28 October 2007


The Tale Of Tag

Just for a little bit of visual fun, my Nigella on an organic farm in the Peak District this summer. Nigella is the little blue & white campervan.........

I have taken up the offer of being 'Tagged' by sweetnothingsbj.blogspot.com

Here are just 7 small pieces about me that you may not know. But there is whole lot more to come out..............and that may be for another day.

  1. I hate conflict. I do not like to be the centre of attention and prefer cosy gatherings rather that big events.

  2. I love entertaining, cooking for family & friends, picnics, days on the beach or out in the camper, I cannot help it I just take over with the cooking, on the cooker, campfire, bbq or portable gas stov, whatever the applience for cooking that is where I am usually found hagging around.

  3. I think I am quite creative ! and like to make anything from cushions and curtains to fridge magnets. I love painting and modelling and I can crochet! slowly ! infact I never completely finish the blankets that I start.

  4. I love the countryside best and the coast, infact I love this country. I am a bit of a stay at home. I do travel abroad but do not like flying and prefer to sail.

  5. I love to give advise and support. I wanted to be a nurse when I left school, but did as my parents wanted and went into Banking and Finance.
  6. I have to be tidy, this is hard to keep on top of at times, but somehow I manage it. I work well under pressure.
  7. I need my sleep................so I am off to bed !

Well now it is up to you.... reading this, to make your own list for us to see !

All invited.


Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello C
I am not familiar with this tagging business .. yet!
I enjoyed reading yours and completely indentify with points. No:1 and No: 6 especially..
and a lot inbetween!
Nigella looks like she is having fun frollicking around the peaks!
Hope your day is a happy one..

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi Carol - had my interview but dont think I will take it if they offer me it. They wouldnt put me in at the top of the salary range and what would offer would be a lot less than I am on now - I have to be practical we would be no better off after losing the mortgage and car loan by moving and that what its all about. At least where I am if I can reduce my hours then I could take a pay cut and have time to myself one day a week. We discussed it klast night and Alan is worried that I said all along I wanted to reduce my hours when we moved not increase them!! (if only by 30 mins!) When I read about you ladies at home I am so envious and that is what I want some me time and giving up money for that is what I want - so I will stick where I am at the moment. Anyway off the to the charities - dont usually get to them in the week. hope I don't sound greedy but I have to be practical and this move is a means to change our lives.

Sandi McBride said...

Carol, now these are things about you that I strongly suspected all along and it's so nice to see the lovely Nigella in your blog again. See you again soon

bj said...

Oh, I loved your 7 things ! Thanks for doing that for us to learn a little more about you.