27 April 2012

A Sharp Intake....

If you stay to the end of this post you may need a cup of tea or coffee!

April saw us travelling to distant lands.
Visiting  a National Trust Property.
Doing a Village Fair.
A Wedding.
Trips to London and
Trips to the Garden Centre...
Coolings, where I always am inspired.

Potting up tub's, box's and baskets. 
Wondering when it is safe to put them in garden.
The weather is true to how Spring used to be when i was small.

Sun, rain and wind, altogether!

This year I am going for White & dark Blue in my baskets.
I always love a little Black too.

And a Daisy here and there to add cheer.

We have done our first Village Fair of the year with more planned.

And that list has found it's way onto the kitchen counter for him to look at!
The lounge is in desperate need of a lick of paint to the walls.
Now is is the fire's fault or the candles ?

 Our 'free' days have seen me and my better half visiting villages around Kent and Sussex.
This is Faversham in Kent and what a delightful little town it is.
With much history, lovely houses and cobbled streets.
There a few nice Vintage Shops and Kent Real Ales brewed locally.
So both hubby and I were very happy.

I could not resit snapping this pretty little cottage in the high street.

 The Old Market in the village square.
I love these old structures.
If only the wood could speak, what tales it could tell!

The mish mash of styles look perfect together.
Yet when i see this in a modern suburbia I hate it!

This is the plaque on the cottage shown above.
Poor man.
He must have loved his retirement!

A trip with youngest girl to St Thomas Hospital meant...
Shopping !!! All Day !! and Lunch !

Gorgeous Shops for Girly Girls.

Without researching this....if Mr Boris is responsible for doing this new road in Covent Garden...
I love You Boris...
I Hate Tarmac !
Love Cobbles....

Saw this staircase in one of the Covent Garden Shops.
I had to snap it.
I Love this too.

And ooh...love this dress...
but it seems to only come in two sizes.
XXS and XS

Onto the Tube at Covent Garden and onto Nottiing Hill....
and Portabello Road....to a very special Vintage Shop.
Where I was only supposed to be looking....
But I find that hard....
I love Coco Channel...
I will show you what I bought soon...
Once I have broken the bad news to Hubby!

At long last we made a trip to
The Red House.
Art's & Crafts.
And William Morris.

Love to see well pruned plants growing around windows.

Well I have to say I didn't Love It!
I thought I would as I do love Art's & Craft's.
But, I found it well...not pleasing to the eye.
Maybe I am more of a Georgian Loving Gal after all.

And Spring Weddings.
My eldest daughter and her little men.

My friend Loraine.
The dancing queens !

The flowers were simply gorgeous.

And so was the Bride and her little Flower Girl.

Talking of gorgeous.

We took took our family on their first Cruise.
To the Caribbean.

It was everything and more that we had wished for.

Just so you know who is talking to you!
A rare sight is me in front of the camera as I am normally the one taking the photo's.
And Katie to the left and Johanna to the right.

The dressing up was fun.
Katie & Paul.

And Johanna & Steve.

Fin, the little terror!
with Jude sitting by the pool.
Hardly saw Jude, all he wanted to do was go the
 Kid's Club.

It was very special for Hubby and me to have our family with us.
A very special time for us all.

A nice quiet moment. 

Our meeting place for a pre dinner drink.

Well that was a bit of a mixed bag.
And as you can now see, I certainly pack it in.
I hope you enjoyed our little chat.
Back soon.
Lots of Love


Crafty Helen said...

Wow - how lovely for you to be able to share such a fabulous holiday with your children. Sadly I no longer have my mum around, and often think of things I would have loved to do with her. XX

Pondside said...

Nice to see you again!
We're having a wedding here, and most Canadians don't wear hats to weddings, so I was most interested in those two photos.
I'm looking forward to some lovely shopping days in September when I'm in the UK. I'll be looking at your old posts for hints of interesting places to visit.

bellaboo said...

You certainly have packed a lot in this month! Great pics and lots of interesting things,a great post.

Down by the sea said...

I loved your round up of the month. Faversham looks some picturesque and the sea in the Caribbean so blue. What a wonderful way of spending quality time with the family.
Sarah x

Lisa said...

What a busy, exciting and well travelled time you've been having!
Hope the fairs continue to go well for you.
The photo of you with your daughters is lovely.
Lisa x

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness what adventures you have been having! Hon, your family are all so beautiful, especially your darling little grandsons. You look sooo young for a grandma!!! The cruise looks amazing, but oh those beaches - what bliss! So glad life has been good to you lately. Becks xxx

Claire said...

Definatly a busy but fun time for you. We were in London last Sunday for the day and also ended up in Covent Garden, had delicous Crepes there! Gorgeous family pics, Fin looks a cheeky one, love his curly hair and Jude is so handsome and grown up xx

charl said...

what a fab post..love how you all went on your hols what a fabby time you must have all had being together..
i love weddings to .. i think the best bit is getting the outfits and seeing what everyone is wearing..love your outfit v classy!!..

A tale from toadstool house said...

Phew!What a busy time youve had.Looks like your family holiday was just wonderful,how lovely for you all to be together,very special.xxxxx

itsjustperi said...

Jeez girl you've been busy and wow so envious of that lovely cruise as I could certainly do with a bit of that lovely sun and blue sky right now. You and the family look well . Lisa x

jill said...

You have been a busy lady,love the pics of Faversham it looks a lovely place to visit.Your holiday looks fab lovely time with the family.Hope your well Love Jill xx

Lace hearts said...

What a fantastic post, and what a lovely cruise you must have had. I really enjoyed hearing about your busy month. Thank you for updating. xx

Yvonne said...

So happy to see your post, Carol. Felt like I was catching up with a good friend over a cup of coffee. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog!