hospital number which I was given when I was born and came with me to my local hospital is letter - letter - followed by 60666

New Project.
I have started making an apron in one of my favourite fabrics.
Cabbages & Roses
Cannot wait to wear it now.
The weather is lovely here, windy yes, bright and cheerful ?
Much so.
Oh and on the subject of Cabbages & Roses...
Take a peep at these gorgeous rooms.
Please note.
Table cloth...Un-ironed!
Like my Linen curtains.
And rough paint job?
Who really cares.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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