07 July 2008

Good Tip Guide....

This is a 'tip' from my Dr that I was so amazed about, I wanted to share it with you.
I am hoping that you will add into your comments any good tips that you have discovered!
I had a problem recently with my hair!
I had noticed a red patch...even more worrying was the change of the hair in this patch...much lighter in shade. I can see the greys are coming, but this bit looked very odd.
I kept putting off a visit to the Dr...
After a while I knew I should go and after telling the Dr everything...he looked and said it is nothing to worry about...it is seborrhecc dermatitis well that was a relief!
...from which fungal infections can occur because a lump of skin rather than a single layer comes away all at once, this allows germs in and this is all it is.
He recommended Coconut Oil and Aspirin!
He prescribed a special cream with these ingredients as will as coal tar and soft paraffin, to use for few weeks and another cream to use on any inflamed skin.
I wanted to check out Coconut Oil on the Internet and was amazed at this wonderful oil - that I heard nothing about before.
It is both anti fungal and antibacterial.
I also checked out Aspirin too - amazing!
I am now a big fan of this oil and have bought it as a virgin oil for cooking and the pure oil in a jar (this one has no taste or smell) as a hair conditioner, facial and body moisturiser. Saving literally pounds!
Having used it for almost a of couple weeks now, I can honestly say I am a convert.
I am so pleased with the results.
Skin feels stronger and hair is shiny and soft. No spots either!!!
My nails have also appeared to have benefited with all the use. It is wonderful for feet - especially if you have a fungal infection.
The dogs have a rub down with a little and have lovely shiny coats - it is also claimed it repels nasties!!
Why have we not heard more about this oil.
This is the Virgin Coconut oil which smells ever so slightly of Coconut and is a fairly clear liquid when warm. It solidifies as it cools into a white paste - which melts wonderfully as you touch it!
It also claims to help speed up the metabolism....so may help with weight loss! well it must be worth a go.
I have started cooking with it and dare I say! have eaten a teaspoon in the mornings...it tastes ok. So I will give a few weeks and see if I do lose any weight!!!
I will keep you informed.

This book coconut-connections.com/healing_miracles.htm from Amazon goes into Coconut Oil and it uses in great depth. Yes it is a saturated fat and
Coconut Oil – is A Good Oil http://www.thaifoodandtravel.com/features/cocgood.html

This made me think that this may a perfect opportunity to have a Good Tips Guide post.

So please leave a good tip you want to share.

I am sure many if you have a book similar to this one...brimming with great tips.

Here are a few more of mine..

Forget those expensive stain remover sprays...good old Fairy Soap is just as good as it has always been...

This green Fairy bar of soap is gentle and yet amazing at getting stains out.
I rub it onto the stain with a warm water and them pop into the machine.
I have being trying very hard not to resort to Biological Powers as I have seen how damaging they can be to skin...
The modern day Fairy Tab....
On the subject of cleaning...I have used this product a couple of years ago and was not impressed.
I have recently given in another go as it has The Good Housekeeping recommendation....
I started with just Washing-up liquid...I love it..no more sore hands!
Since then I have used nothing else but have tried many more of their products and been impressed with the improvement and how well they clean and smell...the Toilet Cleaner smells so much nicer.....more natural...then other harmful products that I had been using.
If you use only the egg yolk - freeze the white in a re-sealable bag and keep adding unused whites until you have enough for a meringue...... allow to defrost at room temperature.
Cut open an onion when painting with oil eggshell...it helps to absorb the smell of the paint.
Finished at long last....only a few more curtains to go ! my new pelmet is up and I am very pleased with it....so very easy to make...being a heavy linen it did not need to be lined....great.....it softly filters the bright sunlight comes into the kitchen in the mornings....
I machined on a lovely ribbon...one of the ones that are on my sidebar.

Have a great week all and remember to check out the Coconut Oil!



Simone said...

I always thought that coconut oil was bad for you because it is high in saturated fats. I am interested in finding out more now. It seems that for years we are led to believe that certain products are bad for us and then we are told they are beneficial! Anyway I really fancy giving it a try! I also have that book on Household Hints and Tips!

Katherines Dream said...

Read This!
Coconut oil has been used for centuries as a vital source of food for health and general well being in traditional communities of tropical regions. Recent research verifies traditional beliefs that the coconut palm is “The Tree of Life” and that, just like any other pure, whole food, coconuts and virgin coconut oil have a significant role to play in a well balanced, nutritious diet. Abandoning unhealthy lifestyles and reverting to natural foods can help to reverse many of the diseases that have manifested in our bodies through the highly refined diet of our modern society. This website provides information on the researched health benefits that can be derived from using coconuts and virgin coconut oil in conjunction with a well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Coconut oil as a "functional food".
Medical research is in agreement that at least 30% of our daily nutritional intake should be made up of fats or oil.
Saturated Fat ~ A Vital Ingredient for a Healthy Body: Over many decades coconut oil received bad publicity due to its saturated fat content, but research has shown that not all saturated fats are alike and coconut oil is unique in its structural make-up. It is not only the highest source of saturated fats (92%) but included in this is the highest source of saturated medium chain triglycerides (62%) of any naturally occurring vegan food source. Furthermore around 50% of these MCT’s are made up of lauric acid, the most important essential fatty acid in building and maintaining the body’s immune system.

prettyshabby said...

Thats really interesting about coconut oil..I used to always buy a coconut conditioner when I was younger from the body shop..never even realised you could buy it as an oil for cooking!
The best tip I've been passed on is to use cool ashes from an open fire (or I suppose an ashtray if you happened to be a smoker) as a metal polish..It's fantastic for cleaning silver, better than any paste or cream you can buy, just dip a cloth in the dry ash and rub!

Your curtain pelmet looks very pretty..until recently I had one at my kitchen window too!

Katherines Dream said...

What a great tip...I have not heard of that one before. Great for when I have to clean the fire out at the cottage, I can now polish my brass beds - much needed!
Thank you Sairer!

Sandi McBride said...

I have never heard of using cocoanut oil to cook with...I'll have to look for this...thanks for passing on the tips your Doc gave you, too! Hope you've got it all taken care of...
hugs to Guy!

Pondside said...

Great post! I'm certainly willing to give coconut oil a try. We have some good natural foods shops in town, so I'll check it out.
Here's a tip for removing rings left by glasses on finished furniture. Take a small amount of ash from the fireplace, moisten it with a drop or two of vegetable oil and rub over the ring, in a cirular motion, using a soft cloth. It works every time!
PS I love you new pelmet!

Cassie said...

Thanks so much for the tips! My cousin used coconut oil on her belly during pregnancy and has no stretch marks. Your window valence is also very cute, I love the ribbon.

Rosie said...

Wow that sounds really interesting, will check that out. Asprin is amazing, everyone should take 75mg everyday after 50.
Rosie x

LOUISE said...

Thanks for all the tips Carol. Very, very useful. My mum used to use Coconut Oil when suntanning back in the 1970s. Be careful not to frazzle though! x

Alchamillamolly said...

What a lovely post. I too have been converted to Eco stuff and am replacing everything else now as it runs out, with the range.

periwinkle said...

thank you for the tip, I'll definately be looking into this. I love love love the smell of coconut. Not a tip as such but something that has helped to save me money is if you put hot water into the kettle it takes less time to boil saving on electricity. Little tips like this have reduced my elec bill by over £40 a month !!
lisa x

Carol at Clover Yard said...

Hi Carol, really interesting post. I'm always up for checking out something new that's plant based. Best tip I've had lately is if you have dry hands and need to wash them a lot, wet your hands first before applying the soap. Won't dry them out so much. They recommend it in some hospitals. Seems to work!

Ragged Roses said...

I need to go get me some coconut oil!! GReat tips, thank you Carol. I always use Ecover washing up liquid, it's the only one that doesn't irritate my hands.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Very interesting! Olive oil is also supposed to be good for the skin.
I will definitely try the old Fairy soap now.

Vintage Amethyst said...

How interesting aboiut Coconut oil, I will have to have a look for some, thanks for the tip.
Alison x

Lavender hearts said...

Great tip! I think people forget that you do need fats in your diet, 'good' and 'bad', just not too many!

I'm not a fan of aspirin, I think there are more negatives and positives, and working in the drug development industry it's one of those drugs that wouldn't have made it through modern clinical trials had it not been for the fact that it is so old and so well-established.

One tip I have is if you get a fungal skin infection, use Head and Shoulders shampoo on the affected area. It contains Selenium, which is anti-fungal agent.

Mary Isabella said...

I am so glad to know all of this. I did not know about it and I am going to try some.....Hugs >>>Mary

shabby chic said...

coconut oil sounds like great stuff and glad it helped you too. I bet your boys were trying to eat you!

Sal said...

What an interesing post.I love anything with coconut.I'll get some coconut oil asap and give it a try.

Cowboys & Custard said...

I love these old household hints and tips..
My only experience of coconut oil was when I used it on my stomach during pregnancy.. It certainly prevented stretch marks..
I wonder if coconut milk is as good for you.. more excuse to eat Thai curry.. my favourite.
I use half a lemon in a glass of water heated up in a microwave for 4-5 mins on high power. It helps to clean the inside of the oven and neutralise nasty food smells..
Another tip I often use.. is to run the backs of your wrists under a cold tap when cutting onions to prevent crying!
You have got me thinking now of all those other household hints..

Anonymous said...

I just wondered if you knew that some of your Ecover products are refillable and that you can also buy some in 5 litre quantities to refill yourself. Just do a google search for Ecover United Kingdom - Refill and I think you'll find some useful info there.
I'm afraid I'm one of those dreadful lurkers, but I felt I needed to comment here, as I don't think it's really something that Ecover advertise on their products, I may be wrong. Anyway check it out.

Lazylol said...

What a great post - I will have to get some coconut oil. I haven't tried the Eco brand products yet but I will do now you've recommended it.