24 June 2008

Nigella Takes An Overnight Trip....

Friday afternoon and we're off to Bodium in East Sussex which is only a 50 min drive for us......after the usual manic tidy-up and pack! on went the V Dub music and off we go!
This was a trial run for the new Drive-Away awning!
I thought that as many of you have expressed a love of VW Campers, you would like to have a tour of 'Nigella' here she is with her add-on.
Much needed extra space, as a camping trip for me is not about going with out or managing with less.......it is more like 'make it as cosy and homely as possible'
The bedroom! A 'proper' made bed with goose down duvet.
No smelly old sleeping bags allowed here.
The mini kitchen...
with electric hook-up which is brilliant- now I can use my hairdryer!
More of the kitchen area.....note the tea lights are lit already!

These are my new curtains - still not completely finished! normal for me...
I was running one through the sewing machine very early on the day we were going!!!
Inside the awning, camp almost set up... No shabby chic camp would be complete without it's Bunting!
Guy has made himself very much at home.

The start of my Thai Soup...this is before the coconut milk goes in.
And was most welcome as the evening was rather chilly and a hot spicy soup was perfect while we waited for BBQ.

I had to show you this great little camp...obviously not a weekender camper...this is definitely a more permanent camp. It was so fascinating I asked if I could show you all.
Sharon was a lovely young lady, living here and enjoying a stress-free life-style.
I had to keep checking on my bed....like a small child - I could not wait to get in it!
This camp allows campfires...yippee!
The picture is very blurred, but using the flash gave a totally wrong impression...anyway this is how it looked to me by 12.30am and after a few bevvies.

Tally Ho...
If anyone would like to try a V Dub Camping holiday follow this link...


Sandi McBride said...

Oh it looks as lovely as a Holiday Inn...all it's lacking is the loo...you didn't mention one so I'm assuming its' the old assigned tree routine lol...but it looks so lovely and cozy and is that a Cath Kidston print making up that lovely bed for our Guy? Wishing I were there with you

Simone said...

I wish I was your guardian angel! You have such a lovely home and garden and family and animals and go on such wonderful trips. I wish I could experience a day in the life of Carol!

Garden girl said...

have been dying to have a nosey inside Nigella for ages, you must have had special vibes! I am not disappointed, she is a thing of beauty and I can see why you couldn't wait to go to bed!! We take lovely flowery quilts as well and make our tent snuggly;. You have a beautiful Nigella there, I am most envious. Particularly impressed by the thai soup (is it your own recipe?) AND the red enamel stock pot. V.classy!How was the camp site in the end?x

periwinkle said...

I am so jealous, just love everything
lisa x

Miss sew n sew said...

Wow I love Nigella she's fab it all looks so comfortable and cosy I can see your a very cool camper!! I love your bunting in your add on! Bet the campfire was nice and your soup sounds good to me!

Cowboys & Custard said...

It all looks wonderfully tickety boo Carol and so very cosy and inviting..
This is camping in style.. not the draughty, leaking tent that I associate with camping!
It all looks so immaculate.. home from home!
I do hope you had lots of fun on your mini escape and restored some equilibrium..
Guy is looking such a grown up lad these days... as handsome as ever!
I will be in touch soon.. when I get out of my fug!
Much love

julia said...

What a dream! Seriously posh camping that is! I love the look of the permanent tent, what a great way to live your life, although I would miss my own shower and loo, not to mention the washing machine!
Can you let me know which campsite you went to, we're looking for summer hols ideas.
Julia x

Ragged Roses said...

Oh Nigella hasn't let us down, she's a beaut!!! I'm glad you go camping in style! Love the curtains and duvet. We had friends who had a cottage near Bodiam and have spent some time dog sitting for them there, it is a beautiful part of the country

Vanessa said...

I showed my hubbo and he was so jealous, the bedding was not his cup of tea, but don't worry he will come around to my way of thinking soon!

Oh you are so lucky to have a fab campervan!

Vanessa x

Country Cottage Chic said...

It looks wonderful - so pretty & cosy. No wonder you couldn't wait to crawl into bed!

Rosezilla said...

Came over from Ragged Roses to say hello. What a cozy little camper, and I love the bed, just beautiful. Makes me nostalgic for all the camping I did once upon a time.

Pipany said...

This is just perfect Carol. I could so do with a break right now so any chance you could just budge up a bit? I don't snore ... promise! xx

Lavender hearts said...

i LOVE your camper. Mr and I were looking at your camper last night and promptly looked into getting one for ourselves! :-)

Deb said...

Nigella is wonderful!! What a lovely, cozy spot ~ and the soup looks delicious too :-}

Rosie said...

Oh Carol that looks so enticing! I have been a 4* holiday person the thought of camping just does me in, but your lovely camper looks so fantastic, the curtains the bed, and I love the bunting! And how marvellous to have a camp fire, are you sure there were no lashings of ginger beer?
Rosie x

Another Era said...

Oh I love camping, VW's and all the cool stuff you took with you. We only have a tent but I'm working on the camper van. I also loved Fred and Happy's pics of all their vintage enamel and CK stuff they took with them. Great stuff!

LOUISE said...

Hi Carol. Are you going to visit Great Dixter? So close! You certainly know how to live. I don't think I would want to go back home with all those home comforts you have for your camping expeditions. Little Guy looks very settled for the duration too. Who wouldn't be on a Stanley bed! Have a lovely time and I look forward to seeing some photos of maybe the castle? x

the homely year said...

Hi, that looks great fun. I'm with you about the duvet. When we used to go to campsites in France I always took our duvet and pillows with us...much more cosy.

Love your curtains too. And what about the more permanent camp...idyllic!
Margaret and Noreen

OhSoVintage said...

Oh WOW, Nigella's interior is amazing. What a make-over you have done! It is all so pretty and stylish and looks so cozy and inviting. Bet you couldn't wait to get into that bed. I'm sure you would have had a lovely weekend.

shabby chic said...

Hi Nigella looks lovely and it looks all snuggly & cosy inside too. I bet it is lots of fun having Nigella as a base. Hope you are well and that lovely little bubba too x Dom

wendymiracle said...

Oh my GOSH! My mom told me to check out your pictures of the campsite (we are not big camping girls) and WOW! If camping can be this cute, sign me up!! I love it all!! <3

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Carol, What an incredibly charming camping set up you have!!! The bed, the curtains, candles...tables, chairs & a "banner"?!!! & Nigella!!! I am an official "camping convert"!Let me just say that American camping is NOTHING like this!!! One more thing I love about you British folks! The last photo you took at night....just so magical! LOve it all...have a fabulous time!...Heidi XO

Pondside said...

Perfect! Nigella is the perfect get-away.
The Great Dane and I have had two VW campers in the past and wish we'd kept one. We never went in such style as you, but I loved our drive-away tent as it made everything so much more comfortable. Thanks for the peek!!

LW said...

How wonderful…..

I love it,
very cozy and
A perfect holiday…..


Curlew Country said...

Oh Carol I have baaaaaad van envy! We harbour this little dream of buying a caravan, dolling it up with CK's racing car/sailing boat/football prints for the boys and a few polka dots/chintzy roses for me and tripping off around the country. One day I hope.

I adore Nigella, she's just beautiful and you've made such a cosy bolthole inside.

Wishing you a summer of long, balmy evenings by the campfire. Happy camper-vanning!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Carol, I just love your camper, looks like you have so much fun, Mr. Bloom won't entertain the idea of camping, he likes his 'comforts' - doesn't know what he's missing! Little Guy is looking so sweet and cosy in his bed, give him a big cuddle from me.
Have a lovely weekend,
Lucy x

mollycupcakes said...

What a fabulous camper, I just love the home from home look.
Your soup looks very yummy and temping.
And your little doggy looks right at home in his little bed, bless.
Have a great time away. Bodiem is a lovely place isn't it, I've been trying to find if they're having another fun day on the village green behind the Castle Inn pub, any ideas?
Many hugs.
Catherine x

Cassie said...

You make camping look so wonderful and cozy! It reminds me of camping with my family when I was younger. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I also love your duvet and curtains.

Greedy Nan said...

Lavender Hearts told me about you and I'm glad that she has.
Nothing quite like a VW for hols. We only hired one but had a fab time and have since looked at buying one.
Thinking about your curtains: if you don't hand-sew, what about getting an old crank-handle style machine then you could take it with you on your hols ... perhaps your other half might not be overly impressed by that idea though.
Bodiam is lovely - when you're round that area, also try Batemans. Perch Hill is great too but they only open on selected dates.

Deb said...

Katherine, this is fabulous! I've never seen such a lovely campsite! I am so inspired. We're getting ready to refurb our little pop up camper and this is a great map for my project!

Joanna said...

Your camper van looks wonderful, I love camping and real camp fires. I have just been catching up on all your blog posts, they are all so full of pretty things. Lovely to see Jude. Glad you had a nice time in Suffolk Suffolk is always a specail place for me as I grew up there, mainly on the beaches.

Must get back to doing my rough of a picnic in the back of a mini van.