20 January 2008

An Award. Mothers & Daughters. Puppies

Thank you Regina http://mycountryrosegarden.blogspot.com/ for my Award I am flattered that you thought of me to pass it onto.
I would also like to pass it on to a group of lovely bloggers that I know!
You all make my day.
( It was hard to only pick six) Michele at Cowboys and Custard
Sabrina at mai senza una rosaMarja
A Home from the Heart
Kristina at Shabbily Ever After
Louise from Home is the Hear is
Rhondi at Rose Coloured Glasses

Mothers & Daughters
Some of you have beautiful little daughters that you often blog about and you show us some lovely pictures as well.
I love to read about all the fun you are having, even if they are feeling a little poorly.
You Mum's have so much to look forward to.

Big School!!
Exam Results!
First Boyfriend!
First Ball!
Passing the Driving Test!
First Job Offer!
Looking For a New Home.......sob!
Wedding Plans
Wedding Day.....Phew!
New House
Helping to choose Interior Designs!!!!
Mum, I have something to tell you!
Yes I know - you are pregnant!
How Did You Guess!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!

And much much more.......
I have really enjoyed bringing up my two daughters.
Every year brought a new challenges for us.
Before I go on, Boys are gorgeous too!
So loving and affectionate.
But for today it is Mothers and Daughters I want to talk about.
As some of you know, Katie is having a baby in April.
I think we get to that age when we would not want another baby of our own, but boy do we want to become a grand parent.
Something just kicks in!
We went to Bluewater yesterday- just looking at baby things and a little lunch. We talked about nothing but 'babies'
We are excited as Katie is going to have a Three D Scan done next Monday - I will post the image - we are going to try and NOT to spot the sex of the baby - looking forward to the surprise on the day it is born.

And daughter number two.....
Johanna has been a little upset lately...boyfriends....girlfriends, job and the like.
Today Johanna is happy.......a new job offer and
much needed it was to..........a little distraction is what she needs at the moment.
We are lucky if we have a good relationship with our girls and is not always that easy.
As they become young women they can be influenced by others and that is out of our control, we can only try and steer them gently away and in another direction.
I am arranging a Mother & Daughter evening for myself and a girlfriend who also has 2 girls.
Well the boys have their Rugby and Football and we deserve a little treat, don't we?

Guy is growing......slowly and not as fast as his brother and sister, but he has taken to solids very well and no longer has his bottle. He can lap his warm milk from a tiny dish, in fact it is one of those dishes that you put dipping sauce in!
Everything seems to in the correct place, eyes are beginning to see a little, not sure if he can hear, his ear canals are not fully open.
His tail now stands up, sometimes.
He can walk, a bit wobbly still.
The funny thing is watching him try to have a pee, he falls over if it carries on too long!
He sometimes growls! if someone other than me picks him up and he is hungry! as soon as I take him he sucks frantically at my hands. The little soft toy that I bought, he seems to like, I wore in inside my jumper for hours to get my smell onto it. As soon as I put it near him he was sniffing away and now will move towards it if it is in his bed and snuggle up to it, sweet.


Mary said...

Oh my gosh, your puppy is adorable! My daughter would LOVE him! I very much enjoyed your thoughts about daughters. With the advent of feminism, I sometimes think we have lost the capacity to enjoy the company of women -- we all seem to be busy "striving" to be accomplished, and have little time to just "be" women. Does that make any sense?!

Sandi McBride said...

beautiful post from a beautiful lady...I love my daughters that my sons have given me and my most wonderful little Arianna, the Granddaughter...Guy appears to be holding his own, I am so glad!
Congratulations on hour award...what a deserving winner you are!

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Mary,
I could not get to your blog ? do you have one?
I agree totally with you....you make good sense.
Carol xx

Scrappy Jessi said...

aaaccckkk! that little pup is the cutest ever!!! smooch! congrats on your award! you deserve it!!!
have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Dear Carol,

What a beautiful post about your children. You are so right, about your daughters in particular, it's a worry to us Mums they may be influenced by others as they grow up, we can only do so much, they do have to grow and experience life on their own terms, but your girls have a GREAT Mum in you :) They will always be your baby girls. You will be loving shopping for your daughter's baby :) How very exciting Carol! Makes us all emotional for you way over here! Guy looks adorable, LOVE puppies! He's a strong little fella and sounds like very attached to you :) Congratulations on your Award Carol, very deserving!

Take care sweet one,
love and hugs,
Jenn and Jacqui xoxo

Ragged Roses said...

What a lovely post Carol. Congrats on your very well deserved post too. You have so much to look forward to with a grandchild on the way, exciting times indeed. Guy is looking so strong and gorgeous. I treasure my time with my daughters and as they grow older I realise that a whole new load of worries and surprises lie just around the corner.

Cowboys & Custard said...

Dear Carol
What a lovely post! I know you have a very special bond with your family and it is wonderful to hear and see ... you must be very proud to have such loving children and grandchildren.. and not forgetting little Guy who has thrived with all your endless love and care..Well done you.. Supermum and Supergrandmum..
Thank you so much for the award .. you are so kind to me Carol..
Lots of love

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Hi Carol,
Its lovely to see how well little Guy is doing, I had to scroll down your blog when I was telling Jeremy all about him and it was great to see how much he has grown. I also just loved reading the mothers and daughters section, my little girl is growing and changing so fast, I often just sit and watch her and feel incredibly proud and honoured to be her mum. Congratulations on your award too!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Carol, loved your post, I'm so glad Guy is doing well, he is such a cutie-pie! You must be so excited about the baby too! Hope your weekend is going well,
best wishes,
Lucy x

bj said...

Oh, yes...daughters! How special are they!! And, daughters in law are very special, too. How I enjoy my time with them!
You and your daughter are going thru such a special time....it is just indescribeable but so heart warming.
Your home is so lovely...I would love to see more of it. Maybe a posting on your kitchen sometime?
hugs, bj

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
wow! thank you so much for my award xxx really sweet to pick me from all the lovely bloggers.
I would love a daughter and i am hoping when my boys are old enough i may get some i can be close with.
Its so lovely to read how much you are enjoying Katie and her precious little bump and guy ahhh hes so lovely you must be so proud he is so lucky fella to have such a lovely mum
Love Kristina XxX

Annie's Abode said...

Little guy is so sweet - you have done so well with him. What hard work it has been for you but well worth it - he's gorgeous!
I don't have daughters but I have a beautiful son who has shown me such love, kindness and understanding and is yet so young. He's a real sweetheart. It would have been nice to have had a daughter but it was not to be.


shabby chic said...

Hi just wanted to drop in & say hi, I had a lovely read through your blog. Those little pups are so cute. Your home is lovely too.
I read one of your older blogs posts and it was about your mum how she rang you every night & puts things into perspective. It struck a cord and bought a little tear to my eye. As my mum calls me everynight at 8.30 & puts those things I worry about into perspective too. I loved seeing the pictures of your mum. I have a picture of my mum and it is a black & white photograph of her when she was a little girl and she looks really naughty!. I look at it everyday as it is special to me. I tell her I love her everyday and hug her at every oppertunity. Mums & daughters have a very special bond. I love my son & daughter lots and its so hard not to worry about them or worry for them.
It was a beautifull post the mums & daughters one, I ended up pressing on a link through to you. Its amazing where blogland ends up.
x Dominique

Regina said...

Hi Carol
What a loveley post.You must be very
happy with your children and grandchild.You had sureley very much
fun with your daughter by the shopping.Sometimes needs one just mother and daughter day.You've right
may can this children only the direction show,but one she can you not dictate.
Guy looks happy.
Have a nice week,

Firefly Hill said...

Dear Carol,

What a lovely post. I so enjoyed your thoughts on daughters-I have a 12 year old and we are starting to see the teen coming out! Dear little Guy is so cute and coming along nicely, isnt he?


Rhondi said...

Hi Carol Thank you for the award. I got mixed up because I got the same award from you and Kathleen Grace. Because her name is kind of similar to yours, Katherines Dream I responded to the wrong one. It wasn't until I happened to read this again that I saw the error! I am so amazed at how kind and generous everyone is and surprised when someone likes my blog enough to give me an award!