25 March 2008

The Allotment. The Pup. The Table Cloth !

It was so nice to get out of the house and onto the land. Fresh air and a good work out. Loosen up those tight muscles.

Carole, my friend since we were 4 years old...we have experienced life and all it throws at us...together and with lots of fun and laughter along the way.

Here we have arrived at The Allotment - Our Allotment...NO men unless by special request.

We have no shed, little hidey hole, a place to rest our tired bones when the sky's open.

Not yet anyway, but plans are underway, oh yes.

So at the moment the tools have to live in the boot of the car.
Our Plot....
It did not look anything like this when we took it over...so over grown and full of rubbish that been dumped on our plot over the last couple of years...from the other allotment people!!
I have cut the grass...I just have to make it look a bit tidy.
We have decided how we want to lay the beds out. At the moment we have three.
In the distance you can see the bare trees, this is where the fence is and this back onto the railway. The tree end is where our shed will live.... and the BBQ, picnic table....deck chairs!
I can see a little window with curtains.........dream on.
The wooden structure that is to the left is next doors shed...made from old wooden pallets and is very strong and well built. They also have the plot on the other side of ours and will be building another shed soon.
This family arrive by a lorry load and stay all day...cooking drinking and making merry. They grow mainly potatoes ! emmm.

This view is looking through the middle two lines of plots. It is quite a tidy site.
There are a lot of 'old timers' here but with the 'recent' interest in 'growing your own' there are quite few young families taking up plots...it is nice to see the children with their wellies and wheel-barrows having good old fashioned fun in the mud!

Next doors BBQ - behind their shed....they really know how to live life and eat well!
I am really looking forward to a few balmy summer evenings with my new neighbours.
I hope that they do not light that BBQ right next to their shed...

This is 'him' he only gets an invite as we need a bit of help to get us ready for planting.
'He' is far too bossy to have hanging around all of the time!

Carole - the other one....
She is a strong girl - ex police - and now a fitness trainer.
You do not mess with this one.
I am the one with all the idea's. Do as I say - type.
That is after I have smothered you with kisses and hugged you breathless....
Did anyone see that programme on Reflexology ? well it is all in the touch. Not enough hugging going on in this country.

From the rear looking across to the centre of the plots.
We are now confirmed Land Girls and loving it.
Gosh it looks quite a mess...but wait until you see the 'After' pictures....
Sandi, here is is... the little Terrier.
This one is full of energy...eats like a horse...and terrorises everything he sees.
It is quite funny, the fact that he is still the smallest of all the dogs in my family does not phase him in the slightest and boy can he run FAST.
So ....that is is for today....
Land Girls by day and needle woman by night!
This is the table cloth that my sweet Mum started.
Mum had only just begun to embroider the green when she just suddenly stopped...just like that. She does not even recognise her beautiful work anymore....bless her.
It will be a very special table cloth for me ......
when I have finished it.


Vanessa said...

You go girl! I'd love an allotment but there are none round us & I am to lazy!

Miss sew n sew said...

Quite a sizeable plot you have! You have lots to do I think Jamie Oliver has generated lots of interest in grow your own. Keep picturing your progress nice to share that with your lifelong friend hope it rewards you with lots of delicious crops - the tablecloth is really pretty.

Sandi McBride said...

Oh I want GUY...the allotment, that's great...all that digging in the dirt, I love it so...but I want GUY...he is just beautiful, just so eye catching...he is eye candy...hug him to bits for me...tell him "Aunt Sandi says Wal...kies.." Enjoy your earth work...you're right, not near enough hugging going on these days...I hug nearly everyone I see, lol...
bushel of hugs to you and the clan and a super hug for my little Guy!

Pondside said...

What a great idea! I'll watch your blog with interest to see what transpires with your allotment. Will you grow vegetables or flowers.......or a little of both? I love the idea of people building little sheds - we don't have that tradition here. I think you should have a little window box at your curtained window!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Oh I love this post of your Carol!
Land girls of the world unite!
It must have been something we said (!)but I too got outside and did some digging yesterday.. good for the soul and muscles!
You have an impressive allotment plot there..can't wait to see the summer pics.. no..not the BBQ's.. your wonderful veggy produce!
As for Guy... I am in love!
With love
P.s Now who'd have thought that I could be an Elinor too !?

julia said...

I love the idea of an allotment but common sense tells me that I wouldn't find the time to look after it, I'm one of those people who start off with great enthusiasm and then lose the impetus very quickly!
Yours is looking good can't wait to see what you grow there.
Julia x

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Can`t wait for us to be able to start planting here. But we will have to wait until the end of May or the beginning of June. Puppy is adorable and that tablecloth will be beautiful!!



I was wondering about your allotment. No men, well only when those beds need digging over. Those deckchairs will come in very handy, for you to do all that supervising from! You will definitely need a shed, although may not be a good idea to keep anything expensive in there, power tools etc may be best taken down as you need them? But of course you will need a kettle and a little stove. Little Guy has got the most adorable face, he looks a picture of innocence? Maybe when you have finished the table cloth, and show it to your Mum, it may rekindle memories for her? x

shabby chic said...

You look like you are doing a good job with the allotment.Lots of nice good harvest to come.
Little Guy is so cute , I would be cuddling him all day and doing baby talk to him all day and spoon feeding him!

the homely year said...

Hi, you've got loads of work there, but how brill to be able to grow your own. Love your little dog and the pretty tablecloth.
Margaret and Noreen at THY

Curlew Country said...

Oh good for you! I'm struggling to organise my new flowerbeds nevermind tackle an allotment. I admire you heaps. With a fair wind and a bit of luck we may manage a grow bag for toms on the patio!
Great idea doing it with a friend, I bet you'll have such a fun summer, hope the weather is good for growing this year. Looking forwrard to seeing you bring home the produce.
Stephx - I've just finished reading Land Girls btw - briliant book, have fun being one yourself.

Deb said...

Wonderful post. Little Guy is such a sweet pup - what a precious face he has :-} Having an allotment spot will be lots of fun especially doing it with a good friend. This summer you can lay out your lovely embroidered table cloth and enjoy your freshly grown veg.

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Hi Carol,
I cant wait to see lots of pictures of your allotment it sounds like it will be fantastic. We are looking forward to creating our own little place for veg just need a bit more sunshine. Guy is adorable, just so cute!

prettyshabby said...

It brings back memories of my dads allotment seeing yours..I loved going there when I was little...probably where I got my love of gardening from,pulling those first spuds out of the ground and taking them home for tea! Best of luck with yours,I'm looking forward to seeing what you grow there!

Mia said...

Looks like you have done a lot of work on your allotment. How lucky you are to be able to work the land already. We are still in the throes of winter, but I am hoping things will look up soon and that spring really is on its way here too. I am getting quite impatient as I really want to start sowing and planting in my kitchen garden again.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Carol, your allotment looks very tidy to me, how great to have one, but sounds too much like hard work to me, I can't even get our garden in order. My dad has one and he loves it there. Thank you for your lovely comment. Little Guy is looking as adorable as ever!
best wishes,
Lucy x

Garden girl said...

Hi Carol, I love noseying at other peoples allotments on the blogs, it always helps keep the inspiration going! I thought our plot was huge until I saw yours!It looks like you have planned well, ready to get straight in with some seeds and plants. My Dad bought us some discounted fruit bushes for ours a couple of weeks ago which have taken up residence in our 'permanent' bed alongside asparagus and rhubarb. Looking forward to seeing progress!xx

Regina said...

Hi Carol
Beautiful post! I cant wait to see the finished of your alloment.What you like grow? I think is a good place for vegetables and flowers.
What think you? We search also an
allotment,is but not so easy,these waiting lists are very long.
And your tablecloth looks very pretty
I like this embroidery on this tablecloth.
Have a nice day ,
Love Regina xx

Simone said...

I have just discovered your beautiful blog full of inspiring pictures. I cried when I read about the other little pup. I am not even a 'doggy' person but Guy would be an exception. He makes my heart melt just looking at him. I also love your music choices. Please give Guy a little cuddle from me.

Grand Life said...

Another great post Katherine. Thanks for your comments on my blog. My husband comes from a Oil Co. family so maybe that's why he chose this hobby. His father worked 50 years at his own station and my husband worked 35 years for an oil co.
Wish the snow would stop so we could get outside. I got my pansies planted but that's as far as it goes. Happy planting.

Ragged Roses said...

I use to share an allotment with my friend and we use to have so much fun, I had to give it up when I was pregnant with my second child. Your photos have made me very nostalgic! It looks like you've got a great plot. The old men where we had an allotment were incredibly helpful and were always helping us with gardening info and giving us all their veg (I think they felt very sorry for us battling against all the weeds on our plot!).

Solange said...

This is my first visit to your blog and it's really nice. I love the pictures. You also have great music on your site, lovely!

will visit again for sure. I wish you a nice week and hopefully a bit of sun!


Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi dear Carol!

Surprise! Back home for a short time, could not wait to visit you and Guy, oh my Guy is ADORBALE! With a Capital A! My how he has grown and got taller. Sandi is so spot on :) He is sooo cute on the steps! Love your allotment, you girls look great! The garden is our passion too, it's wonderful to plana nd dig in the soil :) We so enjoyed your previous posts, have you tried L'Occitane hand cream, it's divine, think you would love it! And Pears, we use nothing else too! The Cotswold House Book looks a beauty. Carol is has been wonderful to visit with you, we have missed you our dear friend! We promise to pop by again when we can.

Huge hugs to you and an extra cuddle for Guy and and much love,

Jenn and Jacqui xoxo

Country Cottage Chic said...

Your plot looks fabulous - looking forward to seeing what you grow there. Your pup is adorable - I haven't forgotten about photographing my little terrier collection for you - will get around to it soon!

Your tablecloth is going to be very pretty when finished - just the thing for afternoon tea in the garden this summer....we should have a blogger's garden party!

Sandi McBride said...

Didn't need much an excuse to come over and look at our little Guy's picture, but wanted to tell you that I have tagged you...run over to my place to get the details...
love ya

Rhondi said...

Hi Carol I'm home and trying to catch up with my dear blogging friends. I missed you! It loks like you and your friend Carole were having a good time getting your garden ready. Hard work though isn't it? I just came inside from digging in my garden. It is so therapeutic but my back gets sore much more quickly than it used to!
Littl guy is adorable!Rhondi xo