29 October 2007

An Award And A New Kitchen

Sandi, this is for you.............

I have decieded at that I should really post some images of my kitchen...Carols Kitchen....for sandimcbride.blogspot.com/

So this is it from all angles.

I wanted a plain Skaker style of kitchen...easy to keep clean ! And this one is quite plain and is made by 'Plain English' who I have to say, to date have been the best kitchen cabinate makers that I have ever used.

It is hand painted in Farrow & Ball Off White. The handles are hammered metal and hand made, not screwed into place as one would expect but were nailed into position. This did worry me, as I thought they may work loose. They haven't and they look great and do a perfect job.

I have a very clever hubby........who said that we will re-use the grantite already in my kitchen.

Impossible.......all the kitchen designers said. But he insisted, saying that, if when we removed it from the old cupboards it broke, we would then buy new granite.

Well with the help of 5 very strong men, it was removed and carefuuly placed in the garden and then put back after the units has been fitted. We did have to order two new pieces where the Aga stands, as the cooker that was there before was much smaller and closer to the wall. This saved us a over two thousand!

The units are made from Peachwood, which so I am told is very hard.

I did not want tiles this time, just for change really. So the walls were re-plastered and painted in Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion - which is the only paint that we will now use. It is completely washable and does not stain, brillaint paint.

I still have to put up the black iron curtain pole above the window, this had been left as I did not know if I wanted curtains or blinds or some sort.

I have made up my mind and want curtains; so just have to decide on material. Any suggestions welcome!

I would have prefered a bulter sink, but as we were using the original granite had no choice but to keep the same stainless steel sink. It does go well as I have the big American style fridge freezer.
Sophie if you are reading this, note the Primrose tea pot, I had to buy this as I remember my teachers all drinking from this design and it brought back happy school memories.

We have solid oak floor boards which run thoughout the whole of the downstairs, except for the lounge where I had to have a fitted wool carpet for extra warmth, nobody is ever allowed in this room with shoes on.

A must in my new litchen was a big larder this time. I would have liked a proper walkin pantry but there was not enough space.

The kitchen is part of the house which is very open plan. The kitchen, dinning room and family sitting room are all in one large open plan area. We are all in this room most of the time, including the two dogs or if my daughter Katie is visiting three dogs. I spend a fair bit of time in the study now.......blogging ! {"_"}

I hope that you enjoy the tour.

I will do a follow up when the new curtains are hung. The Bunting is for Nigella and was another Ebay purchase.

My wine..........which I do not drink as the headaches are just not worth it. I have decided I am best sticking to a couple of Gin & Tonics !
Cheers all x


Country Cottage Chic said...

What a gorgeous looking kitchen - you must really love it!

bj said...

Oh, what a LOVELY kitchen...I love it and am sure you do, too. It is a whole lot like what I'd like my kitchen to be when it grows up!!! lol
Thanks for the tour...I loved it.

bj said...

Oh, dear...I can't get my comments to post. Let me try again and if you have two, just delete one, if you will.
I love your beautiful kitchen..I know that you love it, too.
Beautiful blog; I love reading it.
Thanks for the tour.

Deanna said...

Wow Carol, what a lovely kitchen. You will have to tell me all about that paint you used. I'll have to google the product.

Deanna :)

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Carol, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous kitchen! Love the cabinets and your cooker! What delights you could cook up in that! Ahh, a G & T, pour one for me (Jenn) please??? I love a G & T!! Thanks for stopping by our blog and for your lovely comments, so nice to hear fom you! We'll be back soon!! Jenn and Jacqui

Sandi McBride said...

Now that is a WOW of a kitchen and so worth the wait to get the tour. I love your fridge/freezer...the pure simplicity of your kitchen makes it a glorious work of art! You lucky you...a handy hubby like Sophie's Tom!

Alchamillamolly said...

Oh my goodness - the earlier ones were only tasters of what was to come - it is beautiful - you are a lucky girl. I got a call at 6.10 pm last night to say I didnt get the job. I wasnt bothered and a bit relieved. Apparently I had a very good interview but there was strong competition - the usual story. I am going to see about dropping a day where I am when we are moved. I'm a bit twitchy this am as the properties inolved on our chain are all still on the internet they should come off when the chain is complete - and with the experience of the agents lately I dont trust them at all. Our agents didnt even know we were ready to start the process again! So watch this space. Alan will have a pension but it isnt much about £4.5k a year plus his state pension. So I will have to bring an income in to the household! Still I may make my fortune when I unearth a charity shop long lost treasure! Found two lovely glass candlesticks yesterday but they were 3.99 each which I thought was a bit steep. I like ot go to the xmas garden centre displays this time of year and pick up things that we only see at xmas but I can use all year round. I shall be unearthing my LA bargain from the loft shortly. I got one of their table top chandelier type candle holders in black last year cos it had 2 big beads missing - when I got it home they were in the bottom of the box wedged in the fold at the bottom YEEEEES! It is gorgeous with red candles - I also got two gorgeous candle sconces a couple of years ago xmas eve that I had coveted for ages - 75% off. I got two gorgeous lanterns yeaterday that I had ordered last week from a local shop. I have a lot less dex now but they are mroe grown up and timeless mixed with greenery. Tho' the tree has to have itsu usual stuff on every year or the kids would leave - hmm now theres a thought - didnt mean it! Must go tea, hair, car , work aaargh! Gosh my posts are long arent they but I always have so much to say to you!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Dear Carol
Your kitchen is soooo stylish and beautiful.. how do you keep it so immaculate?? Are you guilty of polishing the aga every day??
Utterly gorgeous... and once again we share another thing in common.. I think.. is that a yellow and white cornishware coffee jar?? I have the vintage tea and sugar jars..

Ragged Roses said...

Thanks for sharing your kitchen, it is gorgeous. A beautiful room
Kim x


Your kitchen is just gorgeous, you must be so pleased with it. We have got a cream shaker style kitchen and mine is filled with lots of yellow/white Cornishware and I have got pale blue blinds which go very well, and I always think that blue and white check, or any colour check, always looks great with shaker, maybe an idea for your new curtains? Louise x

Sandi McBride said...

Came over straight away, needed to know what happened today, buy you haven't posted it as yet lol...hurry, the suspense is killing me~

Alchamillamolly said...

Carol re comment - We are Mums and we will fight for our kids come hell or high water. If you wernet angry then you would be strange! She has to protest and you will back her and help her whatever. Thats why I said to my Kate when she was being treated badly at work - we will support you if you leave unitl you get something else but you have to remove yourself from this unhappiness and she did. She said she hasnt had one minute of regret. Your Kate deserves better treatment as you know so fight the b******! On a lighter note you have left us reelign with your kitchen pics - everyone is so envious - arent we sad individuals getting over excited over kitchens. I was showing my frined Norma them in the lunch break and saying I wanted to paint mine when I get there and we came up with the idea of some scratches on moving in day to necessitate the need ot paint with a nice F&B light sort of taupe - devious or what................... Love to Kate from me and my Kate

Lois Billingham Currie said...

Those pictures were for me! I love the cupboards the pulls, the windows, ummm I love everything, and I double clicked on the photos, and they filled up my whole screen, and I feel like I was standing in your kitchen. Thanks for that little treat.

Lois Billingham Currie said...

Those pictures were for me!!! I love everything. I double clicked on the photos, and they filled up my whole screen. I felt like I was standing in your kitchen.
Thanks for sharing.

Lois Billingham Currie said...

I might have several comments show up,as I was also having a time posting. just delete please if that happens.

Joanna said...

Your kitchen si lovely, so clever to reuse the granite. I love the pegs above the aga. You have a expresso machine like K's. I love cappuccino and hot chocalate made on it.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Carol-your kitchen is to die for!! I bet you smile every time you enter it-stunning!!!

Katherines Dream said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments and I do love it very much.
My hubby bought it for me when he retired from the Police Service, on the condition that I did not ask to move for at least 10 years!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Carol, your kitchen is so gorgeous! Wow and you have one of those agas. I love to watch the show "Escape to the Country" and so many of the beautiful cottages have those ....sigh LOL


Sandi McBride said...

How nice to go in and see that wonderful kitchen once again. Aren't you glad you did?