16 January 2008

We Are Still Here

We are still here....just about.........!
Guy has opened his eye's which are blue and will change over the next few day's becoming much darker. He cannot focus yet.
He is sill waking me to feed during the night.
I remember those middle of the night trips to the kitchen all those years ago.....to make a much needed cup of tea.....when I was feeding my babies.
It reminded me of the night feeds in the hospital and taking a cup of tea in a plastic cup from the tea ern on the ward!
All bleary eyed and walking on air, but were they not the best cuppa's ever!

I really think that Guy thinks he is human!

You can see in this picture that he is growing - not as fast as his brother and sister who are still with Mum.
I went to see them today....gosh they are fat and so gorgeous.
Guy is trying to walk and they are not as yet.....that's my boy, he is very advanced you know!

Feed time with his special little bottle.

Thank you all for your kind comments.
I will be visiting tomorrow and looking forward to reading about what you have all been up to!
Big Hugs
xX Carol & Guy Xx


Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Oh Carol he is just so cute. I remember when we first had our dog she would wake up regularly, so we ended up making a little bed near ours so that she could be close to us, she used to snuggle up to our hands then try and climb up.

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Carol, oh look at little Guy he is adorable! He's doing really great:) The hospital tea, definitely not the best at all! lol Have a wonderful week Carol and an extra cuddle for us to that little darling :) Jenn and Jacqui

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Carol and Guy
Glad to see that you're both doing well. Guy you're really growing fast! Carol you're doing a wonderful job. Hope you get some rest soon. I remember those night time feeds ...!!!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hey Carol, looks like you got the best of the bunch then, could he be more adorable?!
So looking forward to seeing him growing up,
Lucy x

Liz (and Macy) said...

I am so pleased to hear that Guy is doing well. I have a lakeland terrier and I know how precious they are. Hope he continues to do well and I look forward to seeing more photos of him.

Sandi McBride said...

What a precious little bundle. I am so glad he is doing well...I think he is advanced for his age too! And probably will think he is human the rest of his life.

the homely year said...

What a cute puppy! He sounds like
he's keeping you very busy...all those night feeds. But he's worth all the tiredness and waking in small hours...he'll soon be weaned.
Margaret and Noreen

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi its me the non mover - I suggest you try to take a mo to catch up my blog so you can make sure that your son is aware of the latest foul ups so he can be armed and ready for the sols and agents. I know you are busy so dont leave a message but your son might be helped

Beeswax, said...

Hi Carole , I am so sorry not to have been able to look up all my favorite posts latley, and sadley I missed this one, so sorry to hear of the little one not making it, it is heart wrenching, I do know, this time last year we had 6 yorkshire terrier pups from our Ellie and Ralph, like you we lost one, it was awful, cried for ages, and again like you hand fed some of them every 4 hours, the routine was like a millitary excercise, make up milk and all the little syringes, then there's always trying to remeber who got what, we got round that by tying a little ribbon on until feeding was over, so all got their share!!
Although it was very hard worknow on looking back and seeing your photos it brings it all back to me, and right now have a great big lump in my throat!!!
you seem to be doing so well, try and enjoy it as much, before you know it they are all in their loving new homes,and you will miss them so much...ooohhh they are so cute, lovely dogs you have, all so healthy looking, good luck from a very envious friend, Kath xx

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello dear Carol
Soo good to see that Guy is a fighter and has survived his recent ordeal .
He is growing up to be such a handsome lad..
Gorgeous little pup and I look forward to seeing him grow up in you loving care..


OhSoVintage said...

Oh he is such a sweetie!