08 March 2009

Back To Life

Don't You Just Love Them

It had been a few weeks since I last posted.
To tell the truth I have not had my laptop open very much since returning from our two week holiday.
Endless form filling and meetings with Social Workers !
I have been organising the support care for my parents.
Now I think! I hope....that things will settle down.
Today, Sunday we went to Greenwich for a nice walk through the park and lunch.
It was cold, but bright and sunny.
The absolutely gorgeous push along dogs at the top, were in the open market - sadly not for sale.
And Jude here, all wrapped up about to fall asleep after his meal.
Little Guy loved his little woolly scarf on this chilly day!

All you ladies who love Cup Cakes....this little shop in the covered market is cup cake heaven.

I went in to buy a few bits for Jude's 1st birthday party in April, gosh where did that year go?
We are going to have a go at making a Thomas The Tank Engine cake !
Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Last weekend we went to Broadstairs to stay with our friends and meet up with some other friends.
This is moi on the left and my old pal, Tina.
We enjoyed a little pots of Whelks and Cockles, yummy.
Then danced the night away in her front room!
Great weekend, good times with good friends.

This week I saved myself a whole day- pretending to be out! so that I could paint till my heart was content, music on and small paint brush in hand I was indeed very content.
Still making little changes to the family room! it will never end.

Not quite finished but this will do until I have another spare day for the second coat on the insides.

I have been wanting to paint some of my old wooden clogs for some time.
They will be needing a second coat too, then I will distress them, just a little.

I have also bought some gorgeous Linen and Lace panels that I intend to sew together and put gathering tape to replace the tabs....when finished I will show you proper!

A shelf that I bought on a recent visit to Bath got a change of colour too.
The great thing about Shabby Chic is the finish need not be perfect.

And my pine kitchen table and chairs also got a face lift. Now painted in F&B Strong White.
This room now looks so much brighter and cleaner.
I really pleased with the whole look.

My constant companion, little Guy, with paint splattered snout.
He has turned out to be a great little dog even though he was hand reared.
Full of spirit and thinking he is a 'big' dog, if you know what I mean!

I have been a bad blogger, I know.
It is just that time just disappears so quickly.
I hope you have a great week
Bye for now.


OhSoVintage said...

Hurray, you're back!! Look at Guy, all grown up now and there is a definite resemblance to one of the dogs in the first photo! They are so cute and he is too.

willywagtail said...

I have found this post very encouraging. To see you painting furniture in situ is inspiring. Cherrie

Sal said...

Hi Carol..nice to see you back!
Jude is looking so bonny!
I've often wondered what Broadstairs was like, as back in the 70s my dad applied for a job there. Living in Devon, we nearly had a fit when we saw where it was on the map..none of us wanted to move that far!! Thankfully,it didn't happen!!

Are you doing the next fair? ;-)

LissyLou said...

Such a lovely post, great pics. I love Broadstairs!!

LiLi M. said...

Hi! Too bad that, like money, you can spend your time only once. You have done that wisely. When one turns on the computer not so many things in the house are accomplished. You did so well! I love that cupboard and the dining set to name a few!
Do you want to make that Thomas Cake yourself? Otherwise I would suggest just to let the baker make a photo cake out of one of Judes favorite bookpages. When my kids were small I always had their cake made, you know like Cinderella in a coach of plastic riding in green and pink landscape made out of cream. Just be sure there will be some other cake for the grown ups!
You asked me how I make that background in my blog. It is very easy. Go to my blog and click on the name of that background maker in the upper left corner. Now you can choose your own background. Just follow the instructions and you can put it on your blog. Then you might have to adjust some colors like border color etc. which can be done in the customizing menu. It is really easy. Good luck and have a nice day!

sue15cat said...

Nice to see you back. Lovely shabby chic things too. The pictures are beautiful.

Sue xx

Simone said...

I am glad you are back Carol. I miss seeing pictures of your lovely home. Jude is growing up fast and Guy looks like a smashing little dog and companion. I must try to get to Greenwich this year. It looks like a lovely place to visit.

MelMel said...

Missed you!

Love everything you have done!
The bookcase is wonderful!

Hope you have managed to get things sorted for your parents...

Its very windy and cold here today, so having some time at home, making the most of it b4 I go back to work!


MarmaladeRose said...

Hello Carol, lovely to catch up with all your goings on.

Gosh hasn't Jude grown! I really want to squeeze those lovely chubby cheeks and oh those little rosebud lips!

Do you buy fast drying paint or something! Never known anyone paint furniture as much as you. The book case looks fantastic. Would you like to come and paint all my pine for me? I'll provide tea and cake and lots of encouragement?

MelMel said...

P.S....I sent an invite...may have the wrong email ad....if you wpould like to view leave a meassage in the comment mod box...then I'll delete it....xxx

Rubys mamma x said...

Oh we've missed you soooo much!!! so so glad youre back and all is well x
Love what youve done with all the painting, my table and chairs are the same as yours-they're my project too!...your home is lovely x

...... Kristina ...... said...

Hello My Friend,
Woohoo your back...i have been a terrible blogger also but guess i have to post now you have lol!
Love,love your bookcase it looks dreamy as does the room,just beautiful like everything you turn your hand to.
How gorgeous do clogs look in shabby chic? what a fab idea i may have to ebay some,do you mind?
The linen and lace panels???? show us more Carol i for one an intrigued.
Great to see your guys and i am wishing things with your mum and dad run smoothly and helps them.
Much love Kristina XxX

Pipany said...

Good to see you back Carol. Everyone takes time out from blogging now and then. Lovely inspiration in your pics of painting. Beginning to feel the need myself now! xx

MaryPoppins said...

Gorgeous :)

You have a wonderful eye, and your transformations are truly wonderful, my how I would love a little peek in the cup cake shop, what a delightful name

I so agree on the perfectness of Shabby chic, I love the distressed look and works perfectly in my Home Sweet Home, well it has to, what with two young children running amok :)


annie's abode said...

how nice to see you back - you have made a lovely job of the bookcase.
little guy is so sweet - dogs can be such good companions.
i haven't been to greenwich for q whie but you make me watn to go - the cupcake shop looks interesting.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Yay you're back!
Lovely to 'see' you again!
Ooohhh look at all that eye candy going on, everything looks so lovely & pretty!
Love Alison

Country Cottage Chic said...

Glad to have you back! Guy is such a "big boy" now!

Greedy Nan said...

I emailed you when you commented on my blog but I had the 'Demon' return it for some reason.
I love your little doggy - what kind is he? I keep having dreams that I have a dog - which is strange because I don't. The last one I had I named him Pedro! Where did that come from ...

Greedy Nan said...

I just left you a comment and it disappeared [and the cat is nowhere in sight so can't blame her]. Also 'Demon' returned my email. Do you think I'm not meant to contact you?

Flossie and Tom said...

Everything looks beautiful Carol. I love Guy so much it is great to see him again - I would love a dog like him but they are so hard to find.

Glad you're back


Summer by the sea said...

Lovely paint jobs - I especially like the table and chairs - looks so fresh and pretty! - Natalie x

Alchamillamolly said...

Can't believe its a year since Jude arrived - where does it go. Loved your pics you have been busy haven't you - the table and chairs are great. I have a table like that but hubby insists on an oilcloth over it. I was disappointed when it arrived and it had a nicely waxed top but it was so perfect I was expecting a top that was a bit rough so I could just leave it uncovered and use it. I think I might have to try and persuade him to let it be lived on but the trouble is we bought it new (always had second hand before) and he says we should look after it but I want a more scrubby look. dont we get a lot done when we dont turn on the PC - we have had week off and got lots done, today was about 14 hours long back at work - it felt like it anyway, I am going to be so good at being retired............

Lavender hearts said...

Hi Carol, welcome back. Glad you like my makes. I love your table and book case makeovers! :-)

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi Carol, I still have 'Bobby' on wheels at my dads, I dont think I could ever get rid of him, my boys used to love going to Grandads when they were small to play on him!!
you've done a great job with tthe painting, well done! Broadstairs looks lovely, its one of the places I want to visit, it has some great looking shops and cafes.
how exciting for you planning Judes birthday, Max's forst birthday was Thomas the Tank themed too but I cheated and bought a Thomas cake from the baker near to me, it looked great and it was a shame it had to be cut up!! Have fun planning!
Claire xx

Heidi Ann said...

Hello Carol!...it is just so wonderful to hear from you!!!! I am so happy you are back! I have missed you!!!....I do know how that is though, just not really having the time to blog & read e-mails with "life calling" all around!....
We have been busy moving into a much smaller home after making the decision to sell our much bigger property....We bought out large home about 3 years ago & it's property value has dropped in half???....So we have decided to sell & enjoy life with less!....We are almost all settled & I am busy doing many of the things it looks like you're doing too!...painting furniture, making curtains & pillows!!!....We feel it was a good decision for our family & are really enjoying being in our "shabby chic" cottage! ( I agree, like that term, since it allows for many imperfections! :)
I loved reading your post today! & the photos!??....Oh! how I would love to go to that cupcake shop!! :)....What a lovely day you all had!
I cannot believe it was almost a year ago that I started blogging?....You were one of my first "friends"!....I remember that since your daughter was expecting that darling little Jude!.....Oh MY!!...He is so cute & has grown so much!!!...Where did that tiny infant go!?
And about the Very Vintage Easter Basket Swap ...Please join me in it!!....I am just making partners now!....We could be swap partners!....If you are interested, just e-mail me this information sheet!...."Vintage & Easter"...could it get any better?? :) Write back soon!
Forgive my long e-mail!??....I am now off to get a cup of coffee!.....Need to work today for a friend/client who has bought a very large home & is completely decorating it all!...I enjoy what I do, but am sure happy to return to my tiny home! :)
Wishing you a lovely day!.....Your friend, Heidi XO

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Favorite Easter Symbols: (bunnies, chicks, crosses, etc.)
Style: ("clean & contemporary", "country", "feminine & shabby chic", "bright & glittery", "classic & traditional", etc.)
Candle scents:
Favorite Easter confections:

Deb said...

What a lovely post Carol! Jude is precious as is sweet little Guy. Hard to believe Jude will be turning 1 next month! Thomas the Tank was a favourite of my son Alex when he was a little boy. And I love the push along toys! I had a push along dog as a child in England - I shall try and find the photo :-)

Ragged Roses said...

Lovely to hear from you again Carol! Good to have you back. I can't believe it's a year either ... where does the time go? You look like you have been as busy as ever and the results are as gorgeous as ever too! Take care

Ingrid said...

I am so glad you are back. I follow your blog all the way from New Zealand. I love how your home is soft and pretty but not cluttered vintage. Kate Foreman fabrics, Cabbages and Roses and Earnest and Matida fabrics are so washed pretty don't you think? I like a tiny touch of Cath Kidston but I do think there is a huge glut of it and it can be too bright and bold for me. Do I hear gasps of heritic from others? That's ok because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it would be very boring if we were all the same.

Ingrid said...

I am so glad you are back. I think your home is so soft an pretty. I love the washed out prettiness of Cabbages and Roses, Kate Foreman and Earnest and Matilda. I am tired of the Cath Kidston glut, a touch is pleasant for me but I do find the designs too bright and bold for me. Sorry Cath Kidston fans, it's only my personal taste and 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. I am in New Zealand and I really look forward to your posts and glimpses of your decor. I often feel out of synch with styles over here.

Ingrid said...

I love how everything is so soft and pretty. It doesn't look cluttered just beautiful and serene. I'm from New Zealand and love similar things to you. I often feel out of synch with styles her so I am so glad you are back to inspire me to persevere with what I think is beautiful.

Ingrid said...

I thought they were not going through to be published as it is the first time I have tried to leave a comment. How embarrasing! As you can see they got shorter each time as I grew more frustrated! Probably a good thing as the last one is the one I liked best. My apologies for being so green on the blogging front.

Curlew Country said...

Lovley to see you back! And your big little dog is sweeter than ever.

Your house is as inspiring as ever, lovley and fresh for spring.

Wonderful photos, especially of your darling grandson. 1 already - goodness where did that year go? No help in the cake front I'm afraid. I can stretch to hedgehogs but that's about it!
love Stephx

louise said...

I love the photo of Jude all wrapped up and Guy as a chaperone in his scarf! Both Jude and Guy are too cute for words. I like your blue polka dot jug! x

Janet said...

Hi Carol - I haven't paid a visit for a long time so I thought I'd pop in....such wonderful posts I've been missing! Everything you've photographed has such a warm feeling about it - I love it! What kind of dog is your pooch here? I have an Airedale Terrier, but yours looks a bit smaller...perhaps a Welsh? Happy Day Katherine!