02 July 2008

Green's & Red's

If you asked me what was my favorite colour?

I would probably say blue.

But this morning as I went to pick myself a couple of strawberries to have with my cornflakes, it dawned on me how lovely red and green look together.

These are not really colours that I think about using but without realising it I have actually used them quite a lot !

So how much red and or green do I have around me?

Well, this is the first basket of green produce from my allotment.Cushions on my sofa...

Cath Kidston's design for Ikea.
Love hanging hearts...red roses again!

Red china camper van egg cup next to a green votive......

together on a shelf in my study!

A corner in my bedroom...

lots of pretty red's and greens going on here!

Bedside lampshade...eh hum ok...raspberry red and green!

Katies doll dressed in red... a Cabbage Patch Baby! from the 80's

Sorry I could not resist!

Sound alseep on the beach at Tankerton this Tuesday....

My Jude....have to include him in his nautical beach romper with large Red anchor!

The only remaining piece of a china tea set that I had as a child..

Red & Green!

Beg bag....blowing in the breeze..........

A hole in my faithful old jeans has appeared!

I will patch it up with a piece of material that I love!

May have to put on a couple more patches if they look good!

One of my first home made hearts....Red gingham.

Youngest daughters new wellies for festivals....pinkie Red & Green!!

Red ribbon on a lamp base and Green glass dish....they just happened to be together too!

Converse booties hanging in the camper ! and a bit of a plastic Red poppy!

Now this is getting silly, but I can assure you this is a coincidence....honest!

Red & Green campers on the dash of our blue camper van!

Red & Green baby apple!

Laundry bag!

My runner beans planted in a barrel....love the little Red flowers as I know these will become my beans!
Thank you so much Faye @ thechiccountryhome.blogspot.com/............I love your little Red & Green heart and yummy smelling soap with little Red rose!

Thank you Lucy @ lucybloom.blogspot.com/ ....my jewelry box is so beautifully made....Red & Green CK material!
and wonderful vibrant Red with white spots for the inside! Phillipa @ ziakoko.blogspot.com/ a very big thank you.........for you genreous
'Give Away'....mainly pink but little bits of Red & Green going on here too!

So infact I was quite amazed at how much I have of these colours...

They are jolly and bright and make me happy!




Mary Isabella said...

Love all of your red and green things...Hugs...Mary

Ragged Roses said...

Lovely photos Carol, red and green is such a lovely fresh combination and you've shown us just how wonderful they look together. I was picking a couple of strawberries the other day (the ones that the slugs for some reason hadn't munched on) and loved the colour of that fresh red and green. Hope you're having a good week

Pipany said...

Oh a gorgeous cheery post with lots of lovely pictures. I really enjoyed that - more please xx

jessica daisy said...

what a lovely colour combination, love all those photos!

Curlew Country said...

Red & green is my favourite combination - the more faded the better too. What lovely treasures Carol, brightened up my day no-end. Thanks!
(what a handsome grandson you've got, a peach!)

OhSoVintage said...

There are some amazing photos here, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of them. I've been trying to brighten up my clothes a bit and have been buying some pinks and reds and greens rather than the usual black and brown and beige I often seem to be attracted to. All your reds and greens seem very summery yet a burgundy red and bottle green would look quite autumnal but it's so lovely to enjoy bright colours and summer.

Simone said...

I am quite in to red and green at the moment too! I love pale green against a rich vibrant red. You certainly have a lot of red and green going on, and flowery things too! Thanks for a lovely post with lots of lovely photos. Isn't Jude growing up quickly? I love his smile.

driftwood shack said...

wow so many beautiful photos- I think we hardly notice the green just the pink and red- we have strawberries in hanging baskets this year and they look great!

LW said...

what a pretty post...
I think red is a happy color...

be sure to stop over tomorrow, I am having a give-away..


Lulu said...

i just adore your hearts, they are so beautiful..
You have such lovely things in your home..

Lulu said...

oh i forgot to say, the baby is just adorable Katherine..

Sandi McBride said...

What a wonderful post, Carol...lovely photos and Jude is just precioud! I love the little "Sailor" suit on him...but then I could be partial to anything Sailor, lol!

Pondside said...

What a happy blog post, Carol!!
I love Red and Green together. As odd as it sounds, my kitchen is painted pomagranite red and the countertops are dark green.
Your wee Jude is gorgeous!!! There's nothing as peaceful looking as a sleeping baby.

Sal said...

Yes it is a lovely colour combination..one of my faves too;-)

MarmaladeRose said...

Love all your red and green pictures, really enjoyed your post. You asked where I'd taken the cloud photos on my blog, well they're taken looking back towards my house in Hawes in Wensleydale. We only walked for about 20 minutes, but it looks further away on the photos!

Lucy Bloom said...

It's great combination Carol, not one that you'd instantly think of but all your things look fantastic, and very summery too. Thanks for the mention, I wasn't expecting the box to pop up there!
Jude looks an absolute darling too, lucky you!!!
Lucy x

prettyshabby said...

lovely post Carol..really liked having a nosy at all your red and green bits and bobs..and Jude is such a gorgeous little chap!

Garden girl said...

Great photos as always Crol, you have some lovely things in your home! The allotment produce is looking fabulous-must get up to mine but am dreading the weeds after the weather we have had this week, they may well be higher than any bean stalks! Jude looking as gorgeous and edible as ever!x

the homely year said...

Wow, what a lot of red and green...so gorgeous! Baby's the best obviously!
Margaret and Noreen

Heidi Ann said...

Hello Carol, The family went off to watch fireworks this evening, but I just felt like a bit of peace & quiet. A couple nights ago, we were at our county fair, the girls & Andrew went on one last ride in the children's area...somehow Andrew twisted his little leg & when he came down the slide to my husband and I he was crying?...Long story short, my daughter & I spent all day at the doctor's, Children's Hospital & finally got the news he had broken his leg??!! The cast is from his toes to his upper thigh & needs to be on for 6-8 weeks! He is so little to have this big cast. I feel so sorry for him. he is doing better today. Good thing we really have nothing big planned for the summer, but no swimming, no tubbies & no standing!.....Anyway, sorry for my "outpouring"....I meant to tell you I am at home & went to check your blog! I can so relate...even though my house is done primarily in blues, browns & white, my very favorite color is green. And I LOVE the way it just "pops" when you add a strong pink or red to it! Anyway, I loved your post...always "dependably charming"! Have great weekend friend!...Oh that "baby Jude" is precious!....Heidi XO

Lace Threads said...

I'm glad I bumped into your blog, and just had to stop and say what lovely pictures. Your fabric pile on the right hand side of your blog looks just like mine, but neater!
I love your camping pics as well.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

What a great post, I love everything you show in the pics, especially Judes pics he is beautiful! You have gorgeous taste, I've had a chance to read through your blog and I'm adding you to my fave blogs to read, have a great weekend.......claire xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

They do work together so well don't they? Love baby Jude - he's getting even more adorable!

By the way - your little teacup is a Royal Doulton pattern called "Old Leeds Sprays"

Miss sew n sew said...

Loved this post lot's of lovely eye candy! My goodness you do have alot of red and green things they do go well together. Jude's as cute as ever!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Oh dear Carol... I seem to be such a late visitor these days.. what were we talking about yesterday..not being able to keep up with life..
I am here at last and what a treat to see all of these beautiful colour co-ordinated photos..
I was never fond of green preferring blues like yourself but I have to confess that the cooking apple green is one of my favourite colours now.. especially with red!

periwinkle said...

red and green go great together and Jude looks so cute in stripes. As for your campers I've got 2 the same, the green one and the little one at the front
lisa x

Grand Life said...

Great post. Love your imagination.
We have a grandbaby just about the same age of the beautiful baby on the beach.
Have a great week. I just looked out the window and it's is raining like crazy. Yea, the fire danger will be down.

Deb said...

Gorgeous green and red images Katherine. Little Jude is just adorable!

LOUISE said...

Lovely post Carol. I love your Cabbage Patch! I have two babies, but really too scruffy to be blogged. Still sweet though, called Rodney and Tommy! x

Rhondi said...

I love all the color and your photos are beautiful Carol. But the one thing that stands out above the rest is Jude. What a precious wee boy he is.
Rhondi xo