16 April 2009

When Blogging Becomes Special

I recently discovered that I had Won the Give Away on
Vintage Amethyst's Blog.
This is something that I had not expected when I started Blogging.

And this is what makes Blogging Special.....

I knew what the gift was.
But that did not make it any less exciting as I opened the parcels.

First I opened this beautiful Rose Garland.

Then the Lovely Tin Tea Light Heart.
Which I put to use straight away!

I put a Prices Chef's ' Basil, Patchouli & Geranium tea light inside.

Then set about deciding where to display the Rose Garland.
No, not on this Storm Light.

Not on this mirror.

It does look so pretty but this mirror is a bit too big.

My black mirror contrasts well with the Ivory Roses.

The little Rose's and Rose Bud's are so delicate.
Ivory or cream Rose's are my favourite.

These pictures make the Rose's look a little more like a parchment colour!
That will be my camera!

Thank you Alison so very much I am thrilled with my gorgeous gifts.

The weather does not look good!
This evening it is cold and damp.
My heating is turned off and I do not want to put it back on!
This is when I get to use All of my Crochet Throws!
I knew they would come in handy.
Have a lovely weekend Bloggers.


Lulu said...

thats beautiful..

LiLi M. said...

You lucky girl! You are right this kind of generosity really makes blogging special!

lou said...

You lucky girl, it does look gorgeous in your home, so I’m not too sad I didn’t win now! :0)
And WOW what a beautiful garden you have, I look forward too coming back.
You have a lovely weekend too…love Lou xxx

periwinkle said...

congrats on your win, love the tin heart -- we've had to put our heating back on -so cold tonight ..
lisa x

the homely year said...

What lovely gifts and what a beautiful home you have...you have great style!
Margaret and Noreen

charl said...

the rose garland looks perfect on your mirror..very pretty

my day said...

Hello Carol,
what a beautiful gifts, especially the heart is very pretty.The picture you've made are lovely.
Have a nice day,Ingrid.

Floss said...

What lovely gifts, so beautifully placed and photographed! I also enjoyed your comment about the crochet throws - here in southern France we only have a log fire to keep us warm, so last night we were sunggled up under a friend-made patchwork quilt to watch TV!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

What a fab giveaway you have won, suits you perfectly, gorgeous pics as usual and your garden piccsies below look wonderful! Its that awful drizzly rain here in Cardiff, hope its better where you are.....Claire xx

Cherry Menlove said...

I just wanted to say that this is the first time I've been here and both my sister and I love it!!! You have a beautiful style, so calm and lovely.

Cherry Menlove

Shabby Chick said...

I love the way the roses look on that black mirror, looks gorgeous! I have one of those garlands in pink but I think both are equally lovely. The tealight holder is great too.

Mel xxx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hi honey, I'm so glad you liked your goodies!
I personally love both these items(probably why I chose them for the giveaway!). The garlands are just so pretty where-ever they are placed and I always get lovely comments on mine!
I love where you have placed yours in your lovely home.
Lots of love

my day said...

Hello Carol,
please come visit my blog,I have a beautiful Award waiting for you.
Hugs Ingrid.

Bonnie said...

I never saw you before but I found you due to my day.....I love it here.
Such nice pictures and you also love roses...me too.
I am going to follow you....
Nice weekend

Pipany said...

WOW, what a lovely haul Carol. Well done you and the garland looks amazing over that mirror x

Diane said...

Hi , I am a long time lurker and now have my own blog so wanted to say hi. I love your blog. Your home looks lovely and full of love. I also love the music on your playlist. You are really lucky to receive such a special gift.

Janet said...

Well done Carol - what a nice contrast the rose garland makes with the deep colored wood of the mirror:) I love the tea light too....so nice to share special blogging moments:)

louise said...

Congratulations Carol! This giveaway was made for you, and the garland was made for the ebony mirror. All blends in with your home beautifully. x

periwinkle said...

I've tried to send you an e-mail but for some reason it keeps getting returned ?

OhSoVintage said...

Hi Carol
They were certainly really nice gifts Alison gave away. They both look great where you have put them. The garland does look nice contrasting with the darker wood. So... lucky you! (My heating was back on last night).
Ruth x

Rubyred said...

You lucky lady!The garland looks beautiful on your mirror.
I'm wrapped in a throw as it's a bit chilly tonight!
Rachel x

Catherine said...

How lucky are you!! I love the rose garland~looks great on your dark mirror! :)
You have a beautiful blog~found your link just now at Bluemli~Garten.
Enjoy your week!

Sandi McBride said...

What lovely goodies you are in receipt of! I love them all...finally home from Hospital and back posting and reading...lovely post!