06 May 2009

Happy Days

Happy Anniversary
To Paul & Katie, those 3 years have just flown.
Looking at this picture of Guy,
he was just a few weeks old, I cannot believe just how small he was. and what a labour of love I was entering into.

And look at him now!
Mr N wants to have his Ball's off....I do not.
He is a bit of little terror, if he meets a male dog who also has ball's, he picks a fight now matter how big the dog is.
He tried it on with one of those huge Ridge Back's the other day!
But the ladies and dog's who have been done he loves.

So here are the happy couple, who are so looking forward to their little break!

The Mermaid Inn Rye and a four poster bed.

And this little Big man will be with Nana all weekend.

Those Boot's Are Made For Walking

Please, please Nana can I come camping too.
My Freddie, ooooh I could just eat him.

I love this old picture of Katie aged 4 1/2 years and James 3,

How fast our time flies.

And look at my James now.

I want, I want, I want a wall, in old stocks, like this and with that here and this there!

OK Mum....humph...

Now at last it is my turn to ask favours..hehe

Slowly but surly the patio wall is looking how I want it to look.
A reclaimed slate tiled roof to be done and a work surface in the first section, for BBQ food.
The middle section will be a log store.
The little cupboard is where I keep the buckets, mop's, garden brooms, Jeyes, etc.

Filling every bit of spare time, I have started a new crochet throw. Despite the fact that I already have another unfinished.
I will buy some pretty pink to edge around the white, just three colours for this one.

Several have tried to leave comments and emailed why they cannot.
Well it is not that I did not enjoy all of your lovely comments, I did very much -
it is purely that I find it so hard to reply and I do feel that it is rude not to reply, that is just me.
So I have turned comments off, maybe just for a while...I have been able to get out there in blogland and read blogs that I have not visited for months which has been a joy and can leave a comment without anyone feeling that they must pay a return visit to me.
I have my email available, so you can get in touch if you really want to.
But just for now I want to be able to just sit and enjoy,
without the pressure of feeling I must open the laptop to see who has paid a visit.
I am a SAHM who enjoys blogging and looks forward to reading some of the gorgeous blogs which inspire me and make me happy.

This is a busy time of year anyway....gardening, allotment, crocheting, cooking,
on and on and on.
How much can I fit in, in a day?

A few
Garden Pictures

I have heard that it is going to be a good summer...let's hope so.
Have a wonderful happy weekend all.

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