14 April 2009

My Garden Is Now Open

Would you like to take a little trip around my garden.
Then follow me!
A close-up of my some rocks and a small log by my pond.
I so love Moss.
Terracotta wall planter which looks so pretty with white trailing flowers.
This is under the Pergola which is covered with a huge Grape Vine, evergreen Jasmine, Montana and Wisteria.
It is a lovely shaded area where all my cutting seem to thrive.
This small paved area is by the pond at the bottom of the garden where the evening sun shines.
Edged with reclaimed bricks - stocks, all nice and mossy.

Sadly I have no sign of the white Lupins that were in my boarder, thank you Slugs and Snails by the million.
This time, this deep purple Lupin is planted in a barrell with some Pansies, I can keep a close eye on it here!

Our new lawn has been laid, baskets filled and we have even made a small vegetable garden.
My son James, bless him, has still not quite finished my distressed patio wall,
but I wanted to show you how it looks so far.

Babies Tears which is such a delicate little plant, has been planted everywhere.

Small blue flowers and varigated foliage.

Last years Herb container still flourishes.

I do love Ferns and have used them a lot in little nooks and crannies.
This baby one is at the bottom of a large Tree Fern.

My Tree Fern is just waking up.

Our little Waterfall where I have pushed Baby Tears in-between and on the rocks.

The Hosta is one of my favourite plants.
I love to see it each Spring appearing through the soil.
I have planted Hosta's in serveral in pot's as well.
Keeping the Snails away is a problem though!

Moss is starting to grow on the terrcotta pots, which I love to see.

Around the pond I have tried to create a damp woodland garden.
Arching over the pond grows Solomens Seal.
So gorgeous, so graceful.
The little bell flowers always make me smile.
I am an Earth Sign, Virgo and really do feel so at home with nature.
I am happy to potter for hours in my garden.
I need the peace and quiet to enjoy it most.

The fresh new leaves of another Hosta, so beautiful.

We love our Log Piles.
They look good don't they!
They look even better when a determined little Geranium show's it's face through this pile of logs having travelled from the garden boarder.
This hardy Geranium seeds itself freely.

A potted Robinia Tree and Wild Violets,
which also seed themselves everywhere.

Last night I tried out the little Slate Shelves that I asked James to put in the wall.
The candle lit wall made from reclaimed old Stocks looks wonderful.
I also asked James to put a couple of glass wine bottle bottoms into the wall for decoration.
You can see the green one to the right of the picture.

Our little tour is over.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Also I want to thank you.
For all your supportive and funy comments on my
Moan Post!
It was great to know that I am not alone.
Have a super week.


cathleen said...

Beautiful...just beautiful! Thanks for the lovely tour, Carol..and just think...the best is yet to come because gardens just keep getting better and better!

charl said...

love it!!.. i love all the little nooks and crannies that you have made aswell.. lovely!!

sue15cat said...

Your garden is gorgeous, all the plants look so vibrant and lovely. I adore Baby Tears, only my Mum calls it Mind your Own Business! I think it looks so lovely indoors and outdoors.

Thank you for the tour.

Sue xx

Simone said...

Your garden is beautiful Carol. There are lots of lovely interesting things to see. The plant you call 'Baby Tears'is what I know as 'Mind Your Own Business'!!! I love the way it creeps into all the nooks and crannies. The wall looks magical with the candle lit up against it. I am sure I would like to spend time in your garden sanctuary.

Sal said...

Your garden is so lovely,Carol.
It all looks so tidy too.
I love your damp woodland garden.

I think you would have loved the trip that we did yesterday!

Shabby Chick said...

Please can I bring a tent and move in?! That is stunning, you've done an amazing job. And to think we have dandelions in our lawn you could see from Space (my husband is not keen on mowing and I don't see why I should do it!!!!!!). I never knew the name of Babies Tears before but it's so pretty and effective. Thanks for showing us :)

Mel xxx

MelMel said...

Hello dearie!

What a beautiful garden!
I dream of a green space like this....it must be sssoooooo relaxing!xxx

LiLi M. said...

I loved this tour! I love moss too, that makes 2 of us lol, over here everybody removes it! I like that distressed wall already and we seem to have the same taste in plants too. You are living in a warmer area, here the hosta is only 7 cm, just tops above the ground. When you sit in your garden you can hear everything grow right now. Enjoy and give us another tour in let's say 2 months please!

LissyLou said...

Thanks for the tour, beautiful!

Oast Farm said...

Wow really enjoyed the tour of your garden - it looks so so pretty, especially your wall, how gorgeous it will be to sit out at night. (hope we get some warm ones we live in hope don't we?) Its so exciting to see fresh new plants come up again in the Spring. Have you tried nematodes for slugs? I havent, but have heard good things.

OhSoVintage said...

What a beautiful garden. You must spend a lot of time (and money) to have it looking like that. Unfortunately my tree fern has died this year, such a shame as I used to love seeing the new growth unfurling. I love hostas and ferns too. There are hundreds of varieties of hosta apparently and I did have one which was a bluey green which the slugs didn't like. All the rest used to get decimated!
Ruth x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Eat your heart out National Trust... Carol's garden is now officially open!
Lovely tidy garden Carol.. puts mine to shame ..
I know just what you mean about being a Virgo and love to potter around in the garden. I can sit and happily watch the plants grow for hours!
Hope your weekend was fun!
Much love
Michele x

my day said...

Hello Carol,
I think your garden is just beautiful.I also love moss, it gives the garden some magical look,don't you think so.
And already some lovely little blue flowers.This was a very nice tour in your garden.
greetings Ingrid.

Ragged Roses said...

What a wonderful garden Carol (You don't really need to go to Sissinghurst!!!). But of course you must visit as you will be so close to it, it's well worth it (and they sell plants!)

LoloDesigns said...

Hi, just to let you know you were the winner of my bog candy!

Also you have a blog award, just pop on by my blog to pick it up xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

It looks wonderful Carol! I tell you what - I'll bring the china & the tea & we can drink it in your beautiful garden!


Andrea said...

Baby Tears? Is that good for Rockeries? Where is the best place if so, to get it from? I have a Rockery that I am trying to weed but as soon as I pull out a weed out comes the soil in masses so I need a Ground covering plant that will look good and at the same time bind the soil to prevent it from dropping on my path....also wanting to make a pond!!! Soooo much work to do!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my Blog too!! Andrea x

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely garden, I like the candle wall :)

periwinkle said...

I think I need to get some baby tears as our new wall is too bare. Your garden is what I would love mine to be like if I had one... That pic of Jude and Guy is soooo cute ,
Lisa x
p.s not too much more to do now so shouldn't be long :-)

Mr Lee said...

Beautiful garden.Hope your all doing well!We have created "The Last Supper" recently.Welcome to our blog

MarmaladeRose said...

Lovely garden. I love moss too. I like the idea of slate shelves built into the wall, pure genius.

Catherine said...

Katherine~your garden is beautiful! I love moss & ferns too..never heard of or seen a fern tree..interesting!! I love the plant ~baby tears~would love to find it!!

LOUISE said...

Having the waterfall is like having a babbling brook in your garden, so lovely. The violets in my garden spread more each year and the solomons seal is the best I have ever seen it. Lupins and hostas are top notch food to slugs and snails! x