02 February 2009

To Blog Or Not To Blog ! ! !

Now that Was the question. But let me tell you first why.
I had booked a two week holiday as a surprise for my hard working Mr N's birthday.
Not long retired from the Metropolitan Police, and still working hard!
This had always been our dream holiday.
This Ocean Going Liner, which you may remember we went on a mini break to Bruges on last September for my birthday; was to be our home for two whole weeks.
No phones, no IOU's, no little favours, no bills to open, no cleaning or cooking, nothing but us!

Blissful beaches.

Wonderful Colonial buildings.

Painted in such gorgeous colours.

I was so surprised at the lushness of the Islands.

But then they do have a ''Lot' of rain, no sorry, not rain but Liquid Sun!

We sailed overnight to 10 Caribbean Islands. Arriving by 7.30am each day.

Going ashore to explore or simply relax on a beach.

We did have a couple of excursions, one was into the Rain Forest.....and boy did it rain lots of that warm Liquid Sun. We were taken into the Rain Forest by a 4x4 Army type vehicle where we swam in a pool which was refreshingly cold, and fed by hot natural spring water. Then through a small opening in the rocks, we swam through to a beautiful pool in a sort of open top cave with a huge waterfall pouring into it. This was an amazing experience. I only wish we had a waterproof camera to have captured the memory.

This one below is not the one we swam in, but a much smaller and open to the sky one!

The sea was clear, clean and very salty.

At night we dined, danced or took in a show.

We were spoiled by the friendly staff on this Liner, who I cannot thank enough.

We enjoyed the East Caribbean so very very much. Met some lovely friendly people. And returned home with fully charged batteries, to Snow! lovely snow though!

But on returning, I was thinking that I may have a rest from Blogging as both my Mother and Father are a little worse for wear and will be needing my help a bit more and I will have Baby Jude to look after as Katie's will be returning to work in March.

So you see, time will be precious....but then I opened my laptop and saw all your lovely comments waiting for me!

I could not give you all up, not yet.

So I will be looking in on you all very soon and I hope to catch up on all that has been going on while I was away!

Love from Us!


Sal said...

What a wonderful holiday! Lucky you..Fab photos !

LiLi M. said...

What a dream journey! Try to keep up that mood and don't spoil it with: I have to do this and I have to do that, like I have to comment everybody in blogland! Just enjoy, take your time and take care!

LissyLou said...

oooooh how fabulous, great piccies!!

Hen said...

It looks wonderful. What a surprise. I love the Carribbean (what's not to love?!) We'll have to wait until April for our annual dose of Carribbean sunshine, your photos got me excited all over again!
Hen x

Simone said...

That really looked like a dream holiday Carol. You look very happy together. I hope you can still find some time for yourself to fit in blogging even though you have extra commitments. Our snow is beginning to melt now but it was lovely whilst it lasted.

MaryPoppins said...

What a wonderful precious time you had, what gorgeous photographs :)

We are having quite an intresting discussion on Blogs on mine and want to say that I love coming here, you are so inspirational and are so kind to share your wonderful life and home with us and look forward to coming back :)


MelMel said...

Wow, lovely pictures! amazing holiday!
Your very pretty!
Glad you had a super time!xxx

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi Carol, lovely to hear from you! Your cruise looked fabulous and what a gorgeous pair you both are!! Just what was needed for you both!
Blogging is the one thing you can dip in and out of whenever you want, there will always be someone to welcome you back! Hope your parents are ok and have l ots if fun with Jude.......Claire x
PS Masons kittens are just cuddly toys at the mo, he just calls them Cat....very original, when we do get one it will be called Jess! Good for a boy or girl!

Flossie and Tom said...

What a great holiday - just looking at the photos warmed me up

Great to have you back


Country Cottage Chic said...

What a fabulous holiday! I'm looking forward to a 2 week Med cruise in August - can't wait!
So glad you are staying with us, even if not as often!

Pondside said...

What a wondeful time you must have had! Your post was a jolt of sunshine to this foggy island.
I'm glad you'll still be blogging - the thing is to give up the feeling of having to produce something. It's meant to be fun and if it feels like pressure........
So, I look forward to seeing you around, when you have time.

Rosie said...

Carol, that looks so absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad you both had a good time. Please don't stop blogging, I really look forward to your posts.
Rosie x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

wow what a lovely holiday you have had!!! with regard to blogging its quality not quantity that counts and i enjoy your posts whenever you can do them :-) what a treat to get to look after baby - is it wrong that i cannot wait to be a grandmother so i can do those things for my grandchildren if i have them! (and my children are ony 7 and 4!) Lesley x

bili said...

Сказочный отдых!

periwinkle said...

gorgeous pics , it looks like you couldn't fail to have a lovely time . I'm so glad you decided not to give up on all of us yet - we'd miss you :-)
lisa x

Deanna said...

Hi Carol...amazing trip! I loved all the photos.

What a handsome couple!!

Deanna :)

OhSoVintage said...

Oh WOW it all looks so wonderful. What a lovely surprise to give anyone. Sorry to hear about your parents but please do keep blogging if only now and then as I enjoy your blog!

Pipany said...

Oh what a great holiday Carol. Don't give up blogging, there's a dear! xx

Anonymous said...

So glad you're to continue blogging as I've only just found you! Your home pictures are full of inspiration.

prettyshabby said...

wow what a fantastic holiday..a real dream come true holiday.. that sea!! I do hope you still blog now and again..I know what you mean about the time when there are so many lovely blogs to read out there.What I really want to know is..in that last picture, just what are you grabbing to produce such a face from your other half? lol!

Curlew Country said...

Goodness how glamourous! what a dashing couple. Take a leaf from teh arvellous Alice C at The Magpie Files - "blogs follow life, not the other way around". what a brilliant piece of advice. Look forward to catching up with you when you do post.

Fab holiday - what a dream!

Miss sew n sew said...

What a wonderful holiday you had the photo's of the places you visited look stunning. I hope your mother and father are ok, I understand your needing to slow down your blogging as your free time will be precious when your busy and blogging is so time consuming sometimes. I would like to post more regulary but just don't have the time but please keep with your blog even if your posts are few and far between I so enjoy your blog! You and your husband look so happy in that photo!

Vintage Girl said...

What a fabulous holiday, the pictures are great!! I so enjoy your blog and are happy to hear you aren't giving it up. Do what you can do, everyone understands and will be grateful for when you can post. Blessings, Heather

Carol said...

Saira.....!! you should know.. lol.. nothing like a real rest to re-light that fire!
Carol x

Regina said...

Hi Carol
Wow,what a wonderful holiday!!!!!!!!!
Just a dream!!! Amazing pictures!
Please don't stop blogging.I love your blog and enjoy your posts whenever you can do them.

MarmaladeRose said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday and I'm glad your not leaving us.
Thats a lovely photo of you both.

Ragged Roses said...

Wow Carol what a fantastic holiday, especially in the middle of such a long, dreary winter. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time. Hope you enjoy yourself without having the pressure of blogging, enjoy your family and take care

Deb said...

What a wonderful holiday!

Garden Girl said...

What a lovely treat for you both, and a great start to the new year.Glad you both had such a wonderful time.
So sorry to hear your folks aren't 100%,but happy to hear you will still be about. Love the photos x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my goodness how wonderful does that look, ooohh you lucky thing.
Sorry to hear about your parents, hope they are ok.
Have a lovely weekend

Regina said...

Hi Carol
I wish you a wonderful weekend and
Hugs Regina

...... Kristina ...... said...

Ooooh Carol,
Looks like a bounty advert...love the pictures and how fabulous for you both to have enjoyed such a wonderful time together.
You are a hot couple by the way ;-)
Lots of love to you and yours Kristina Your Friend XxX

louise said...

What a fabulous trip you have both had. I would really like to visit the town with the colonial buildings, it looks so clean and tidy. How great to experience the rain forest too. I hope you get some time to blog, like me, time is short. My best wishes to your parents and enjoy looking after little Jude. x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

You will be missed!
Come back to us soon...
Debbie Moss

the homely year said...

Your holiday sounds fab...so pleased you had such a wonderful time.
Margaret and Noreen

Ziakoko said...

You must of course never blog about this holliday ever again in case all your reader die of jealousy!!!!!
Or you must blog so we dont die of curiousity!
Oh and aren't you pretty!