19 January 2008

Families and Hobbies

When we decide to start a family we have no idea what is to come do we?
I was so pleased with my three babies and can honestly say that I enjoyed it all, even washing the nappies! Never complained about the sleepless nights or lugging around babies, bags and prams everywhere I went. Every trip out was a marathon, I had a three under 4 years old.
Like most of us, I just got on with and made the most, having very little spare money did not stop us having lots of fun and laughter.
As they grow into adults, so do the worries grow!
At least when they are small children we can fix or replace something broken.
We cannot fix their broken hearts.......
When they loose a toy they treasure, we can always buy them a new one....
When they fight with their little friends, we can get usually sort things out and get them to make up.....
When they are put to bed we know exactly where they are.......
and can then rest soundly ourselves.
Once they become adults we cannot fix everything for them or be with them everywhere they go.
This is when you really know what worries are.
Hobbies comes in useful.........take you mind off things even for a short while, clear the mind, sort things out and into perspective as we while away an hour or two.
I just wanted to try and finish some the of the many crafts that I have started..........
Below are a few nice bits......to take my mind of things just for while.
This book was such a bargain.
I just could not believe the price, it had been marked down to 35p............yes 35p!
It has some lovely projects to follow.
This is a table cloth that my Mother started, but since her illness has not had the concentration needed to finish it.....so I will.

These two small shades have been waiting forever for their new loose lampshade covers!

My latest additions to my 'stash'.......almost too good to use, as they look so nice on the reels.

I have finished the embroidery on this piece of linen.It will be the front of small cushion.........one day!

A scarf I am crocheting. I have used cotton yarn.I love the bright colours.
I am not great at this sort of thing, but I have a go.
As they say practice makes perfect.
Some of the gorgeous things that I have seen on your blogs, ripple blankets, bed socks, gloves, all so well made. I would love to be able to make these things. I am a bit impatient, that is my problem.

And for those of you who are following the progress of little Guy.......
he is fine, we have been to see the vet again and have antibiotics as there is a little inflammation in his nasal passages.....he has the sniffles and sneezes a little.
He is small for his age, but I was praised by the vet for getting him this far, the prognosis had not been good at all!

Freddie has been brought up around dogs, big dogs, little dogs he loves them all.
He is so gentle with them.
Fred is now 17 months old and a gorgeous little chap he is!


Beeswax, said...

A lovely ,wise post,enjoyed reading it, I agree with you completely.
Hope wee guy feels better soon,
regards Kath x

Alchamillamolly said...

Thank you for your comment. So sad to hear about your son. Love your pics and the embroidery etc etc. I also had 3 under 4 and I wouldn't have missed it for the world - I loved days when we were all at home when they were all small people (well me and the kids!!- I didnt particularly like their Dad but thats another story!!)and they were playing and the fire was on and we were all snuggly........ Even now when we are all together sometimes my heart could burst. Its 3am time I went back to bed...

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet Carol, how are you going hon? Lovely post, agree completely re our children. Little Fred is adorable and it's just great he has been brought up with all the dogs big and little:) Little Guy is getting stronger so good to hear. Thinking of you often and sending you a huge hug!! Jenn and Jacqui xo

Regina said...

Hello Carol
Wonderful post,I agree with you
completely.It's great,little Guy goes
I have a Award for you!

Hugs,Regina xx

Firefly Hill said...

Two sweet ones you have there!


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Carol, you have some very pretty projects lined up there, I like to have a few project always 'in reserve', something to look forward too then. I think I have too many at the moment though! Glad Guy is doing so well, all credit to you, Freddie is a real cutie too!
have a good week,
Lucy x

Rubyred said...

Hi Carol,you are so right about the children thing.Mine are 18 and 13 and the older they get the more I fret .I think it's because you can't make things better for them like you can when they're little,although they do still like a cuddle.I expect I'll get used to things eventually.

buttercup & roses said...

Glad that the pup seems to be doing well, I have my fingers and toes crossed that he makes it through the next few weeks...

What a good post you have written, and what sweet things you have created.

Jennifer x

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
So sorry i wasn't around to over words of comfort over maddy,so sad to read,guy is a great looking little fella you have reared another baby i think Carol from what i am reading ;).
Sorry to hear all is not well in your nest and i send a big hug ...i am dreading mine leaving i love it now when i am here typing and they are safe down the hall.
Your projects look great Carol i can't wait to see them when they are finished.
Aaaah! and Freddie well Carol he is just too cute isn't he?
Hugs Kristina XxX
ps hows the bump?

Rhondi said...

Hi Carol I agree with what you said about kids. When they get older the worries are much greater. I thought once our kids were grown we were done! Not so. Hope that whatever the worries are with your children that it's nothing that can't be overcome.
I like all the projects you are doing. Rhondi

Ragged Roses said...

What a lovely post Carol. It is so hard watching your children grow up and not being able to fix everything for them. Love all your ongoing projects and as for little Guy and gorgeous Freddie, you must be very proud

Sandi McBride said...

Lovely post as usual Carol...Guy appears to be doing quite well...so glad...

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi its me back again - I loved your post you are very right. Apart from the move I am spending nights worrying about my eldest son (he has moved out) His company is splitting and he has signed for the 'other side' now he is in a quandry they are offering him a very good deal to go back to the original and head up the team He is in a state my brother says he is coming to work - unshaven and looking exhausted - I am so worried he is under so much pressure from colleagues who have 'gone over' and those who are wanting him to go back. I think he should go back myself and his fiancee did but now she just wants the pressure off him and siays he should stay with the new company. I jst want to make it all OK for him and I can't - he is very loyal to his friends who he went over with but this is such an opportuniy and one he deserves but I don't think he will take it. Unfortunately a kiss and a plaster won't sort this out - if only. Did you see my news - we are off on the 25th so maybe only 1 more post and then we will be down until early Feb -it will take BT a week to connect us up 'cos its not a BT phone where we are going!

sabrina said...

hi carol!!! ...lot of projects are waiting to you....SOOOOOON!

Your photos are nice and Guy.... the sweetness ....
With love, Sabrina

Cowboys & Custard said...

Dear Carol
You say you are not very patient.. I think you have the patience of a saint.. to bring up three children, make beautiful embroidered cushions and care for little Guy 24/7... now that is Patience with a capitol P !!

I will teach you felting if you teach me how to sew??


Pretty Practicals said...

Hi, I found your blog via Cowboys and Custard blog and thought you might like to hear the easiest way to make felt.... ask my husband to do the washing! Guaranteed to boil every delicate jumper and cardi in the house... I love your blog and your home is just gorgeous!
best wishes, Liz

Rhondi said...

Hi Carol Just stopped by to say I was thinking about you and wondering how little Guy is doing. Rhondi