14 March 2008

Beauty Secrets And Things That Make Me Feel Good

I want to share a few of the things that make me feel good.
I love this little book of Make-up and magic potions for your face and body!
The packaging adds a real touch of 50's glamour to your make-up bag.
First thing is Soap.
I have been brought up with Pears and was a Pears Baby.
Plonked on the kitchen drainer as a baby by my sister - 16 years older than me - and given a wash down with Pears! I remember this so clearly as I really did not look forward to it.
She would have to sing to me and that kept me happy and quiet!
Hand creams.....lots of....
and this one by The Sanctuary can only be described as
'delicious' ...
the liquid soap to match has all gone!

Olive Hand wash.

This really does soften hands that do dishes and gardening !

Lovely sweet smelling soaps...not be used...only for smelling! Johnsons Baby Talc and more Lavender in the form of Bath Oil.

For my hair.

In the shower I keep my own special shampoo....when I can afford it!

This product is very gentle and smells gorgeous.
Otherwise it is one of these in the shower basket!

Cath Kidston Fans We Are!ok well some of us...!
Just going into one of her shops excites me. It brings back childhood memories.
Picnic's and Summer Holidays by the beach in a caravan or tent.
I could buy everything in this shop!
This is my toilet bag and make-upbag.

While out shopping with my daughter Katie, we had a little browse at all the lovely items on the Benefit section.
I had a peep into the mirror and omg...puffy eyes...too much blogging!
I tried a little of this cream and wow...I can promise I did feel it working.
I was convinced and bought myself a tube.
Just the packaging is enough to temp me anyway!

Hand cream again and this one is for me only.
A beautiful Lavender cream that softens and soothes!

I tend to look a bit pale in the Winter,
so a little brush across my cheeks of this lovely blusher and I have a healthy glow!
And Bad Girl Mascara....this one as it does not seem to clog and goes on nicely.

I have used all brands from the cheapest to the unbelievably expensive.
I have very dry and sensitive skin.
I am using this at the moment, it was recommended in a TV programme as it came out best and good value - you only need a little so it goes a long way.

Eve Lom
I was told to use this every week.
It is a lovely smelling thick sludgy green cream.
Full of natural ingredients and will exfoliate gently.
You get a little white muslin cloth to wipe it all off and this also helps with ridding your face of the dead skin cells.
Gorgeous stuff!
Always, always moisturise your body - all of it !
This great smelling cream is so good you cannot wait to rub it in after a shower or bath - yummy.
A nice little glass pot for my cotton wool.

And at the end of the day, this cream to clean your face before bedtime.

In the bath.
Sanctuary bath crystals and a think muddy cream that heats up on application!
Wonderful stuff!

Bedtime with my Roberts Radio and my pile of books.

A lovely Lavender filled pillow by my head.
Give it a little squeeze and it releases its wonderful aroma.

Night night.....



Curlew Country said...

Oooh Carol I feel preened and papmered and complelety gorgeous thasnk to your virtual beauty session! I'm looking forward to a soak this weekend with goodies from the very same CK wash bag as you!
Have a lovely weekend.
Stephx - isn't Guy coming on well. What a handsome chap. You've done such a good job with him.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Gorgeous products! I'm glad I'm not the only one who falls for lovely smells & pretty packaging!

shabby chic said...

Hi Carol
Thats a lovely lot of toilitrees. I like the packaging on the eye cream. I think bathtime is such a lovely way to relax and lay back and think and dream(about what paint to use!!!).
I have been buying the skin wisdom products from tescos , they are the ones by Bharti Vyas(I can never spell her name!)
take care

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Wow carol, its like you have raided my bathroom. I cant believe how many products you use that I do too. Ella looks at my beauty products with glee and asks every day 'when I get bigger can I have that' needless to say she now has her own little selection of bath treats... but my make up is the real fascination now. It must be the packaging for her too. I'm addicted to benefit and pout products and cant bear to throw the gorgeous packaging away he he.

Vanessa said...

I feel I have been on a trip to a John Lewis beauty counter, but thank god I did not receive a rather large bill at the end of it!

Have a good weekend!

Sandi McBride said...

Carol, how many jobs do you hold down to feed that habit? I grew up with Yardley's English Lavender and to this day it's my favorite when I can find it. Tigress was my perfume, noxzema was my face cleanser and Breck my shampoo and conditioner...it still is. Loved the post...Mindy says high to Guy


Wow, Carol, I thought I was in Boots for a second! I have memories of me and my brother being washed in the kitchen sink, can you remember they had wooden drainers on both sides in those days. I love Pears soap, so gentle and soft. I get through handcream by the gallon, gardening definitely doesn't help and nor does washing up without gloves. I love the Body Shop White Musk talc, good job I stocked up on some, as I think they may have discontinued it. No Cath Kidston in this house, I don't own a single piece. My favourite L'occitane handcream is the Lemon Verbena, I absolutely love that, shame it is so damned expensive though, a real treat. Thanks for the tips on other brands, some I haven't ever heard of, but will look out for. x

Summer by the sea said...

It was really lovely to see all your beauty products - like you, I love benefit, I bought one of their bronzers which looked like a block of chocolate. I have just run out of handcream (I use loads of it) so I will use my advantage points and try the Sanctuary one! - Thanks again - Natalie x

Rosie said...

Hello, what a fabulous blog you have, spent ages looking at it. Oh and isn't your puppy beautiful. I remember mine crying when they first went up the stairs. More intersting was when one of them went through the cat flap, he was so confused!


carolr said...

Hi Carol. I loved looking at all of your producs. They're so much fun! Do you have a beauty regime? I mean do you do certain things in order? I was just wondering. I notice you have Purity. I have Grace. My youngest son's EX-girlfriend worked fore Teen Vogue and sent me so many great things, but, alas, did you notice the EX..?

Priscilla said...

Hi, I have just found your blog and recognise some of the amazing beauty products, i also use philosophy and L'Occitane, the are a must in my bathroom! Enjoy your pampering, and as they say we're worth it......

Priscilla x

Pondside said...

Ahhhhhhhhh - that was sooooo nice. I don't know what I enjoyed more - the lovely products (could almost smell them!) or the gleaming bathroom fixtures. So many of those products are new to me - different things on different sides of the ocean, and I'm on the Pacific Rim. I have seen L'Occitane though, and tried it - lovely scent!
Thank you for another very peaceful respite!

Grand Life said...

Loved your post--but need to seriously upgrade my beauty items I think. Like Sandi my needs have always been pretty basic, rubbing alchol as an astringent in my teen years and petroleum jelly as my moisturizer since I was a teen. Everyone tells me what pretty skin I have--go figure. I do have an expensive lotion that I love and can only buy at one location. Your posts are always beautiful.

Cowboys & Custard said...

What a lovely lot of lotions and potions Carol..
I knew we had more in common..
The eye-cream.. thank you for the tip.. I bought some today!
Benefit blusher, bed head and Eve Lom all have shelf space in my bathroom.
I swear by Lavender to help me nod off.. have you tried the Covent Garden Sleep Remedy.. works a treat!


Lavender hearts said...

Hi Carol,

I love Benefit makeup too, mainly for the packaging - it's very retro isn't it? My other half works in the states quite a lot so he buys me loads of it - it's about a third of the price over there.

I've added your blog to my favs!


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Carol, I always find my beauty regime (such as it is) a chore. Maybe I should get some of these lovely products, it might encourage me to pamper more often!
Lucy x


Hi Carol, have a lovely time at the cottage with Mr Twiddle! x

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Carol, I feel like I've spent a day at a spa after that lot! I use the Aussie shampoo and the Occitane handcream which I love. I'm a CK fan but it's my daughter who's got the toiletries bag! I've just started using Dr Hauschka rose moisturiser and it's lovely!

prettyshabby said...

Hello Carol..thanks for your message! what delicious pictures you have on your blog, you have 2 very beautiful houses!
I love reading real peoples opinions on beauty products..I'm a beauty product addict! I'll definately be trying that puffy eye cream..too much blogging and not enough sleep!
Sairer x

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Carol, send me your postal address and I will send you a little bit of luxury that I use everyday (the nicest hand lotion I have ever found). My mum is now also addicted to it and buys it by the caseload!
With love, Liz
PS my email address can be found on my website.

carolr said...

Hi Carol. My name is also Carol, and you had asked me about my cat picture. It IS my cat and I will write about him on my blog tonight. By the way, I love looking at your oh-so-pretty pictures on your blog!

Garden girl said...

So glad to see its not just me that has a vast quantity of beauty products! I go through stages of favourites, but have a huge variety that really need culling now and again. Am really into lavender water on my pillow, lemon perfume for me and Neals Yard lotions and potions (with a few extras thrown in for good measure!)xxx

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Carol, just stopped by to wish you a very Happy Easter, and a big cuddle for Guy too!
best wishes,
Lucy x

bj said...

Such a delightful post...I LOVE pampering myself with all good smelling things! I love all the pretties sitting around in my bath...makes things smell heavenly and looks fabulous, too.
Hugs, bj

Lilibet said...

I used to look after a lady who was the first Pears Baby.She was 108 when she passed away & had the most beautiful skin I ever saw.Much to be said for the old staples

OhSoVintage said...

All those lovely toiletries, gorgeous! We always used Pears soap when I was a young girl and when I was sent to boarding school all the other girls said I had horrible smelling soap. I can still remember it and if ever I smell it now it reminds of the hideous time I had there!

Katherines Dream said...

Well I did wonder if anyone would comment on Pears smell....it used to be a lot stronger than it does now! it is very good soap for dry skins....must be the coal tar that we can smell!!
Poor you, I would of hated Boarding School too....I would never send my children away - ever!