31 January 2008

An Award and Under The Weather Again!

First I want to thank Sandi http://sandimcbride.blogspot.com/for this 'Blessings' award. I feel honored to receive it I would never have guessed that I would meet such kind and caring people when I started this Blog. The Internet has taken so many boundries away and let us explore so much further than we ever dreamed.
Anyone who had not met Sandi should go over and have a read, she is full of fun and wisdom.

Thank You Blogger.Com!
I need to think this evening who I would like to pass this award onto.
Well, so much for getting the heart pumping!
This afternoon I started to feel a little odd, Johanna rang me from work and asked if I was ok as she was feeling awfal. By 6pm I knew I had been struck by some horrid bug again!!!!
It feels like a Flu type virus.........but then most seem too.
I am in the study in my new flannette pj's, just fed Guy who is sitting close to me in my wicker arm chair.
I have taken more tablets and I am off to bed now with a mug of hot milk and brown suger....to soothe ' me' aching bones.
Just a quickie, did anyone see Jamie At Home this evening?
Did you see his vintage kitchenwares, they look so much better than the new ones......well used and loved all over again.

Some vintage containers

Part of my collection of vintage cutlery

See you all in the morning.




Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Carol, I hope you are feeling a little better now. Seems everyone has a sniffle or something right now. Thank you for visiting my blog. It was a pleasure to have you. Isn't Sandi the best? I enjoy reading her blog so much. Take care now, ~ Lynn

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Carol, I'm so sorry you're under the weather...a hot gin toddy would be just the ticket! Soon Little Guy will be big enough to fetch it, lol...keep warm and snuggly, grab a good book and get a good rest...

Rubyred said...

Sorry to hear you're poorly,hope you feel better soon!

the flour loft said...

Hi Carol,
I do hope you are feeling much better today. Also wanted to say thank you for the cold feet advice.. i expect my husband would disown me if i wore ugg boots but i will investigate them as they sound like the perfect solution... otherwise its lots of exercise for me to improve said bad circulation.
Happy weekend

shabby chic said...

Hi carol,
I have made you that cup of tea!.
I have a picture of the summerhouse in the beginning of my blog, it is quite a small one, enough space to laze about though!!. It needs to be decorated again now as there are bikes in there , toys, old dolly mixtures(my naughty children)!, felt tips you name it. I am going to go for a floral theme this time round, probably take ideas from cath kidston. Minus cobwebs and the children will not be able to put there bikes in there this time!. It will be my space, we have a wind up radio to take up there !.
The scenery on your blog is so beautifull, is that the cotswolds?. I have never been there it looks so so beautifull.
Hope you are having a wonderfull weekend
x Dominique

kathyann said...

Hi Carol Just called byto say hello,sorry you are not feeling too well,hope you get better soon!
Its funny you should mention Jamies pots and dishes etc,my daughters and I were wondering where he got them from! Think I'll have a trip to the auction house this week to see what I can find!love from Kathyann and the girls at meg's mum's muffins

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Carol
SO sorry you are feeling poorly again. You have had more than your fair share of the bugs this winter. Hope this one passes quickly!

I didn't see Jamie but I share your love of the real thing...I always prefer Vintage over reproduction.
Love your cutlery.. we have similar with the bone handles that I am slowly ruining in the dish washer!!

Get well soon my friend.
Much love

Firefly Hill said...


I hope you are feeling better! I just love your blog. The way you express yourself is so lovely...
I love your pictures too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
So sorry to hear you are poorly i am sending you big hugs and hope you are better real soon.
The vintage containers you have displayed look really lovely i have just one but its really big we have it stood on the floor in the kitchen and i love your vintage cutlery i hope to collect it one day too.
Love Kristina XxX


Seeing your vintage cutlery reminds me of my granny, I always thought as a kid what funny old cutlery, but quite sought after now. I do believe my dad has some of it, he never throws anything away! x