31 January 2008

Father's & Son's

After 27 years of marriage, I can say that we are still devoted to each other. The thought of him not being there with me is horrible. I know I could not ever be happy with out him.
A long time together and the weird thing is, he feels like part of me - literally. I touch him and I can hardly feel him....do you understand? we have become one...almost anyway!
I am lucky, this is the man who swept me off my feet. Promised to look after me in sickness and in health and he has done this without fault. Always there, quiet but strong. A good father to our three children.

James my son, my little soldier, my handsome boy.
He was the perfect baby....this is all too good to be true, you may be thinking, I lie not. James was born 18 months after my first daughter Katie. I felt great after he was born it was an easy birth after the awful time I had delivering Katie. I was up and in the shower, while the midwife went off to put her notes on the computer. She told me off when she came back and saw me sitting in the armchair all smiles and feeling refreshed making my phone calls. I was on a high and nobody could spoil it for me.
James fed well, strong suck! and slept well, thankfully!
He was an easy baby to look after, always contented.
The teenage years were tough though! but we got through them without too many scar's.
He has flown the nest, a good thing. He has his own little family to look after, Francesca and the boys. It is lovely to see him and I have a great friend in Francesca. They have given me two adorable grandchildren.

My Son a Father now. Where do the year's go!

3 cuddly boys on Boxing Day in their Christmas jumpers!

I aways said to him 'you wait till you have son's, then you will know what worries are........

Guy 4 weeks and 2 days

Thank you fellow bloggers for all your kind words of support for Guy. He is a strong little pup now and I am sure that all the warm wishes from you all have helped, they have certainly helped me a great deal. I would not have known how many wonderful, kind people there are out there had I not taken the plunge and started this Blog!

Well I have done quite a bit of sentimental posts lately and now I am going to be up-beat, change the music and get lively - spring is almost here. I am going to get out in the fresh air and get that heart pumping.

Watch this space!

Love & Hugs

X Carol X


Cowboys & Custard said...

This is such a special tribute Carol..to the wonderful men in your life.. It is really heartwarming to hear of your love for these special people in your life..

Got a lump in my throat now!

Love as always

Ragged Roses said...

How lovely to be surrounded by such wonderful men and how lovely for them to have you there for them.
Give Guy a kiss from me.

Sandi McBride said...

Carol, I do know what you mean. It's been 39 years for Mac and me. We finish each others sentences...in fact we don't have to speak at all...I know how it is with husbands and kids...and with the pets as well! I have a little award for you at my place. Please do come and pick it up my dear friend.

Rhondi said...

Hi Carol. You are very blessed to have a wonderful husband, a son and 2 grandhildren. I loved reading your blog today. Little Guy looks like he is doing great!

shabby chic said...

That was such a lovely post, about your husband & son. It must be a really strange feeling when a son & daughter have children. As I think I will always view my children as my babies even when they are grown up. Its the nicest thing to hope that they grow in to lovely young adults and have loving families & find there soulmates.
Yes blogging is great and you meet lots of people who are lovely and i do think it brings out your thoughts as you think about family & life. I find my self being very deep in thought and thinking sometimes !
take care
Domiique x