22 March 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

A very happy Easter to all you lovely Bloggers who have taken the time to visit and leave a comment.
It has been a pleasure to meet you.
Your Blogs have been an inspiration to me and lovely places to visit with a nice hot cup of tea when the time has allowed me!
If I am a bit down in the mouth, a little trip to Blogland has always managed to bring back the smile and make me laugh.
Thank you.

And Now....
I returned home yesterday to find the Postmen had left a parcel for me....

The lovely Liz of Pretty Practicals, who on reading my last post had promised to send me a little bit of her favourite lotion for hands, had kept her promise.
It is great to get home and find a present all beautifully wrapped waiting for me.
Inside was some gorgeous Soap and a bottle of Pretty Practicals wonderful Hand Lotion.
This Lotion is truly a wonderful Potion for tired and dry hands. It smells of Lavender and sinks into the hands very quickly without leaving a greasy film!
You must go and visit Liz, see what other lovely items she has for sale.


I have a habit of storing these lovely smelling soaps.
I should just use them really and then buy more!

This is the card that came with a little note on the back.
I loved the picture and thought you would too!
Very Chic !

Another Thank You...
Michele at Cowboys and Custard, thank you for this lovely Easter card.....
I just love all of your creations...
My email is down so I cannot 'Send' emails but can receive !.....
Hurry up BT and fix it I am lost without my Send button!!!!


shabby chic said...

Hi Catherine,
You have a lovely easter too. The handcream and soap looks lovely too. I bet that was a lovely surprise. The card is very lovely too, I will go and check out these blogs too. Thats the thing about blogland , one blog leads to another!. I regard blogging as something i try and do regulary now. I want to always try and keep it up.
Have a lovely Easter
X Dominique

Vanessa said...

Are'nt you a lucky bunny, what fab gifts to receive! In reply to your question about How I'm going to decorate my studio, the answer is full of nif nafs and very traquil, but very practical at the same time, lots of shelves, cupboards and baskets. My house decor is quite madern & very minimalistic (except for material). So it will be completely the opposite.

...... Kristina ...... said...

Hi My Friend,
Its great to be back,thanks for your comment xxx
Liz has the most gorgeous things doesn't she? i bought a bag from her and a clock....i actually have my eye on a lot more lol.
A happy Easter to you and your family,i have loved meeting you and reading your blog and peeking in your beautiful home...blogging is just a joy that lifts my spirits,when i'm not dying of the latest bug that is lol
Eat lots of chocolate and enjoy!
Love Kristina XxX

Pondside said...

Happy Easter to you too! I can almost smell the perfume from that lavendar soap - do splurge and use it rather than saving it!
I hope the sun shines on you and yours for Easter Sunday.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Such lovely things, you lucky thing.
Hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend.
Love Alison x

Grand Life said...

Dear Katherine-- A most Happy Easter to you also. The pictures are lovely. I'm looking forward to checking out Liz's blog also. I've become very addicted to blogging and like Dominique I love linking from blog to blog when I find one that interests me. I've never been much of a lotion person until I found one called "Caren" and now I can't be without it. Looking forward to your next post.


Happy Easter Carol. I love the little package waiting for you on your return, there are some lovely items on Pretty Practicals. I also love Michele's card very much. I have a habit of storing posh soaps too, at least they make our drawers smell nice! x

Regina said...

Hi Carol
I wish you and yours a Happy Easter!
Beautiful card.Oh ,what a loveley soap,I can this fragrance of the
lavender soap smell,just beautiful.

Deb said...

Happy Easter Katherine. Hope you had a lovely day. What wonderful pressies you received in the mail!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Carol, as with many things in my house, the sideboard will get painted one day - I just don't know when that day will be! I will show the 'after' one day though:)
Lucy x

Sandi McBride said...

Isn't it wonderful to receive a surprise package? And just in time for Easter, too...how is our little Guy doing? Another picture, please!!!

Alchamillamolly said...

Well I laid in bed this am at 6 and thought what can I take a picture of in this carnage that we are livng in and couldnt think of anything!! Today my table and chairs are delivered so I am now just visiting you before I go to Homebase and get my Farrow & Ball paint. Have decided to go for New White or House White - wanted a nice cream as the table base is Cooking Apple Green and the chairs a buttermilk. We are off this week - we were supposed to be papering the bakc lounge but the paper didnt arrive in LA shop - it was in stock on 7th March but the warehouse have been so busy they couldnt get deliveries out - its here now but we have moved on to other things. Have you got a cream on your walls thats nice and creamy?? I may take a pic of the table tonight or tomorrow am - the rest of the place is a wreck now honestly but I still love it to bits

bj said...

Ummmm, the soap looks luscious. And, yes, by all means, USE IT....it will begin to lose it's flavor after awhile, not doing anyone any good. Use your soaps, burn your candles, eat your delicious candies....life is too short not to enjoy every bit of it.
hugs, bj

Country Cottage Chic said...

It always makes your day to receive a gift in the post doesn't it?
Thanks for your nice comments about my hot cross buns - I was very pleased with them. You asked which cooker I have - I baked them in my Aga.

Ragged Roses said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter Carol. I love those french smelly soaps, can't bear to use them, just like them hanging around the place! The hand lotion looks great and Michele's card is beautiful as always.

Ziakoko said...

what a lovely treat! I had just bookmarked your blog to pop back soon and tried to visit some of your favourite blogs but the links didnt seem to work- could be my browser but there seemed to be too many http"s-just thought i should let you know!