14 May 2009

Decisions. Decisions!

Funny old day today.
Lots of decision or in decisions!
Anyway let's start with Miniature Lilac.
This grows in my garden and is probably one of the strongest scented flowers I have.
And doesn't it look pretty in a little jug.
I also cut a few fronds of Smilacina Racemosa.
A beautiful arching plant with a very sweet smelling flower.
No not a good picture but I am in a rush!

And close up you can see how unusual this plant is.
Yes...that is Bird Poo!
I did not notice until I had taken the photo.
I will wash it off later.

I have spent most of the morning here in the kitchen with my laptop.
There has been much talk of... to Blog or not to Blog!
Well I think for now I will continue but......er humm

Do people really want to see what I am up to?
Or do I just want a visual record for me?
Do I want Comments?
Or not?
Oops I can hear Kirsty is on the TV.
I do like her.
Even if I am not always in favour of her choices.
But then it would not do if we all liked exactly the same things would it?

Now the above and below images are For Real.

No staging, no special touches.

I see that I am quite a tidy person.

Just put the dinner things in the dishwasher.
The rest pretty much as it is most of the time.

I remember when my children were very young a Health Visitor saying...
She could tell the bad Mothers as their homes were always tidy.
Poo Poo Rubbish Talk.
Yes a little mess is normal.
A few piles of this and that, here and there, normal.
Being clean and tidy does not constitute bad mothering at all.
But I can list quite a few things that are, only not here.
What would she know anyhow, she did not haveany kids!

So today I did not put my small pile or ironing away.
I rarely do, it always takes a while to find it's way upstairs, then it sits on the chair in the bedroom for another day or two.
Finally I pop it all away.
Note small pile on armchair.
I only ironed my stuff, as they can iron their own bits now!

And Mr N looks bored to death watching whatever it was on the TV!
Dog's look cosy enough.
I am happy enough in my kitchen typing away.

So here I am again this evening.
Checking out blog land.
Oh he does get the hump with me.


periwinkle said...

I am so glad you've put your comments back on :-). I like Kirstie too. I'm lucky in the fact that I have a laptop in the sitting room and hub plays his games and can watch another telly in the back room ..

Greedy Nan said...

If bad mothers have tidy houses, it should follow that good ones have untidy houses. This therefore means I am a ultra-terrific mother ... unfortunately, my children may not agree.