11 May 2009

A Room With A View

Every morning as I make the tea,
I can see the changes that the season's bring to my garden.
Each day everything seems to grow a little, leaves appear.
There were no tree's or plant's when we moved in, in fact nothing at all but a beautiful white Lilac and a nice lawn.

I picked some Cow Parsley at the weekend.
The country lanes were full of this pretty plant.
Perfect for a white enamel jug.

I am lucky that our garden is quite private, we have spots here and there that are not overlooked at all.

Zooming in!

The view from the lounge, my front garden, with it's small boarders that are planted to bursting with lots of different shrubs and herbaceous plants, reds, lime, yellow and green.

The road that I live has grass verges and is lined with flowering Cherry trees.
So beautiful this time of year.
Everything has a covering of the palest pink petals, like confetti!

Not a view that I like much is the one of Johanna's bedroom as I enter to collect the five mug's of half drunk cold tea!
I am sure some of you with teenage daughter's know this one!

Katie's room is just spare bedroom now.....boo hoo!
It is in need of a little re-decorating.
I am looking forward to that.

So I will get the paint out and set about giving this room a complete change of colour.

It was a lovely day today.

We had a trip out to Yalding, sat by the river and had had a picnic.

Not really, it was too cold, we sat in the camper and ate our picnic!

Oh how snugly those crochet throws are.

Have a lovely week all.



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