02 May 2009

Another Week Went By

Study curtains are finished.

Not bad for me.

I started them in 2008....
They are just plain white linen from John Lewis, not lined.
I like to see the light filter through and with double glazing I have no need to line then, which makes the whole process of making curtains so much easier.
The lace panels that recently bought from Zara Home,
were boiled and boiled to take out some of the colour.
I hung them wet and unironed, as I thought I may have to boil them a few more times to get that really faded linen look.

I acually like the creased look now.

It sort of goes well with the faded and too long for the window look.

A Give Away arrived.

Blog Candy.

Lots of lovely bits for me to play with here.

Thank You

Lolo of Lolo Designs

I enjoy making cards, so this gorgeous selection will keep me quiet for quite a while

I do love the little Heart that you made Lolo.

I will have to find somewhere special to keep it.

And yet another paint job.
I have painted my very old dressing table.
It has been with me most of my married life.
Some would say painting this antique wood sacrilege.....I disagree.
It needed a face lift, a little brightening up.
Not the best job in the world....

That is the thing if you like shabby chic...

You can get away with it.
Even the wonky drawers please me, most homes are a bit wonky, not perfect!
I like that sort of look, too shiny, too perfect and I feel I am back in theatre, a rubber glove world.

I saw this beautiful, tiny little white cotton dress in a local charity shop.

I have no grand daughters yet!

But I am working on it.

Not literally of course....

So I am on the Son-in-laws case.
I have booked The Mermaid Inn in Rye for one night.
And I am sending Katie & Paul away to celebrate their anniversary, alone, nudge nudge!
I hope that my Lucky Troll Bead works.
I will tell about Troll Beads....which can grow into a bit of an obsession too, very soon.
Now I did tell you that I had adopted two new babies.

I went out and bought them a little bed, ready for their arrival.

They arrived.

Beautifully packaged.

I still have to name them.

If you have any suggestion's send me an email.

Aren't they just gorgeous.

Thank You

Lisa of Periwinkle

I love them.

Bye for now....



And bye bye from

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