04 March 2012

Relaxing Weekend.....?

This is my favourite breed of dog.
The Lakeland.
This Vintage Doggie is what hubby found the Sunday exactly one week after we lost our beloved Guy.
I have been longing for one of these Vintage Lakeland's for years, so it was a little, 
a very little consolation, something to hold.

And my little boy Teddy The Lakeland
favourite cushion is Cabbage & Roses.

I never tire of the pretty
designs and colours.

is where to find lots of lovely things for the home.
We will soon be trialing sending abroad from 1st April.

Recently we added English Eccentrics Candles to our collectiom.
I wanted to try out one for myself.
 Tea With The Queen
It is oh so delicate.
Fresh Violets and DarjeerlingTea.
It is an unusual scent but perfect for a fine afternoon.
Burning as you serve an afternoon tea for friends.
With the Queens Golden Jubilee coming soon
 it really is the perfect candle to celebrate with.
I love my candles and always light one when at home.
I have many, depending on the mood and time of day.

I have been awarded two of 
these below.
I take them with honour, girls.

 Thank you so much fellow bloggers
Jilly and Manda
You can find them here by following the link.

I have decided not answer the questions as I have over the years,
 probably given all my answers already.
But thank you both so very much.

Recently my youngest daughter Johanna and her fiance Steve, treated us both to a lovely weekend in
London staying in St Ermins Hotel.

We started our day with a ride on the London Eye. 

I had forgot my camera, can you believe it! me who photographs everything!!
Thanks to my i phone I captures these.
Shell Centre where I used to work in

Big Ben & Westminster. 

And looking across the river to Shell UK and its famous clock
 I have worked here too.
Ah those were the days!

This Red London Bus caught my eye as it crossed Westminster Bridge.
The views across Westminster, the South Bank, Buckingham Palace and beyond are wonderful.

London is great.
And the clean up since having a Mayor is vastly improved.

We arrived at the Hotel.

It is a traditional hotel with a beautiful reception area.

And my images are not doing it justice at all.

We had a large room with lounge area and gorgeous marble bathroom.
Our room looked out over the courtyard gardens.

Just a quick cuppa.

And a little lie down for me.
Before we set off for lunch at Harvey Nichols 5th floor restaurant.

I am flying through this........
After lunch and a spot of shopping then
we returned to the hotel to get ready to go out for 
dinner at Langdons.

A nice walk back to the hotel
The cold fresh air was welcome.
Our hotel was all twinkles
like Christmas time.

And then just a couple of these.

Served by them!
Great guys.

Just another quick photo of the reception.
Before we retired to our room.

Before we knew it time to get up.
We had a leisurely morning.
With late check out, which is the best!
And a hearty breakfast.
We then bid goodbye to the Bowler Hatted Man At The Door....
and left to catch another train to Clapham for another quick bit of shopping there on our way home.
Clapham has got some great shops.
We love to pack it all in on a weekend away!

Bags full and wet as it was pouring with rain and then as 
we ran to catch our train
hubby got stuck in the turnstile, as the bottom fell out of the lovely
 brown paper shopping bag!!!.
Our Cabbages & Roses fabric 
causing congestion as he tried 
to pick it all up whilst lodged in the turnstile of the train station!!!
We arrived home totally shattered.
Slumped down on the sofa for the evening.
And thought what a great weekend we have had.

So I have sort of caught up with everything I need to do.
But sat here tonight and did think.
Is it time to delete Facebook and Blogger.
Is life too demanding with all these apts, tweets, blogs and Facebook?
Yes it certainly is.
Would I miss it?
Well I do not know.
But that little voluntary job in the village library which is calling is never going to happen if I try to continue with everything I at this present time.
Do you feel under pressure from the I phone and laptop?
I do and I don't.....
Well shall wait and see.
Bye for Now


Rebecca said...

What a goregous post hon - I too adore Cabbages and Roses print (and the dog - so cute!). Your trip to London looks devine and you really are very beautiful. But I totally understand about the time constraints and pressures of life. Just know that you would be missed from the blogging world if you left. Becks x

Pretty at Heart said...

I know exactly what you mean about the pressures!! I havent put a post on mine for ages now - just never think to take the photos, or have time to download. I still come on here every evening to read other peoples but that always make me feel guiltier for not adding any!! -x-

periwinkle said...

I was talking about your lovely shop to a friend of mine the other week and she was totally smitten by it and hasn't stopped talking about the goodies she bought. I don't do Twitter but I'd be lost without Facebook and my Blog, plus it's a good way to advertise your wares .

Amanda said...

What a wonderful weekend! I know what you mean by internet pressures, maybe just take a break and see how it goes? All the best whatever you decide.

Yvonne said...

Life becomes crazy busy at times, but that's what I love about your blog most. You blog about your beautiful real family and home. I actually get a bit happier when I click on your blog and see that you have posted something new. I am always inspired by your warm and charming decorating style. It always motivates me to get up off my butt and do something around my home to make it a touch more cozy. I for one, would miss you and your blog if you decide to call it quits. How about giving up just Facebook and blog once a month?? I know it's selfish on my end, but you truly have a beautiful blog full of warmth and inspiration. You would be missed greatly by many "cyberfriends".

Alchamillamolly said...

I am like Yvonne above and love your photos and your beautiful house and family. We started blogging about the same time and I have noticed that a lot of people don't blog as often but I still keep to my faithful few. We all have such busy lives, I am working like a dog at the moment and cant see an end to it for a long time but reading other peoples blogs like yours give me so much pleasure. You also have so much going on in your life with all of those yummy grandchildren and a wonderful family so even once every couple of months you could add a pic of them with Teddy!!??
I will miss you and blogging is so much nicer than Facebook and Twitter......... Catherine

jill said...

Hi Carol, your weekend away looks lovely.You cannot stop blogging,I think yours was the first one I ever commented on, we would miss you if you was not there.Pet lip is out now just cos of the thought of it sob sob.LOOKING FORWARD to your next post dont let us down now will you LOL.Love and hugs Jill xx

Lace hearts said...

Another fabulous post, and you have me itching to spend a weekend at that lovely hotel. Your photo of the bus crossing the bridge is fabulous - competition stuff. I know exactly what you mean about the pressures of online life. There's just so many bits and pieces, and apps, and it all implodes sometimes. I find taking an occasional step back here and there helps, but I'd miss if if I didn't have it. It's brought so much into my already busy life - my quilting connections, for example, being one. All sounds exciting with your shop. x

Sandi McBride said...

I still get all chuffed when I think of our sweet Guy...
Teddy is a darling isn't he? Love the Guy lookalike, how sweet wad this gift...

Deanna said...

Hi Carol, so sorry I haven't been to visit in a while! I loved your post and your photos were really grand. Thanks for sharing your sweet getaway.

I have walked away from my blog four times due to life changes and illness. It is true after all, blogging should be fun, not a job. Sometimes one just needs to step away and

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,congratulations on your awards,I hope you dont decide to stop blogging,youve such a lovely blog.I've read a few people feeling under pressure this week and taking time out. Its difficult trying to juggle everything but lovely to look back on in years to come.Your trip away looked wonderful,your hotel looks devine.hope you have a happy weekend,juliexoxoxo

LissyLou said...

Wow gorgeous hotel! Xx

MelMel said...

Hello sweetie!
So sad to read that your dear doggy has passed away....:(

Glad you found a little furry friend to hold on to though....sometimes little cuddly toys are a nice thing to cling to....xxxx

Louise said...

What a fantastic treat from your daughter! I thought maybe hubby got caught in the turnstile due to too bigger meals! I don't think you should delete any of your accounts 'cos like me and blogger you may have a change of heart. x