17 August 2009

Frediwonk Rociponk Cake & My Night Garden!!!

I had always thought that when my babies grew up, life would calm down to a slower pace.
Less worries.Fewer things, people, pets, plants! to look after.....
Well I was very wrong.
That old tread mill is moving ever faster and
before I knew it, the boys birthday was upon me and no cake was made.
My gorgeous boys with no birthday cake could not happen.

In desperation I looked for inspiration and found it in my
which I have shown you before.
I could not find a Pandoro cake this time of year so improvised with a chocolate sponge and jam sponge.

Then covered the pile of cake with melted white chocolate, coloured with orange food colouring.
The best bit was sticking on the all the sweeties!
Finished in no time.
Freddie & Rocco's
Frediwonk Rociponk Birthday Cake

Freddie's names on one side.

Rocco's name on the other.

They absolutely loved it, as you might imagine!

And still on the The Night Garden theme...

My night garden.

I booked a camping pitch at Blackberry Wood in Sussex.
A place I have always wanted to go.
But, alas no camper van's are allowed.
This meant real camping under canvas!

So a Bell Tent was ordered on EBay.
I have to have a dry run in the garden first.
Make sure that it is comfy enough!
So tent up in less than half and hour I then played one of my favourite games.
Furnishing it.
Yes he does think I am a big kid...
At first Mr N was not going to stay our there with me and security Guy.
He changed his mind and did, thankfully!
We both had a terrible nights sleep.
Our ponds waterfall was not so nice.
It kept me awake as I could not stop listening to it!
There was all sorts of bangs and weird noises going on.
I do feel a bit vulnerable under canvass, at least with the camper van you can lock the doors.
I just hope Guy's protective instinct works as well during the night.

Very comfy and surprisingly warm too.
It is just the dampness that I am not too keen on.
Still maybe the campfire and a little gas heater will help sort that out.

I am really looking forward to this two nighter in the woods.
I will send you a report as soon as.
The weather seems to have warmed a little
and dare I say the grey clouds and rain moved on.
Lets keep fingers crossed
that the second half of August and September
are a bit better than July!
Bye for now.


Diane said...

Wow!! That a posh test!!! Ours is affectionately known as the Skunk Pit!!! Take hot water bottles and thick socks to sleep in, and you'll be fine. I love sleeping under canvas. Your babies are ADORABLE!! xxx

MelMel said...

Lovely to catch up with you....
I look forward to ypour posts as they are a real treat for the eye.....such a pretty tent.... lovely!xx

periwinkle said...

oh, I just love your tent - I think even I could cope with that one . Don't think hub would be too impressed if I started hanging bunting on our tent and filling it with cushions though lol.. Did you save some of that scrummy looking cake for me ?

periwinkle said...

I forgot to add -- I would love to stay on that bus !!

LoloDesigns said...

What a great cake for the kiddies, love it!

Now onto my fave bit of your post, that tent. How lovely does it look inside, you made it look so homely and inviting. I am like you and not to good in anything that doesn't have a lock and key at night! Fingers crossed the weather is gorgeous for you ;o) x

Carol said...

I too would love to stay on that Bus and the old caravan...I think I would stay anywhere at the moment...escape!

Sandi McBride said...

MMMMMM....great looking cake! And a teepee..or Wigwham as I remember it being called in England, lol...love it, it looks so comfy cozy...good for our Guy!!! I'm sure he'll sound the alarm should anything untoward crop up!

Floss said...

Lovely cake, and a fantastic bell tent! Have a wonderful time...

Sal said...

Your cake is to die for...and as for the tent!!
Hope you are keeping well;-)

Moonie said...

Oh, have spent many a holiday zipped up in a canvas tent. Yours is the cutest I've ever seen. However, give me a camper anyday!!!! One thing....Please do not use a gas heater. Carbon Monoxide. Need I say more? You're just going to have to wear your long johns and maybe a knit cap and socks.

Have a wonderful time!


Pomona said...

That tent looks so wonderful - I have always wanted to go to Blackberry Wood, but whenever I looked it was booked up. And sorry to break it to you, it seems that however old they get they take up your time - it's just in different ways!

Pomona x

Bonjade said...

That tent is in one word: SUPER!
I love it....such lovely colours.
And your boys are adorable.....What a lovely cake they have.

my day said...

Hello Carol,
what a lovely birthday cake,I can imagine the boys just loved it.I also love the the tent, it looks so cozy.Hope you have a wonderful time with lots of sunshine.
Hugs, Ingrid.

Karens Hopes said...

fabulous, I want to come camping with you !!!!!
Your cake looks great too I'm sure you all enjoyed it.

charl said...

i love your tent and all its interiors!!!..if your going to camp you might aswell do it in pretty surroundings!!!
the cake looks a treat..

Regina said...

Hi Carol,
your birthday cake looks very delicious.Sweet boys!!!
Have fun on your camping trip!!!!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my goodness I am so jealous of your tent, can I come with you?
Hope you have a wonderful time.

Pondside said...

I haven't camped in years - not since 22 year old Lillypad was about 11.
Your tent looks so comfy - you have a gift for nesting!

Ragged Roses said...

What an amazing cake! I really want to go to Blackberry woods too, it's soooo popular - hope you have a wonderful time. We rented a bell tent when we went camping recently, it was really good. Have fun

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

What a lovely post! I can sympathise with you on the baby front, I too thought that it would be easier after!
The tent looks super, I love it!
Isabelle x

Lisa said...

Those boys are adorable!
Your tent looks very comfy with all the blankets and, hope the camping trip goes well.
Lisa x

Felicity said...

oh your tent looks so cosy and pretty, and the cake looks yummy! where did you get the union jack bunting from? fliss xx