05 August 2009

Just Another Day

Just one of those mornings when I had no special plans.
Love those mornings.
So thought I would invite you in.
Just a quick chat about nothing much.

As you can see the ironing board is out, fan on..... to cool me down as today is one of those humid days and not really the best time to be doing the ironing anyway.

After whizzing through the boring stuff I stopped, looked at the very pretty linens and lace I have collected over the years.
I do love pretty, love lace, white cottons and linen.
They never date....I am always telling Mr N this one.
Surely you do not need more he argues.
Oh yes I do!

So, washing machine loaded yet again, hoover out and on standby, I multitask my morning away.
It is amazing just how much you can do if you start everything at once!
Not all will agree I know, but that is how I am..All or Nothing!

Johanna my baby....not really a baby anymore!
always manages to find the most wonderful clothes.
Here are two un-ironed silk tops, just returned by Katie who borrowed both.
Great when you share clothes!
Both these tops are the palest of peach.
Look at the wonderful embellishment around the neck of one.
Very 1920's which I adore, always have done.

Beautiful cream lace and smocking on a white cotton nightie.
I love this nightie, so comfortable and cool....
I need cool believe me!

I have always been a night dress kinda girl.
And should arrive at my house any morning that I intended to stay in and do housework or even potter in the garden, you will find me still in my nightie even at midday!
Below is another Spanish one, in the finest of cottons with pleating and lace.
Not ironed yet!

Little top from French Connection.
A smocked top with gorgeous lace around the neck and little ties just under the bust line.

Ah, and special pillowslips!
Don't you just love getting into a clean bed.
An EBay purchase, that is the pair on the right, edged in lace and made from a silky cotton.
They were not the whitest of whites when I bought them.
But and now after many boil washes, they are quite bright and look much happier!
The Cabbages & Roses Pillowslip is for the nursery bed.
it is new and one of my most favorite of prints.
I prefer a nightie but these rose bud PJ's where too good to resist
and are probably preferable when camping!
Pretty checks, lace and loose fitting are just irresistible.

So ironing now all done. Yippee!
my latest crochet blanky....
that is what Rocco calls them.....
Maybe it will be for someone special.

I have really enjoyed making this one.
I think if you like the colours it is always going to be more fun to make.

Now look here.
Baby Bunnies made for me.
Well for the pram hood really.
I say for me! hehe
My lovely friend Fi made them so beautifully.
I love them, who wouldn't.
Just need to make a ribbon to hang them on now.

Much later in the day......
I had a little feeling that something was going on.
I had a rough idea what it was going to be too.
When Mr N called me downstairs to help him,
I shouted downstairs....no...I am busy.
I felt terrible when he said to come down he had a present for me!
And there she was.
A beauty she is too.
He had even had a basket and a bell added.
Now this is a man who listens!
Not often but if I go on enough...
it does sink in.
I am going to call her...Beryl!

So now I can be one of the famous five again.
Lets hope I manage to stay on this one!
Remember the last time I was on my bike doing
no miles per hour!
Yes, that was when I broke my leg !
Have fun all.


Sandi McBride said...

For a post about nothing you managed to fit an amazing amount into it! Linens and lace...what a great book title that would make. Mind if I ste...er, borrow it?

Homemakers Tales said...

How i loved the Famous Five .... i recently got several videos viewing for a rainy day me thinks x

LiLi M. said...

Ooooh I think I love to iron with you, yes, you read that right; THINK :-D

These linens are really gorgeous. And your granny squares are pretty too. Hope all is well with you, LiLi

Rubyred said...

Hi Carol, such prettiness and all in one post! Love the nighties but you are right PJ's are best for camping,we've just come back from a little trip! Love your crochet too, such pretty colours!
You be careful on that bike, I fell off mine recently, in a field, stuck on a rut, I went over in slow motion, just couldn't stop myself from tipping even though I was stationary!
Rachel x

Brigitta said...

Thanks for this beautiful little chat and those lovely photographs. I'm looking at your grannysquare afghan in awe. I'm making all this little squares which I'll have to sew together afterwards, your method seems a lot easier!!!

Kind regards

Karens Hopes said...

I'm amazed you have managed to make a mundane job like ironing
sound wonderful. You crochet blanket is pretty I agree about colours, I started one recently with bright colours and I really dont like it I think I will have to start again. Any excuse for another visit to the craft shop!!!

sue15cat said...

What a lovely post. Maybe I could be persuaded to do my ironing if it was a pretty as yours.....I said maybe!!

Sue xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

I am not very fond of ironing but I like your linens & laces so much that I wouldn't mind ironing those!

The little bunnies are very cute & that's a great bike - I haven't ridden a bike since I was a child - I'd probably fall in a ditch or something! Horses are a bit more stable to ride as they have a leg in each corner!!

I've always liked pink & green together so your blany is just up my street.

Thanks for such a lovely post!


Simone said...

A lovely post Carol! Now, who would mind ironing when it is all made up of pretty linens! You have such a lovely house Carol. I am sure I wouldn't mind housework so much if I lived in a lovely clutter free environment! The bike looks wonderful. I wish I could ride a bike. The only one I can ride is an exercise bike and I don't get on that very often! x

Clairey said...

Your posts always make me smile and your house me swoon!

Claire xx

marble rose said...

Oh have fun on your bicycle! (and whilst you peddle have the Famous Five song playing in your head!)



Sal said...

Hi Carol!
Hope all is well in your part of the world.
I loved this post..I found it so peaceful to read through..simply gorgeous.
That Fi is so talented too...I bought a bunny from her at Easter and it was just so lovely!

Vintage Amethyst said...

So many pretty things & so peaceful.
I absolutely love that bike!

Rubyred said...

hello again Carol, hope you have a lovely time camping! Where are you off to this time?
Rachel x

LoloDesigns said...

Hi Carol, really enjoyed this post, beautiful piccies. I love the knitted bunnies, so cute. My nan has been knitting lots of animals for my sister's school and she gave me one of the elephant ones. It's in my craftroom now.

When is this humid weather going to end, I can't keep walking around like crystal tips and alistair ;o) xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

I dread the ironing pile during term time.. all those shirts.. but there is something very satisfying about ironing linen.. pretty linen at that.
I love those lace edged nighties and blouses... they remind me of the beautuiful blouse my mother brought me back from Belgium years ago.. I wore it till it fell apart.

Terribly envious of Beryl.. I can just see you riding your bike along the country lanes.. Miss Marple style.
Have fun with it.. I love cycling though haven't sat on a bike for years.

Thank you for your kind words recently Carol.
I promise to be in touch with you properly.. once this difficult week is over.

With love
Michele xxxxxxxxx

Pondside said...

Carol - if you're one of the Famous Five and I'm one of the Famous Five, then we're practically related!
Lovely, restful post - beautiful things to look at, well worth the time taken for the ironing.

periwinkle said...

in this hot humid weather you need to put on one of those lacy numbers , a straw hat and go whizzing down some country lanes on that amazing bike :-)

Rubyred said...

Hi Carol, have a lovey time with your dad and try not to worry too much about your mum which is easier said than done I know!I naively imagined that there would be a time in life when your children become older you don't worry about them as much. I have soon realised you will ALWAYS worry about yor chidren and not only that but now I am worrying about my parents as well! My dad is nearly 70 and thinks he's still 40!
Rachel x

MarmaladeRose said...

Lovely bicycle, I've got an old fashioned black one like that with a basket on the front and the biggest comfiest seat ever.
Very pretty crochet blanket, I wonder who that could be for? Hmm....

Lilla Blanka said...

Hi and thank you so much for your kind words! *hug*

What a lovely post, and what a lovely blog! I just kept reading and reading and looking at all these beautiful photos - thanks for all the inspiration! ♥


Debbies-English-Treasures said...


Floss said...

Wgat an absolutely lovely collection of linens and lace. Thanks so much for sharing them. Enjoy your time with Beryl!

Lisa said...

So many pretty fabrics!
Hhope the bike riding is going well, she looks lovely.
Lisa x

OhSoVintage said...

Loved reading this and looking at all your photos. I actually enjoy ironing especially linens found at car boots or auctions. To transform grey and crumpled bed linen into beautifully white and starched is pure pleasure! What a great bike - lucky you! Be careful.
Ruth x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Even everyday tasks look wonderful in your world.
Love it.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh its all so lovely - even mundane tasks like ironing you make look nice :-)
love the cabbages and roses pillowcases and am humming the famous five theme tune from the tv programme many many moons ago!
Lesley x

tania said...

I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog & your home is gorgeous xx.

tania said...

I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog & your home is gorgeous xx.