02 May 2009

My Week

This week passed quickly.
How time flies.
Here are a few snippets from my week.
My Solomons Seal is in bloom, I just adore this plant.
It makes such a lovely cut flower display and looks wonderful as it arches over the pond.
An old friend who moved away to the coast popped in for afternoon tea.
She has decided that she wants to move back here, in my road, to be close to her family and friends.
It will be lovely to have her back.
So good to have special friends.

Candles, do you buy scented candles but are disappointed when they do not fill the room with a sweet smelling scent as promised.
Well this one does work.....gorgeous.
Cabbages & Roses
In the same shop I bought the round zinc dish for the new plate rack.

That collection is now complete!
This is a first...lol

The sun shone, so I left the chores and just relaxed, thinking about this
Blog and the effect a Blog can have.
The day was finished off with a small BBQ, just Mr N and I.
We lit a small fire and sat by it keeping warm, enjoying the beautiful night sky.

I recently ordered myself...

two new babies.

I will show them very soon.

Bye for now.



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