13 May 2009

Boy.. It's Blimin' Cold

The heating is not going on.
The Gas bill is bigger than the mortgage now!
We like cold bedrooms? emm sometimes.
Cold bathroom? No.
I am not a happy bunny today.
Grey sky's do not help.
The cutting back on carb's is not working.
Head cold is dripping.
And there appears to be a lot of unhappiness around.
Oh I wish I was here.....see wonderful sunny picture below
Just away from it all.
I wish I could save up all my expenses and book a very expensive holiday, flights paid for of course..
Oh no sorry we do not get expenses so....and oh yes don't forget that self assessment that needs completing, remember you will be in big trouble and get fined if you get it wrong!!!!
I wish I was

On my way here....

To lay on this beach.....

And look up at this, my only shelter from the hot sun.

We have all been taken for a ride.
And we cannot do anything about it.
Maybe a trip to Cath's is needed to brighten my day tomorrow.

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